Get Buff With Your Local Film Buff

Get Buff With Your Local Film Buff

The warm weather and promises of show tunes from the previous day’s AO was enough to get 19 pax out to get stronger and gain some appreciation for the arts. Though YHC had mentioned “show tunes” he was going in a different direction and desired the screen over the stage for this workout (a little seed of truth there probably for YHC’s own personal life too). Not wanting to break a promise though, YHC desperately racked his brain to find a way to fit some Broadway into the mix. Luckily YHC spotted Flo Jo (semi-cotters) in the group, who was actually wearing a Hamilton t-shirt. How perfect is that?!? Problem solved. YHC spit some quick rhymes from Hamilton the Musical. Disclaimer given. Off we go to the movies…..not the stage…..

The Thang:
– Warm up lap around school (not sure about others, but Chariots of Fire was playing in YHC’S head – probably b/c I run so slow it looks like slo motion)
– COP IC x 21 (in honor of Meryl Streep who’s been nominated for the most Oscars of any actor. Note: in the “biz” everyone is just an “actor”)
Hand release merkin
Peter Parker (Marvel movie fans anyone?)
Parker Peter (DC movie fans anyone?)
– Mosey to church
– Catch Me If You Can (Frank Abagnale, Jr. wrote $2.5M in fraudulent checks before being caught. He has sense consulted with the FBI and other agencies on check, money and securities fraud. Great movie…decent Broadway show).
Partner 1: run with a lifting rock (that’s right) around church
Partner 2: called exercise; chase partner down; flapjack
Reps of 8 (in honor of the 8 films nominated for Oscars’ Best Picture 2019); 4 double merkin burpees (8 total for you John Nash’s out there #ABeautifulMind), 8 squats; 8 lunges
– Mosey to back parking lot
We now pay homage to one of the best “school” movies — Billy Madison and Chris Farley RIP (“That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of Ace”). In honor of Farley who played the bus driver and his 33 years on this planet:
Partner 1: plank
Partner 2: jump over partner’s legs x 16
Flapjack (partner 2 does 17 jumps to get to “33”)
Note: Our very own Bugeater had a beer with Farley in Hawaii. True story. Ask him about it sometime.
Mosey to baseball fields (this is where the F3 Gods or Jesus Christ – however you lean spiritually – shined upon us). Somehow, someway, the field lights were on (YHC has some pull. not really. but claimed I did).
As pax arrive to field, murmurs of James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner start to trickle in. YHC asks pax “Is this heaven?” YHC answers his own question, “No, it’s Iowa.”
After many guesses as to the highest grossing baseball film of all time (not The Natural, Bull Durham or Major League…or Major League II…or Major League: Back to the Minors)…..YHC reveals the ladies take the prize here: A League of Their Own, released in 1992, grossed $107,533,928 (not adjusted for inflation).
Pax perform a modified Jack Webb 1:1 (merkin:air press) based on the position numbers on the diamond (props to HIPAA for using this months ago….YHC completely stole it). End in right field with 9 merkins and 9 air presses.
Partner up again:
Partner 1: Run to left field flag pole and back
Partner 2: 9 burpees
– Mosey to launch
We end with an ultimate ancient war movie: 300. YHC assures pax if they want to have abs like those actors then we need to do 300 ab exercises. Fun fact: only 298 Spartans died that day in the battle at Thermopylae. 298 would be a terrible movie name.
Civilian count to 50:
American Hammer
Plank for 50 seconds (5, 10 counts)
YHC forgets one exercise (Freddy Mercury) so we only do 250 abs…oh well. Sometimes you make a mistake on set and it ends up on the final cut.

*2.5 miles total (approx). Felt like 2.8.

Gummy began the mumble chatter the night before with a Les Miserables reference. YHC replied with a quote from The Breakfast Club (Puddin’ Pop and Jet Fuel….sorry I couldn’t bring more John Hughes today). On the warm up lap there were calls to watch out for “toys” lying in the road (not the children’s kind of toy….). I think it actually was just a piece of wood (pun intended). All pax avoided it and had a good laugh b/c we’re all really just adolescent-minded boys deep down (#Big #TomHanks). Whatever angel (#AngelsInTheOutfield) turned the field lights on — BLESS YOU. Great to see Flo Jo out and thanks for wearing a Broadway shirt. It was fashionable yet functional and Hamilton is a BadA** musical so no shade whatsoever (and b/c YHC digs a good musical anyway). One Eye is just a machine and was kind enough to draft me and not get ahead of the Q on the warmup lap, but it still must have been tough for him to dial it down a gear even after a run-in. Missed Leprechaun today (and people say he looks like Collin Ferrell – which would have played nicely with the movie theme). Floor Slapper was a great partner to YHC, he’s just a solid guy in general. Always a great group at Hydra. Great athletes, great friends, great men all around. And……that’s a wrap.

YHC is helping to plan a Men’s Retreat “Mission Uprising”. March 14-17 at YMCA Camp Harrison. If you like your F3 Band of Brothers, you will LOVE Mission Uprising. It’s life changing…catch me sometime and I’ll share a first hand account of how it can provide a space and platform to heal years of bondage and save marriages. Financial scholarships available.

Cheese Curd is looking for fellowship and someone(s) to suffer with him for the GORUCK Savage in CLT on May 18. Ask Curd for more details.

Sprockets is on Q for Rock Zero. He promises NO show tunes, but there will be daylight. So you’ve got that going for you, if you’re strong enough to post.

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GummyPosted on6:17 pm - Feb 7, 2019

My only issue with your weinke is that I don’t know how you can do a whole film-based theme at Hydra and not include a single Chevy Chase movie. Egregious oversight. Malpractice.

And in case you, dear reader, just skipped over that PAX list – note the presence of Deep Dish at a February workout. It was 63 degrees, and he still had on two layers, long sleeves and gloves. But he was there.

    BugeaterPosted on8:59 pm - Feb 7, 2019

    As I was too far back to know what really happened didn’t dish do some acrobatics and take a dive doing catch me if you can? Got to say great Q, hurt in all the right places, and was highly entertaining listening to pax ramble and react to what the Q was spouting.

HopsPosted on6:38 pm - Feb 7, 2019

Sorry I missed. Solid thematic work out. Definitely low on Chevy Chase and John Hughes, but that’s OK. Deep Dish was also at hawks nest on Tuesday. Running with rocks is just plain dumb, though

HIPAAPosted on10:31 am - Feb 8, 2019

When Scratch and Win called for “showtunes” earlier this week I knew I couldn’t miss this. He always brings a creative twist when he is on Q. I always learn something. Today, I learned that Gummy is a Meryl Streep fan.

Strong mumblechatter game today throughout the Pax. Lot of movie quotes.

The fact that FloJo wore a Hamilton shirt was pretty amazing.

I think the workout itself was actually a lot harder than the perceived exertion level due to the creative distraction provided by QIC and the Pax. For that reason I will give it a John Wayne on the Herman-Willink Scale, but really think it was more like a Jack Churchill.

Good luck to Sprockets on his 5th or 6th VQ this weekend.

Cheese CurdPosted on1:28 pm - Feb 8, 2019

I also feel bad having no long term memory for such useless facts. Today I am giving myself a pass, because that is a bunch of useless info! Either way, that as a good Q and even when there was change in plan (script notes) your were able to keep it topical. Strong! Hope Deep Dish is ok after the tumble, it sounded horrible, but I think the noise was the rock hitting the pavement. For the record, I did call out crack or step…but I did say something and he still tripped on it. Apparently there was a solid duck and roll.

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