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You’ve heard of beer can chicken but what about Zin Chicken??

“Mmmm, that sounds nice. I’ll have the Zin Chicken.”

Small, weak and frail is how I would best describe Dancing Bear’s excuses ankles. I guess the pressure I put on him not to embarrass us with a weak Q at The Floater was just too much for his ego cankles. Get well soon miss, I would suggest more rest but  I’m not sure how you could fit more in your life…..moving along

An APB was put on the Crests of Briars private messaging homing pigeon service letting us know of the need for a new Q due to pansy injury. Two men quickly started texting in excitement of happily taking the lead.

After I had already had my co-Q cherry popped with a guy that’s been around the block way too many times, I was ready prove I really know my way around there. I was just in need of a younger man to share the skills I had learned and I knew just the man for the job…..

CLUCK. CLUCK. CLUCK. Chicken Little mentioned recently he was ready to get back out there on Q. And ohhhhh boy did he….

DCCS reviewed with a focus on safety


Decently long nosey through darkness fog and line up across the side of Dreamchasers:

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC

3. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

4. 10 x Merkins CC

5. 10 x Carolina Drydocks CC

Mosey to across bridge and cross street together, at 1st parking lot, 5 burpees on your own at each corner

Mosey to snow cone shopping center, 20 LBCs, lungs walk to other side, 20 big boy sit-ups, bear crawl back. Complete 2 times.

Begin mosey towards elementary school, @McCain St complete 10 Bobby Hurley’s….

Hand the car keys over to Chicken Little for the start of the CHICKEN SHOW!!

@King St complete 20 Merkins and at @Arbor St complete 15 squats

Arrived at Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 4. Plank-Merkin-Bear Crawl Ladder. Complete BC 3 times.

Team Up for partner runs and meet in the middle for 5 x hand slap merkins. Complete 3 times.

Start Mosey back with exercises to keep group together. Sprints inbetween a few light poles.

Back at shopping center find some wall, Mike Tyson cycle: 10x, break, 5x, break, 5x

Continue Mosey back to start. Found some curb. 50 x dips. Throw in inclined merkins if you completed early. Back to COT


After taking 8 days off I was a bit apprehensive about how I would feel/breathe/run/etc. Luckily only having to Q half the workout with my main man Don was a relief. I texted him a rough layout of a new part of campus we should try to hit and it worked out pretty well.

We had 16 total guys post today but oddly when we started we had 14. From the fog One Star arrived out of nowhere and then our newest FNG showed up potentially regretting his decision to listen to after being invited by Wedding Singer.

Thank you all as always, on behalf of the Chicken Man and myself, it was our pleasure. We both had fun and I think we should see more co-Qs in the future just to break it up a bit. Good times

Not a ton of mumble chatter when you are on the tight sidewalks of downtown Waxhaw. We came, we saw, we conquered. It’s good to be back!

Welcome Slip! Your 1st day always sucks. Push through the soreness and any possible frustration, join us again!

Good to see another speedskater join us for his 2nd post this week, nice to meet you Apolo!

Thank you Doughboy for taking us out.

Lastly thank you to everyone for rocking bright clothes, vests, headlamps, cell phones, etc. The Floater doesn’t lead in much when compared to all other sites except when it comes to safety…easily #1 in that category.


  • Soaking wet Clyent Dinner this evening with Bottlecap on Q. Park at the front of the middle school for semi-covered area to workout in.
  • So many friggin Deadwood Qs coming up….Friday, Saturday, Monday, (checks notes….) and TUESDAY??
  • Christ’s Closet – Truck loading 4pm Friday, 10/1 and Delivery 10am-3pm Saturday, 10/2
  • Funeral services for Lynn Marie Longo will be this Saturday at 5 Stones starting at 11AM. You can also donate to Lynnie’s Silver Lining. 5 Stones is collecting for the family and donating to a charity of the families choice. Link can be found here:

Sneaky Snake

Boys and girls take warning
If you go near the lake
Keep your eyes wide open
And look for sneaky snake

Now, maybe you won’t see him
And maybe you won’t hear
But he’ll sneak up behind you
And drink all your root beer

Tom T. Hall

The don’t write em like that anymore. We used to have an old Tom T. Hall 8-track that dad kept in the 1976 Ford Explorer. When we weren’t piled 10 deep under the camper shell in the back, we had a listen and it was good time.

