Can’t take Gummy anywhere

Can’t take Gummy anywhere

15 for Rock Zero’s ‘heavy’ workout

Warm-up: Disclaimer given, start to mosey through parking lot and loop back around to pick up Udder – leave no man behind. Continue mosey to rock pile at the ball field, instructed to select a true lifting rock and circle up for exercise all with rocks:

Thrusters x 10 IC (somewhat awkward for folks), 5 rockees

Curl and press x 10 IC, 4 rockees

Tea bag squats x 10 IC

Merkins left hand on rock x10 IC, 3 rockees

Merkins right hand on rock x10 IC, 2 rockees

LBC x20 IC, 1 rockees

Right leg Romanian dead lift, 2 rockees

Left leg Romanian dead lift, 3 rockees

Bent over rows x 10 IC, 4 rockees

Tricep extenstions, 5 rockees

Pretty significant warm-up. Fitting for a heavy day.

The Thang:

Mosey through campus to 51, heading east and crossing over 51 to the fancy neighborhood known to most of the for having slight inclines. Ensue fearful grumblings. Continue mosey to bottom of 5 Knolls road and instructions for the Beast were given:

6 manhole covers ascending up the hill, 6 reps, 6 rounds through. Pain stations were diamond merkins, jump squats, CDDs, lunges, star jacks, burpees. Mosey back across the street and get another lifting rock at rock pile near north entrance. Front shoulder raise x10 IC American hammer x 10 IC Flutter press x10 IC Partner up and mosey toward hot box/playground. Partner 1 runs to playground for 10 pull ups, partner 2 runs to hot box for 10 dips/derkins. Meet in the middle for 10 HS merkins, two times through. Mosey back to launch, 5 burpees OYO


It’s been a busy week and I don’t remember that much since this was 6 days ago. Everyone showed up and got after it. ‘Heavy’ boxes were checked with the rocks, partner work, and 3 mile minimum (as confirmed by Hoover the PM before). Then Flipper told me it was a 3 mile max, too. Good luck to the next heavy Q nailing 3.00 miles on the head. Hats off to Flipper and Hoover did their typical pre-run, not sure they loved doing that come mid-workout on 5 knolls. Coffeteria was a fun group until Gummy spilled his entire big gulp of coffee on the floor and didn’t even offer to clean it up. Hope we are allowed back.


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GummyPosted on7:43 pm - Feb 8, 2019

The Starbucks staff isn’t quite as friendly as they used to be. Back in the day, there was a manager and a barista who loved us and knew us all by name. That was before the Run For Your Life crowds started making it too crowded and gross in there though.

On the workout front, Jet Fuel saved me from my own undoing on LC/Five Knolls. I heard him giving himself a pep talk on the first round, and I decided I was just going to grind through it. I didn’t enjoy it though. Hopefully Sprockets is nicer tomorrow. And maybe he’ll write a backblast sooner than six days after the workout.

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