Nice Morning for a Run

Nice Morning for a Run

After getting a good gear workout at Chiseled yesterday led by Wedding Singer I decided we needed to run at the Ol’ 87/Floater. I also decided instead of playing frogger with the cars on Providence we would stay on our side and find some new ground. Props to the site Q’s at the filthy Floater for setting the standard on DCSS, we were adequately prepared with headlamps, vest, cell phones and CPR certifications. With a nice warm morning and many Lawsonites at home mashing the snooze button it was time to take a stroll…….

With the help of the Zin Man who by the way is a freaking Gazelle now, we found a nice road leading out of downtown Waxhaw that actually had a sidewalk. After a quick warm-up in the church parking lot where I was told to keep the Banjo racket down a few times it was time to illuminate the headlamps.

The Thang:

Come out of church parking lot and cross Waxhaw-Marvin Road to find sidewalk. One mile out to intersection of Helms and Waxhaw-Marvin Road and one mile back. Made a stop out at the Barn for Partner work:

-Partner Al Gore 50 Hand Slaps

-10 Hand slap Merkins

-3 burpee hand slaps at the top

Way back did some LBC’s at the Barn(nice smooth surface for Moneyball)

Stopped at the Picnic shelter for 50 dips and some planks

4 Corners-Hit each exercise on the way out and run back to the beginning every time for 10 Merkins.

-Four Corners: 15 Squats, 15 Speed Skater, 15 LBC’s 15 SSH


It was nice to get back out and Q at the site of my VQ, eventhough it is the old dirty Floater. Crazy how warm it was this morning but luckily no nasty white v-neck t-shirts were rung out afterwards. Everyone pushed hard and luckily we were spaced out far enough that complaining wasn’t to be heard. There will definitely be some sore hammys tomorrow so in the words of the Great Steve Smith “ice up”.


Father Daughter March 1st

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