Oh yeah, we did some F3 today. 11 guys for Peak51, plus some runners and ruckers.


  • Warmup COP
  • Sneaky Snake in the lower lot. 1 merkin, run a figure 8, then 7 jump squats. Took longer than I thought, but it sure was worth it. Lois tried to name it the Crazy 8, which makes more sense, but I have overruled this because Tom T. Hall does not have a Crazy 8 song.
  • 10/20/30s in the Alley with derkins, step ups, and bicycles.
  • Suicide sprints with some more exercises. Smokey dusted us.


Although we did receive some pre-game commentary from Swiss Miss and Booyah, neither graced us with their presence. Fine . . . live vicariously though this backblast that I know you are both reading.

Lois mentioned hurting a bit, and referenced his entire right side as the source of pain. I believe that he is secretly Harvey Dent and the disguise is starting to wear off. I’m not sticking around for the quarter to land.

Sometimes it nice just to work out in a little parking lot without the need to lurk around busy streets or cover a lot of ground. We still got in 2.5 miles and a good sweat and I didn’t have to worry about Sensei and Slim Fast clotheslining any Matthews powerwalkers with their towel nunchuck (although in their credit, they had already done a 3 mile warmup run and only took out three people).

Drop Thrill drove all the way in from the township of Fort Mill just to see us.

Tweetsie just returned from Australia. I have gained all of my Australian knowledge via Steve Irwin (RIP), Bill Bryson’s travel books , and Crocodile Dundee movies so I’m really the expert here but at least he confirmed that Vegemite is pure trash and should not be consumed.

Styx is a poor man’s Rush.

Rush is mostly bad, at least the singing parts. YYZ rips though.

I feel like this backblast is getting progressively worse, like the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.

Reach out to those guys who have dropped off or need a nudge. We need to get them back out. Don’t assume that somebody else has reached out, this is how guys go dark. Pick up the phone and initiate some contact.


Spring Training

Spring (fog) was in the air this morning as 13 PAX, including 1 FNG, came ready to get in shape for the season. YHC was honored to lead and gave a quick disclaimer which included a waiver reference for our FNG. The mosey began and took us around the front of the school over to the bus parking lot.

The Thang

Circle up in the bus parking lot.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Low Slow Squats x 13

Mosey to center of 4 baseball fields


  • 7 burpees at exterior wall of center field for each of the 4 fields
    • Plank back at the middle and wait for the 6 and my call
  • 14 4-count flutters at exterior wall of center field for each of the 4 fields
    • Plank back at the middle and wait for the 6 and next call
  • 21 merkins at exterior wall of center field for each of the 4 fields
    • Plank back at the middle and wait for the 6 and my call
  • 28 squat jumps at exterior wall of center field for each of the 4 fields
    • Plank back at the middle and wait for the 6 and my call
  • 21 merkins at exterior wall of center field for 2 fields (audible due to time)
    • Plank back at the middle and wait for the 6 and my call
  • 14 4-count flutters at exterior wall of center field for 1st field (audible due to time)
  • 7 burpees at 2nd field (audible due to time)

Mosey to cafeteria wall of school for a few minutes of wall sits

Mosey back to starting point for Mary

  • LBC x 16
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Heels to Heaven per Jet Fuel
  • American Hammer per Leprechaun
  • Dying Cockroach per Scratch & Win

Recover and count em off.


Clover, after pointing out multiple times that the mud hole at field 1 looked like home plate, promptly slid his face right into it.

