Circuit Training

Circuit Training

YHC was recouping from a cold though had plan for the PAX today, signage was placed for today’s chapter of Ascent.  Cottonmouth and Cooter were ready to get going and after a quick disclaimer, we were off. Just as about to finish the COP, 4 PAX jump out of a clown car.


Imperial Walker X20

Moroccan Nightclub x20

Lap Around the track

Today’s exercise regimen was created to encourage movement of the entire body.  PAX would start at different stations, perform listed exercise for one minute and move to the next station and then perform the corresponding circuit exercise…you get the picture.  Here’s how the stations and circuit work were arranged. 

The Thang

Station 1- Upper Body

Circuit 1: Shoulder press

Circuit 2: Lawmnmowers

Circuit 3: Standing curls
Circuit 4: Triceps dip

Choice of Kettlebells or Dumbbells for Circuits 1-4

Circuit 5: Push-up
Circuit 6: American Hammer Color

Station 2- Lower Body

Circuit 1: Walking lunge
Circuit 2: Sumo squat or Goblet Squat with Kettlebell
Circuit 3: Calf raise
Circuit 4: Speed Skaters
Circuit 5  Good Mornings with Kettlebell
Circuit 6: Superman or LBCs

Station 3- Compound Exercise

Circuit 1: Jumping lunge or Jump Squats
Circuit 2: Mountain climbers
Circuit 3: Thruster (squat to shoulder press), with or without Kettlebell
Circuit 4: Cleans
Circuit 5: Elbow Plank
Circuit 6: Single-arm Kettlebell swing

Station 4-Sprint

Circuit 1: Run lap around the track
Circuit 2: Jumping rope
Circuit 3: Step Ups
Circuit 4: V Up
Circuit 5: Downward Dog
Circuit 6: Single Leg Stand

Off to the field for a sprint, walking lunges, karaoke and plankers delight.

Then to the wall for some ARM raises and incorporated the kettlebell.

We finished with some Mary- Fluttler, Rosalita, Freddy Mercury, Dead Bug, American Hammer and Protractor. 

Good work by all. Welcome FNG- Dash, now Polo’s boys are in the F3 family as well. Thanks Polo for the takeout.  

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