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Freaking Cold Ignition Workout

5 PAX showed up for the first workout of the morning as there were 3 at this AO for the individuals not up for a run and the ones who felt they needed to sleep in after a Crazy night of football.

Stretch w/Disclaimer + DICCS

The Thang:

BISR to Track Circle around front of schools

Grab some curb – Scorpion Plank Jack in cadence x 20

Sling shot around circle w/ 25 Plank Jumps and Jacks x 6. With goal is 6 completing 6.

20 Merkins each light alternating who carries the ball to top of school.

25 Mountain Climbers then 25 Squats about half way each light alternating who carries the ball coming back.

Head to the lower parking lot for 3 corners w SlamBall in middle

12 slams in center each time – 25 Squats in corner – SSH middle waiting on ball

12 squat press in center each time – 10 Bomb Jacks in corner planking in middle waiting for ball.

BISR back to start with an audible at the top of the school since we were looking short of the 4 miles – long way back to parking lot arriving a minute late.  (there was some complaining) but 4.1 miles reached to avoid Q Fail.


Everyone survived, worked hard, only took half the workout to get warm.  Really good to see the Newells out there pushing it and Fuse making his Ignition debut.   He must of thought the running would be limited due to my lead.   Of coarse Hollywood killed it and followed back up with the 6 constantly.  He did feel it necessary to stick around for the 3rd workout with Bottlecap and more SlamBalls.

Missed announcements due to being late.

Ole MacDonald took us out.

Running Around Latin

First time visiting the fine AO of Hawk’s Nest. Been many times for CCDS vs. Latin sporting events years ago before becoming an empty nester. Brought back fine memories.

Small crowd of 8 this am. Was it the cold? Maybe the heads up from Hops that lots of running may be involved? (We did get in 3 miles). Possibly the simple fact that Checkpoint does not have that many friends…..

Whatever it was we just got after it. Had a little COP. Taught everyone the True American (6 count with a hand release merkin and a plankjack). Love that exercise. Keeps everyone honest (required in Metro). Ya need to go all the way down to release the hands and ya need to lock out the elbows to do the plank jack. Does wonders for your Merkin strength.

Off to the pavilion by the big practice field up the hill. Dips, Derkins, and Jump ups. To the baseball field for a few laps with Merkins at right, center, left and home plate. To the parking lot by the lacrosse field for some True Americans. Went to the turf field to visit the zoo (bear crawl, bunny hop, crab walk, duck walk, monkey humpers, and the much loved centipede). 150 yards of running between each. Then to the track around the football field for 3 hot laps with stops every 220 for True Americans.

It was a great morning. Didn’t stay cold long. Hops was there to support the Q and even bring some donations for Peru. Sprockets and Witch Doctor were up front. Puddin Pop showed up early and was excited to know we were gonna get some running in. It was surprisingly quiet this am. Little mumblechatter. Except for the Centipede there was no complaining. I love A51. No bitchin. Just work.

Thanks Hops for the takeout.

Bagpipe Top 3 Contender for 2019

8 SOBs joined the QIC for the workout this morning. Disclaimer given, no sugar-coating this morning. Icy and dangerously cold, or something like that. Felt great once we got moving.


Mosey up Conlan Circle. Right onto the thoroughfare to Ortho Carolina Urgent Care. Cross Ballantyne Medical Pl. Circle up.


SSH x 20

Merkin x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Low Slow Squat x 15

3 Building Repeats

3 medical buildings in this part of the AO. Start at 1. 20 Merkins. Run to 2. 15 Knee Slap Jump Squats. Run to 3. 10 Burpees. Run back to 1. 3 reps total

Mary to regroup the 6. Flutter x 20/Dolly x 20/Heels to Heaven x 10

Mosey up out of the Medical park. Left on Ballantyne Commons. Right onto Costigan and over to the parking deck. Stop before crossing BC. People’s Chair. Monkey Humper x 20 IC.

Mosey up ramps to top. Monkey Humper x 20 IC.

Down Stairs to subteranean level. AYG up ramps. At each right turn: 10 Monkey Humpers/10 Merkins.

Plank-o-rama at the top. Mosey back down the ramps and down Costigan across BC to Conlan Circle. Left on the Ortho thoroughfare. AYG to Ballantyne Medical. 10 Burpees OYO. Mosey back up to launch lot.



Very little mumblechatter about the cold. Is what it is. We got moving quickly and kept the heart rate up. Didn’t feel the cold except when my windpipe and lungs were raising the temperature of the air I breathed about 75 degrees in a short period of time. Took a minute to get used to that.