HIPAA and Puddin made some comment at field 2 of the squat jumps that they liked workouts that were more entertaining than tough. I took that as a compliment for a second before realizing it probably wasn’t. Welp.

Good to see the Wessex Square clown car in action with Lewinsky, Scratch & Win, and Leprechaun. Though I’m not sure how Lewinsky convinced them to show up early for a mile run prior to the workout, and then leave early forcing them to have an extra run back in. Heck of a sales pitch.

I heard a couple mentions about Dabo claiming Trevor Lawrence would have to earn the starting spot this year. Equally, FNG Davis had to earn his nickname today. We tossed around some ideas based on the name Davis, the Citadel background, etc., but because of some PI experience in his background, the PAX landed on Nancy Drew. Welcome aboard, Nancy Drew. Glad to have you!


  • Beer Mile is coming up…something about beer and running, which sounds great and terrible. Details should be on Slack. Gummy can help as well
  • Mission Uprising is coming up March 14-17. This is a powerful weekend that I got to experience a few years ago. Go to or check with Scratch & Win for additional details.
  • Be praying for one of our brothers, Red Rocks, who is continuing to recover from a stroke he suffered a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to Gummy for the strong takeout.

Thanks to Marge and Queen for the opportunity to lead #F3Hydra today as well. Always an honor.

Meathead memory

SSH x 15 IC

LSS x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

HALO x 5 each way

Prying Squats

10 Merkins IC

THE Thang:

Do all 4 exercises with first number of reps, then descending reps, goal is to not put the bells down until all the way through.

Goblet squats x 20, 15, 10, 8

Swing to snatch x 10, 8, 6, 4 each side

Reverse lunges x 10, 8, 6, 4 each side

2H swing 20, 15, 10, 5

20 merkins in between each complex, repeat 3x through

Partner up for doubles, same instructions with reps and not putting the bell down:

Bent over rows 4, 3, 2, 1

Clean to press 4, 3, 2, 1

Rack Squat 4, 3, 2, 1

20 merkins in between each complex, repeat 3x through


I figured I’d wait until the soreness subsided to write the backblast. Always harder on paper, especially given that I had two more complexes to go. I don’t really recall what I had for lunch today much less 144 hours ago, but here goes:

Voodoo – best squat form ever and crushed it all AM, starting with a 5k meatrun

High Tide – meatrun and kb’s, it’s what high tide does. Faster and stronger every day.

Young Love – great to see back out at meathead, grinding and entertaining all AM

Homer – now a meathead regular and crusied through this… time for a bigger bell!

Bulldog – made doubles look way too easy. Must be a british thing

Cottonmouth – been a beast since coming back into the gloom fresh off of injury PT. keep it up!

Soul Glo – always out there getting after it, well done

Thanks to Voodoo and Witch Doctor for the opportunity to lead at the best 0.0 in all of F3.

Zion got hurt. What was your excuse?

QIC: Queen

Pax: Sprockets, Semi-Gloss, Bugeater, Escargot

5 absolute total studs made it out to Hydra this morning. Despite swamp like conditions, we did get lucky and avoided any rain. I know some people are under the weather, some people are recovering from injury, and some people stayed up to watch the basketball game. The Q for this workout didn’t show, either. Run Stopper what happened???

That being said, since I’ve posted out a few times at this site, I became the substiQ. Here is how it went:


SSH 25, IW 25, Low Slow Squat 15, Slow Merkins 10

Jog over to the Tree with the benches surrounding it. 20 dips, 15 durkins, 10 step ups each leg.

Mosey over to the playground. Pullups and air squats in order: 10 pullups, 9 air squats, 8 pullups, etc down to 1 air squat.

Jog down Summerlin to the bottom of the hill.

We did the infamous Abbotswood half pike. 10 air squats at the top of one hill, then 10 wide arm merkins at the top of the other hill. 4 sets.

Hold plank until the 6 is done.

Run up Summerlin, 8 diamond merkins on each speed bump.

Mosey back to the school and the mini track. On the kids benches, 20 dips, 15 incline merkins, then run a lap. Repeat. 25 more dips then back to the launch area.

