Go pound sand!

Go pound sand!

With New Years Resoluters around the globe fartsacking in Februraury, 20 pax rolled out to prove their commitment to selves and support YHC in his Rock Zero VQ. Flipper quickly educated me that there’s technically no such thing as a “site VQ”. I quickly educated him that he could technically kiss my gluts and lead these yayhoos himself.

Extra long mosey… scenic route to the roundabout including some karaoke and backpedaling.


  • SSH in accelerating fashion
  • IW
  • Mtn climbers
  • LSS
  • Merkin surprise (Surprise! We’re doing a Merkin pyramid)

Partner up and grab a (pre-ordained) rock

20 big boy situps, locking feet and passing rock to partner (you aND your chiropractor have Runstopper to thank for this one)

No “running with rocks”. That’s unhealthy and stupid. Instead, we mosey with the rocks to the playground sandpit.

Thing 2?

Independent circuit… 7 pullups, 7 kneeups, 7 SMCs, and take a lap out to the Clemson flag and back. (3 x all of the above)


20 more partner rock situps (awful)

  • Rock thrusters while partner takes a lap (flapjack)
  • Rock slams with rock while partner takes a lap. (Fill shoes with 5 lb of sand)
  • 20 more partner rock situps (miserable/idiotic)… fill shorts with 5lb of sand

Mosey to hotbox

People’s chair while passing rock back n forth

BTTW… hold …20 toe taps

People’s chair with rock bak n forth… twice

20 donkey kicks oyo

Mosey to the turf… 4 legged starfish… 20 LBCs, my climbers, squats, merkins

Someone irked me, so we added 5 burpees before and after each leg

Grab the rocks and mosey back to pile, then to start… finish strong with dolly, hth, and Flutter to the bell.


Someone better be going to confession this week due to blatant unsportsmanlike conduct. The Clemson flag (my WIFE’S alma mater) was used as a beacon to guide you all through this mornings gauntlet, and you disrespected it (and Mrs. Sprockets – a saint!) By repeatedly unplanting it. Rumors flew of bitter Tide alums and someone who rhymes with Tackler, but I make no accusations. Confess your sins, and you will be washed clean.

Id missed the past few weeks, so Great to see some new-ish faces like Elsa, Dora, Floorslapper. Great to have you.

Thanks to Gummy, Ductwork, Stone Cold and others for helping keep the pax together. Appreciate the teamwork.

The official coronation of our new site Qs transpired with a riveting speech from the outgoing Hoover. Thanks to him, Borewors and Flipper for leading RockZero past, and to Nemo and Geraldo for RZ future.


Joe Davis run 3/9? No RockZero that day.

Prayers for our fallen brother this week… pleas e continue to support one another on and off the field. We’re all in this together.

It was a true pleasure today. Enjoy the weekend.

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HIPAAPosted on5:54 pm - Feb 11, 2019

Congrats on your VQ! Sorry to miss it. Will have to catch your next VQ.

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