1980’s Clydesdale Picnic (Chiseled In Disguise)

1980’s Clydesdale Picnic (Chiseled In Disguise)

22 Pax came out to enjoy one last day of early spring before winter makes one last push. About 11 months ago we had a similar situation with a warm week and I decided to launch a “Clydesdale Picnic” workout that included Picnic Table runs, lifting rocks, and a 90’s rock playlist. I wanted to do a similar workout this year except with an 80’s playlist and a little more running as well as a new exercise thrown in.

5:28 DCCS given. 2 cell phones, 3 CPR certified in attendance.

5:29 Get into Groups of 4.

5:30 Lets Mosey.


Run to the front of the middle school and circle up.

15 SSH

Jimmy Duggans Middle, Right, and Left

Walk out into Downward Dog then calf stretch right then left.

Al Gore while I attempted (very poorly) to demonstrate a new move I came up with (more on the origin of the new move in the Mole Skin).


4 Stations for the Groups of 4. Go until all pax have done each station twice.

Sushi Roll – Start in plank position. Down into Superman. Roll to your left (on to your back). If you can, do it without touching your knees, feet, elbows, or hands to the pavement. V Up (hands still above your head bring your feet and hands together). Roll to your right. Merkin. Back down into Superman. Roll Right. V Up. Roll Left. Merkin. That is 1 set. I decided to name it Sushi Roll as I figured most of the pax would resemble a Sushi Roll with the fish egg roe (gavel) stuck to them when they are done.

Up and Overs on the bench. Its a mix of a step and a skip.

Heels To Heaven.

Run Half Lap.

Mosey back to the start where I have 12 stations and equipment set up.

Curls with a 27 lb bar

Front raise with a 22 lb bar

Curls with a 25 lb dumbbell

Military Press with a 30 lb dumbbell

Up Right Row with a 30 lb keddle bell

20 lb weighted ball partner slam

Side raises with 10 lb dumbbells

Reverse Fly with 12 lb dumbbells

Partner Push for 20 yards up hill (Timer)

Partner Pull for 20 yards uphill (Timer)

Elevated Step Ups (Picnic Table on edge of curb for extra height)


In between the weighted pain stations we did some sort of Cardio. Cardio listed below:

100 Total Mountain Climbers

Run Loop

20 In/Outs

Run Loop

50 Parker Peters

Run Loop (Cut it short to just around cars for time so we could all do each station)

25 Jump Squats

Run Loop

25 Side Straddle Hops (With a Q modification due to Rotator Cuff Flaring up)

Run Loop

20 Jumping Lunges

Run Loop

We got in 13 Stations (repeated the station we started at) before I called a recover.

Circle up at the start for a minute of Heels to Heaven.


I was a little disappointed at the turnout at Chiseled this week (5 Pax on a beautiful morning), so I decided to sneak a Chiseled style workout into Impromtu to allow guys that haven’t given Chiseled a try a chance to experience a gear style workout. Banjo made a good point after the workout. Hoping to see some new faces or some old faces return as we have Recalculating on the schedule for next week.

Sushi Roll – Thanks for bearing with me and allowing me to try something different. Very little mumble chatter on during this (which was surprising). Biggest complaints was that it was hurting pax hips. My obliques were sore which was my goal so hopefully others enjoyed as well. Regarding my inspiration for this new move…..In football, my coached twice made us lay down on the goal line, grab our facemasks, and roll to the other goal line for punishment. It was timed with the threat of repeating it if we didn’t make it in time. Typically the lineman started spilling merlot around the 40 yard line. Tight ends and line backers might make it to the 30. A lucky few made it the entire way with out spilling wine. If you have never had to do the 100 yard body roll, count yourself lucky. The main thing I remember (other than puking through a facemask) is that the next day my abs were killing me. So I attempted to replicate the roll, but also added merkins and V Ups in to break up rolling (and keep pax from getting sick). If you hated the new move – sorry. But I think its nice to throw something new in from time to time. If it sticks, great. If it doesn’t, maybe it inspires a pax to come up with something better. Anything to break the monotony of the same ole same ole.

Dana flew by me with break neck speed several times today. I bit my tongue when he walked up wearing a smedium F3 shirt (I’m trying to get better), but at speeds I saw today, he may actually fit into that shirt by second spring (likely coming to Charlotte in three weeks).

Add Zinfandel to the Gazelle clan as well. Pushing hard lately. Unfortunately, that means I see more of his back than I want. And according to my wife, his weight loss has caused him to have a “hank hill” butt. I guess that means its flat. Still questioning why my wife is taking note both before and after mental pictures of Zin’s derriere.

Gerber (My Partner) pushed hard today. I asked him how his hip was doing on the partner pull. He said “The hip is fine, but my quads are burning”. Good….the exercise is working.

I arrived at 5:00 to find Deadwood sitting in his car starring at his phone. Most would be worried about a middle aged man parked alone in a Middle School parking lot in the dark, but at F3….we encourage it.

Lots of Gazelles this morning. Good push by the boys up front.

Jingles with the reassuring voice when I started questioning if I was explaining things bad or the pax just really suck at listening. For the second time in my recent Q’s, Jingles comes in soft and low stating things were clear, people just don’t listen. Thanks bud.

Relatively low mileage when compared to recent bootcamps (we got 1.94 miles by my watch), but we kept moving the entire time and I certainly was breathing hard.

Too many pax to name, but good work out of everyone.

Strong showing from Briarcrest. 6 by my count.

Music at F3 workouts is much like Q’ing the workout. No matter how great a playlist (or workout) you think you have, someone will have issue with it. Hopefully most of the pax enjoyed the 80’s playlist today. Here it is for those that are curious:

Lido Shuffle – Boz Scaggs

Hit me with your best shot – Pat Benatar

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

Two tickets to paradise – Eddie Money

Take me home tonight – Eddie Money

Rich Girl – Hall and Oates

Shadows of the Night – Pat Benatar

Easy Lover – Phil Collins

Cherry Bomb – John Mellencamp

Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie

Hurts so good – John Mellencamp

The Motown Records – Rod Stewart

Jenny – Tommy Tutone

Valerie – Steve Winwood

Livin’ on a prayer – Bon Jovi

Young Turks – Rod Stewart


MarkThisMoment.Com for Father/Daughter Dance info and registration

Zinfandel on Q at commitment. Wrapping up a 4 in a row Briarcrest week. Q source and coffeteria following the workout.

Open Door on Sundays at Five Stones

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