Mary: 15 LBC, Rosalita, Freddie Mercury’s, and Russian Twists. Protractor. Done.


We all absolutely crushed the workout. Heat rates were elevated, we were absolutely sprinting up the hills (you weren’t there, you can’t say that we weren’t). Seriously, I do think that Sprockets held plank for a good 3 min at the end of the half pike. Sprokets led the way of course. Semi-Gloss put in a very respectable showing. Bugeater gets extra credit for the jog in. It was good to see Escorgot make it out. We hope to see you more regularly.

No announcements. Thanks to Semi-Gloss for the take out.

Double Up

The PAX: One Star, Illiterate (R), Knish, Run Flat, The Grease Monkey (R), Gator Cub (R), Fiji, Rudy, Long Haul (R), Dana, Easy Button, Posse, Goodfella, Ohno (FNG), Rockwell

15 PAX showed up at Dromedary for my 2nd Q of the week!  For those that attended Monday at Flash I apologize for a similar workout, but I’ve never been accused of being creative!  The weather was perfect for a workout with mild temperatures and no rain.   Everyone did an awesome job of welcoming Jonathan, an FNG, who heard about us through his church.  I covered a quick reminder of the safety topics (cell phones, CPR certifications and watch for cars/buses) and then at 5:30 am sharp we began with a mosey.

Here is what followed:

Circle Up

               SSHs x 20

               Imperial Walkers x 20

               Plank Jacks x 20

               Mountain Climbers x 20

Repeat warm up exercises

Mosey to first alcove along front stretch

               Donkey Kicks x 20

               Merkins x 20

               Shoulder Taps x 20

Run to curb and back

Repeat that sequence twice

Run to next alcove

               Jump Squats x 20

               Speed Skater x 20

               Lunge Walk x 20

Run to curb and back

Repeat that sequence twice

Mosey to benches in the back of the school

               Step Ups x 20

               Dips x 20

               Derkins x 20

Hot ½ lap

Repeat that sequence twice

Mosey to the wall in the back of the school

               Air Press x 20

               Jab x 20

Repeat twice

Mosey back to the parking lot

               Suicide to each tree and back all the way to the top of the lot

               Do 1 Burpee on each return

Return to COT

I tried to incorporate many different exercises for a full body workout.  I’m not sure where the “double up” came from but I made a conscious effort to do everything x 2 in the hopes of burring out each muscle group.  Thanks to Goodfella for giving me the opportunity to lead an awesome group of men!  Our FNG had a striking resemblance of the 8-time Olympic speed skating medalist Apolo Anton Ohno.  Plus, the workout included Speed Skaters… so naturally, he was given the name Ohno.  Great first F3 appearance Ohno, can’t wait to see you again!  Awesome push by everyone today!


  • Dash for Downs in Ballantyne March 23rd.  Speed for Need still needs people to push chariots.
  • This coming Saturday a free event in Rock Hill.  The Rooster.  5-man teams… Chicken Little looking for partners.

Thank you, Goodfella, for taking us out!

Modified Deadlifts

YHC was first at Anvil (that had to be a first for me) and waited to see a strong showing of 16 men arrive to enjoy the nice warm 50+ degree weather. Amazingly both site Qs were there, which disposes the myth that Lorax and Brushback are the same person.  Short disclaimer was given.


Mosey down towards the rock pile and circle up.


LLS x 10, Merkins x 10, Mountain climbers x 10, High plank jacks x 10, H2H x 10, all in cadence

Grabbed some rocks and headed to the alley of trees, which I confirmed pre-workout that there were 10.  At each tree did a set of curls and shoulder presses, starting at 2 and increasing by 2 until we hit 20 at the last tree. Turned around and did the same set back, except that we substituted squats and deadlifts.

Headed to the front of the church and the grassy (artificial) knoll. Did lunge walks across the wall, five merkins at the end, plank walk to the other side and then five diamond merkins. Repeated that set 3 times.

