Case of the Mondays…

Case of the Mondays…

Pretty chilly morning and even some precip on the radar…yikes. Fortunately, we snuck in our workout before any legit rain came down. So a small group converged in the parking lot, I threw down the disclaimer and off we went.

A few PAX may have recognized I recycled a previous workout as we left campus to the Apartments down the street. Group 1 did the exercises: Derkins, Dips, Step Ups and Group 2 ran. After two times through, we left to the complex next door and did a Merkin Suicide with 5 streets, 10 Merkins each then return to home. That was fun!

Back to campus for some Mary/Run combo. LBC, Box Cutters, Flutter x 50 each, with a big lap around parking lot in between. Finished that with wall sit/air press x100.

Back to side lot for a quick “sprint” lap with Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks and Jump Squats x 15/20 than back up. Last we finished off with an out and back sprint plus 5 burpees on each end (only because McGee was present). Done.

All in all, a nice workout, 3.4 miles and a balance of chest, arms and core. Thanks to Poptart and Squid for the oppty to Q (since I haven’t been there). Thanks to Squid for the takeout prayer. Sign up for Joe Davis Run. Thoughts and prayers to Taco Stand’s family dealing with some medical results this week.

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