A Bladder Buster

A Bladder Buster

YHC had the Camry loaded up at 0430 this morning with +300lbs of sandbags and rucks which ultimately had me pretty much draggin’ tailpipe from Indian Land down to Calvary. I arrived about 20min early just to scope out the site a little and find security to let them know of our whereabouts. With the rain coming down and 35 on the temp gauge, I wasn’t sure how many swole trolls I’d have this morning but I knew with these conditions they’d be ready to do work, and work they did:


  • Mosey over to a strip of grass just above the soccer fields for:
  • 15x weighted squats
  • 15x Mountain Climbers
  • 5x Burpees
  • 20x Weighted Lunges (10x each leg)

The Thang

  • Weighted Bearcrawl pull (10x pulls), run to building (apprx 30yds), run back to bags, 10x shoulder-to-shoulder press = Repeato 3x
  • Weighted Bearcrawl reverse pull (10x pulls), run to building (apprx 30yds), run back to bags, 10x shoulder-to-shoulder press = Repeato 3x
  • 25 Civilian Count Merkins, then mosey to first speed bump
  • Curls 10x, Merkins 10x, Repeat down to 9reps each, Repeat down to 8reps each continuing to 1rep of each
  • Mosey to 2nd speed bump for Weighted Squats 10x, Merkins 1x, repeat to Squats 9x, Merkins 2x and continue until finishing with Squats 1x, Merkins 10x
  • Longer mosey to dryest looking part of the parking lot…although still entirely soaked for (20x Flutter Kicks w/ weight overhead, flip over for 1minute of plank, 15x Flutter Kicks w/ weight overhead, flip over for 13merkins to finish off the 150 req’d for Swole Challenge and also a point of sadness where Mighty Mite realized he had broken his bladder. I know in the title you may have thought you were going to read about one of these 5Pax pissing themselves although I think Mighty Mite would have rather that been the case with his somber reaction to his loss. Back to business, finish up with 10x Flutter kicks w/ weight overhead and final minute of plank for Swole Challenge
  • Backtrack to the playground for 4 sets of 5x pull-ups, 5x K2C
  • Mosey back to launch point for weighted lunges from one basketball goal to the other, repeato with backwards lunges
  • Finish w/ 10 burpees, 10 overhead press…8 burpees, 8 overhead press…get called a son of bitch and continue with 6 burpees, 6 overhead press


  • Cold, rainy, Monday = all deterrents to get up and get after it for most; but not these 5
  • Mighty Mite – Early triumph setting the pace on the bearcrawl drags/pulls and overcame devastation of a broken bladder finishing steerong
  • Wild Turkey – sounded like Santa Claus with a bag of demolished toys with his ruck, although it was him doing the demolishing on the merkin and core work
  • Cheese Curd – an early HC for this one, cruised thru with the heavy bag and although not officially part of the Swole Challenge proved he was worthy and that he doesn’t need a daily reminder of his Swoleness
  • Flipper – I believe that weight between 30-60lbs was specified, yet 70 was opted for and didn’t slow him down as the pace setter for the curls and other portions of the workout. He also has an upcoming announcement for the #tweetandmeat community so stay tuned.

Over & Out


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Cheese CurdPosted on5:53 pm - Feb 11, 2019

Backblast to an unofficial workout? So I thought I should add a comment which no one does either. To confirm, it was raining (not to hard), the Workout was a very well constructed and sucky at the same time. Not sure what The General was carrying, but it looked full. You lifted it and moved it faster then most today, strong work!
Mighty Mite, I have never seen anyone more sad over a $10.00 replacement part. Even more sad that I know you were thirsty…:(
I would have loved to see what Wild Turkey had in his bag. It sounded like an old school bugler who just filled his knapsack with a bunch of stollen goods…or he broke everthing and continued to smash everything in his bag.
Flipper, I left the big bag in the car, maybe next time you should dial back the manliness and do every exercise…strong work!
This was my first sandbag workout as our house just got 2 of them, will be back for more @flipper?? Thank you for getting this one set up!!

VoodooPosted on6:07 pm - Feb 11, 2019

Nice work out there, gents. May have to join you for one of these at some point, but not on a Monday. #standingobligation

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