Headed to long parking lot right next door. Partnered up.  First partner ran to the end of the parking lot, did 5 burpees, and then ran back while other partner did some Mary (flutter and then Freddie mercury). Finished off with everyone doing one last sprint and 5 more burpees.

Headed to the playground. Partners set of 60 pushups and 100 hand-release merkins. Sadly, ran out of time before anyone could hit that mark and headed back to the launch point after dropping our rocks back off.


It was a great group of men, but everyone started off very quietly.  YHC is not a morning person, so silence always works for me, but a little unusual for this crew. Would have to say that the deadlift set was a bit of a miss for the PAX. Mermaid tried to correct Lorax on his form but was quickly corrected on his own. Perhaps a demonstration was in order.  But, judging by the way my legs feel now, I will likely just skip that exercise next time.

YHC was a bit aggressive on the last set and a time check warning from Mermaid made me quickly realize that 60/100 was not going to happen.  But hey, it was worth a shot.  Starting to feel like this site has some really consistent PAX that I’m sure most were eager to get out after last week’s rain. Everyone gave great effort and there was little complaining even though we pushed ourselves pretty hard.

Always thankful to lead this workout. Keep Red Rocks in your prayers.  He has made great progress over the past few days, but has a long road ahead.


March 9th – Joe Davis Run

March 23 – Dash for Downs & F3 Boone Launch

March 30 – Operation Sweet Tooth Memorial Run

Something is Skunky

6 early birds posted at 5am for the 5k prerun, 2 were expecting below freezing temps. All were sufficiently warmed up upon returning to the AO. There we assembled as a Mighty 22 Pax for the Skunk. Following a thorough disclaimer we moseyed to the slightly damp field for the following:

20 Two Handed swings OYO Imperial Walker x20 IC 10 Cleans Each Arm OYO Merkins on Bell x10 – IC 10 Single Arm Presses Each Arm OYO Low slow squat x15 IC 5 Snatches each Arm OYO Partner up farmer carry to lower lot near benches with 5 Merkin chaser Plankarama to allow all to arrive P1 Runs around Far Median while P2 Performs KB exercises x 2 rounds Each Exercises were as follows: Kettlebell swings Goblet Squat Bent over Rows Stay with your partner and head to Benches P1 does exercise on bench X called number of Reps – P2 is on the bell performing called exercise P1 Jump Ups on Bench X20 – P2 Cleans Flapjack x2 Rounds P1 Derkins on Bench x25– P2 Chest Press with Bell x 2 rounds P1 Bench Dips x30 P2 Overhead Tricep Extension x 2 rounds Head to Hill for Partner Work Total reps to be counted at bottom – P1 on Bell/P2 on Hill 5 burpees and return 100 Swings in Aggregate 100 Curls in Aggregate Farmer carry Back to LOT with 5 Merkin Chaser 4 minutes of Mary inclusive of the following Flutter press x25 Lbcx20 Freddie Mercury x20 Announcements – Joe Davis Run Moleskin: Just about perfect conditions for both the prerun and the kettlebell beatdown du jour. Hopefully everyone got their monies worth. Tried to get a little bit of running mixed in both the focus would be on KB work. I am pretty sore typing this backblast so I believe it was mission accomplished. Great crew this morning, My partner Tackling Dummy was getting after it as were the dynamic duo of Header and Red Card. Something tells me we could put together a pretty formidable lineup for the pitch with those in attendance today. Lots of former futballers throwing around the iron, good stuff. Rumor has it TR may be joining us soon, so I got the curls in today – your welcome FiremanEd. Enoyed the opportunity to lead this great group. Take care. Fletch


Great Monday morning to get some much needed exercise in. The men of Base Camp arrived in numbers and were ready to roll.


