Thank you very little.

Thank you very little.

14 men took advantage of premium running weather, fought the swim-parent traffic (who are these parents?) and gathered in a luxurious parking lot at 5:15 this morning. After a thorough but choppy disclaimer, we headed out for an assault on Raintree. The planned warm up yog up Providence to Raintree Ln. was interrupted when Runstopper almost took out half the group coming in on two wheels. We went back for him anyway and took the circuitous route through campus instead. We mustered at the 4-way stop sign intersection on Raintree Ln. that needs a cool name (Mt. Raintree?).

In a throwback to the Fast Twitch days of yore, we ran a modified starfish from that intersection. There were four legs to the starfish, run to the end of a leg, do 5 burpees then back to the intersection, 5 burpees. Only the suckers (fast guys) did the burpees, although Ironsides wants credit for doing 100 merkins instead.

Each leg has it’s own personality that is terrible:
Leg 1 – Down Raintree Ln to the creek. The climb back to the intersection is long and awful. It goes on just long enough to crush your will.
Leg 2 – Down into the little townhome community loop. This was the easiest leg by far, but the climb back to the intersection still sucks.
Leg 3 – All the way up to Providence. The hill at the final climb to Providence is brutal. And somehow it still feels uphill most of the way back.
Leg 4 – Down to the (formerly) blinking light. Clearly the worst of the legs – rough climbs in both directions with not enough downhill to make up for it.

We ran that until 6:05 – most guys got in 6-7 legs, then AYG one more time up to Providence. A little LBC to recover, then back to launch.

Turkey Leg was angry this morning and crushed the PAX from the beginning. He’s probably mad at Purell for going to Swift. Purple Haze lashed out at me at the bottom of Leg 1 (the second time). The Raintree traffic is worse than it used to be. We had lots of blinky lights and headlamps, so we were ok, but there were a lot of cars (and bikes). One Eye got honked at at the end. Be smart on the roads – blinky lights are cheap.

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