4 brave men posted at Valle del Sol to see what YHC had planned for a last minute substi-VQ. Fortunately, we all survived.

WU: Long mosey around the starting parking lot to get the juices flowing. Circle up back at the start. Random number (not divisible by 5) of SSH, Potato Pickers, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, and a wee bit o’ calf stretching.

Mosey to the bus shelter for the Thang:

  • Partner up and split the load of 50 Derkins, 100 Lunges (each leg), 150 Step ups (total), and 200 Dips. Partner 2 runs around the invisible school buses.
  • Mosey to the elementary school lot and grab a rock. 10 each of curls, chest presses, low squats to air presses, and bench presses with a flutter. In between run to the gate and back.
  • Mosey to the playground track. At this point I’m being told we’re going the wrong direction. Too bad. Onward! 10 Big Boy Situps, run a lap. 15 burpees, run a lap. Running shortish on time so…
  • Mosey back towards the start. Halt around the invisible buses for a series of Freddie Mercuries, Supermans, Bananas (Shepherd said he couldn’t go home without them), and Dying Cockroaches. Props to the group for figure out how to soldier on when YHC momentarily forgot to command the exercise start and cadence.
  • Mosey to the front and chair up on the wall while doing LIII air presses in honor of our upcoming Superbowl (Go Not-Patriots!)
  • Finish off the morning with a couple rounds of the Protractor (Somebody tell EE that 6 inches isn’t on any protractor I ever had at school)

Moleskin: The Good Hoeffer found foam dice at the $$ store, added some exercises to each side, and was kind enough to bring them out to Outland today. We took turns tossing them after each mosey to add to the workout. Extra grumbling was had by all.
YHC heard that Bonhoeffer loved running so I was sure to include 2.97 miles of it today. YHC also heard today that Bonhoeffer wanted to slash the tires of whoever said he loved running…
If anyone knows where to find a good breakfast-scented cologne, then I can tell you what to get Double E for his birthday. Something sure smelled good out there today but it wasn’t us.
Shepherd was the only one today that got the Respect, and he deserved it as I think he did the least grumbling.

A big thanks to these excellent pax for showing up and offering good words of encouragement for my virgin Q. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Double EPosted on2:44 am - Feb 3, 2019

Big Tyme VQ Beatdown! You crushed it Chastain! Motivation by Breakfest scented spray(?) was incredibly effective! Can’t wait to get back at it with the Outland Crew!

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