Back to school at Peak Elementary

  • When:02/07/19
  • QIC: Swiss Miss

Back to school at Peak Elementary

Disclaimer, opening announcements, first bell: GO

1st period: PE – Mosey to church lot for calisthenics

2nd period: Math (11s on the hill to the playhouse: Merkin @ top, Plankjack @ bottom)

3rd period: Science – gravity and space/time (pull-ups/hang)

4th period: Music (Sally squats *class favorite*)

5th period: Recess (circle up for “ring around the Mary”)

6th period: Lunge (Eat lunch and run around.  Lunges: split into 1st and 2nd lunch.  1st lunge lunges ~ 2min while other half mosey around perimeter of bus lot, flapjack around 2min mark)

7th period: English (ABCs: Alternating shoulder taps from plank, Bicycle, Crunch, Dolly, Extra-slow Merkins)

8th period: Social Studies (WWII situps, air presses, Grandpa Jacks)

9th period: Art (plank chalk art)


Joe Davis run is March 9th and if you haven’t signed up yet, you suck.  If you can’t go, donate and/or get the shirt.


I like a good 0530 beatdown as much as the next guy, but really love it when you’re having too much fun to mind the pain.  So YHC did his best to come up with something fun that pushed us.  I hope you had a good day at school.  Be sure to leave your comments with Principal Sensei or his secretary, Miss Lois.


Apologies to the men who posted: I recorded names during COT, but didn’t push “Save” before I closed that app. I’ll add names in comments if I can’t get help before publishing.

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