SSH x 20 IC  / MC x 15 IC / LS Squat x 15 IC

The Thang:

Ring of Fire

mosey to track for 4 x 100 (exercise at each corner)

Lap 1: 10 burpees / 20 WW2 situps / 30 merkins / 40 Freddie Mercury’s

Lap 2: 10 burpees / 20 WW2 / 30 CDDs / 40 flutter

Lap 3: 10 burpees / 20 WW2 / 30 wide arm merkins / 40 Fred Mercs

Lap 4: 10 burpees / 20 WW2 / 30 merkins / 40 flutter

Sidewalk up hill: 5 squats / lunge walk to top / 5 jump squats x 2

Parking Lot: (partner up) 100 combined merkins while partner runs down to far light pole and back


Box cutters x 15 IC / LBC x 15 IC / 2 burpees OYO


Joe Davis Run for Recovery – March 9

Update on Red Rocks – out of ICU, but still determining the extent of the stroke and recovery


It took about 5 seconds before YHC was hearing the audible boos from the crowd (Gummy and Spack of course) due to a perceived lack of ingenuity.  I’d like to see you guys try and plan a full 45 minute workout……..oh wait……you mean all F3 workouts are 45 mins? My bad.

Good chatter today (Gummy and Spack of course). Nice to see Hannibal out working off the cruise ship cocktails. Hipaa ran 4 miles in; impressive. Solid work put in by all (except for whomever plastered their undershorts on the last mary exercise of the 4×100….repugnant).

Hawk’s Nest Substi-Q

Date: 02/26/2019

QIC: Mermaid

Pax: Spack, Sprockets, Semi, Mermaid, Taco Stand, One Eye, Thunder Road, Pop Tart, Scratch/Win, Billy Goat, Puddin Pop, Hammer, Sardine, Revlon, Lewinsky, Thumper

No shovel flag as Hops is DR. 15 men and one QIC on hand to get after it, yet again, at Hawk’s Nest on the Latin campus. Thorough and invigorating disclaimer given with emphasis on personal safety and motivation for the next 45 minutes.


Mosey down Campus Dr. Right on trail to football field. Right past the field to parking lot. Circle Up


SSH x 10/IW x 10/LowSlow Squat x 10/Mountain Climber x 10/Peter Parker x 10/Merkin x 15

Mosey behind the grandstand at the field and down the hill by the outbuilding.

Triple Nickel

Run up hill. 5 Burpees. Run down hill. 5 Burpees. 5 Reps

Mary to wait for six to finish

Mosey back up hill and continue behind the grandstand to the opposite end of the field to the bottom of the other hill.

Triple Nickel

Run up hill. 5 knee-slap Jump Squat. Run down hill. 5 Merkins. 5 Reps

Plank-o-rama to regroup the six.

Mosey back the way we came back to Campus Drive. Continue to the bridge and up to the Pavilion.


Find a bench. 10 Dips/10 Incline Merkins/10 Reps

Mary: Heels to Heaven x 20/High Flutter x 20

Mosey back down Campus Drive. Left at the bridge.

People’s Chair: RLH/LLH/RLH/LLH. Hold each. Drop as low as possible. Hold.

Mosey back up the hill around the football field. Out to the lot we did COP in. Plank start sprints x 2. Mosey back to launch.



Utah asked YHC to take his HN Q today. And posted Fast Twitch instead.

Kept it simple today. Hills and some reps to get the heart rate up. 50 burpees done by a few of the pax. Several did zero burpees. Spackler has a golf tournament or something that precludes his doing of burpees. Others suffer ailments or simply don’t partake in burpees. Maybe Ickey’s Burpee-Free F3 movement is gaining momentum #modifyasnecessary

Solid crew at Hawk’s Nest. Some hard work was done. Fast Twitch guys were hitting the track so we were in close proximity for a good portion of the workout. Great to see Rachel back in the mix #kotters

YHC had to leave before COT to get kids to school as this AO is farther from home than most posts. T-claps to Puddin Pop for the takeout. T-claps to Purell for taking care of COT and name-a-rama.

Always enjoy and am thankful to lead an F3 workout. Good work today men.