Solid work by the Bagpipe crew today. Original call was for 5 repeats at the medical buildings. Should have went with that rather than audible to 3. Thanks for the invite to Q Bagpipe. Always nice to get down to B-tyne for a workout. Site-Q Tagalong has Centurion Q 2/1. Come on out and support him. He told YHC this was his hardest workout of the week (and 1st) and a top 3 Bagpipe for 2019. Good stuff.

T-Claps to Bratwurst for the takeout prayer.


03/09/2019 Joe Davis Run for Recovery. REGISTER

Breakfast Special & Teamwork

14 men endured the Carolina ice age for some a breakfast board beatdown and some much needed teamwork. Checked the weather app to see a nice balmy 22 degree morning for Watchtower – with that I knew I needed to keep the PAX moving to fire up the heart rate.


Circle up in front of Hickory Tavern for a quick hot lap and some DCCS


  • 25 SSH
  • 10 LSS
  • 15 Mtn Climbers
  • 10 Merkins
  • 5 Burpees on your Own

Breakfast Specials

Flipped the Sandwich board to make a Breakfast Special’s board which was waiting of the PAX at the Hickory Taver Entrance. On the board were five exercises, each with a 20 rep count. Progressive with lap in between.. Ex (Do excercise 1 lap – then exercise 1 & exercise 2 – lap.. until all five exercise. Total would yeild 300

  • Step Ups
  • Speed Skaters
  • Derkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • SSH

Pick up a coupon (slam balls) – in groups of 3 – pass ball back and forth until we made it to the Target parking lot. Some confusion on Indian run vs simply pass the ball back and forth down your line. Next time Q will be more clear.


Aside from his outstanding man to man defense – Hurley holds several assist records. The theme here was to work on our teamwork and passing skills while also getting some defensive work in. Partner up in teams of 3 each with a Slam Ball.

P1 and P2 – Pass Slam Ball chest pass down the top section of the lot. At each end P1 20 Ball Slams/P2 20 BH’s… Chest Pass Ball Slam back and flip flop. Timer is P3 who is doing a long lap around Target Parking Lot with 5 Bomb Jacks at each corner. P3 replaces P1….

Saw several groups working hard on this section…

Now – the teamwork – Bear Crawl Passes. In Bear Crawl position pass the slam ball back and forth until you reach the end of the aisle -rinse and repeat until P3 gets back. Extra Credit – Foundation added in the three man weave for those familiar with the layup passing drill..

Pick up the 6 and start to head back. Slam Ball Burpee for every tree (7) – pass ball between teammates.


Announcements – Q School Saturday 26th – See Principal Posse for details

Was a little nervous using the slam balls -especially when I was pulling in to see the PDS Clown Car rolling in with 4. Wasn’t sure if there would be enough slam balls for the crowd.

Extra Credit – Chickelittle on the pre-run- was solo and looked to be moving fast. Most likely will be fielding lots of calls today from the poultry community for the unsafe temps.

Gerber must live on a really really BIG LOT that requires sprinting to the mailbox as he was moving out fast on the Target laps

Is Zin leaving the Clydesdales behind for good? Has been moving out fast – now has a pacer in Gerber…

PDS Crew – OneStar, Boytano, AssCrack and LazyBoy were getting after it. Also must have shopped together at Dick’s for all the long underwear, coats, scarfs and gloves….

Kudo’s to ShowGirl – sporting the shorts… extra points from the Q.. great work – way to get after it

RubberMaid and Foundation discussing some really deep topics- maybe they thought this session was Tea Time? Lots chatter – but I am sure the were getting after it

MadDog and Posse with the Blue Balls today – working good together as a team. Glad to have you back MD – Posse – thanks for helping coral the players who wanted to leave practice

Dana – Dude did the Gremlin on Saturday, Double-Posted Yesterday and still made it out today. Word has it he’s trying to “bank” some posts so that he can “PostYesPost” while he is on an extended business trip.

As always my pleasure to serve this great group of guys. The winter gloom can play tricks on the mind and promote fartsacking. Reach out to those who you haven’t seen in a bit. Keep Derek in mind as what he is doing requires a lot of effort and patience….ShopDog going through tough period as well..let’s reach out to him.

Implements of Destruction

9 men chose DaVinci on Saturday, probably due to Mighty Mite’s brilliant meme’ing. Rain was in the forecast but we dodged it. Disclaimer given and off we go.

The thang: Mosey across Rea Rd to the Elevation parking lot. Warm Up: 15 IWs, 10 plank jacks/10 mountain climbers/10 merkins, 15 low slow squats (all IC). Mosey to the end of the lot and find my car strategically positioned.

Inside the trunk were 4 kettlebells (45, 35, 30, 25) and two sandbags (50 lbs and 40 lbs – thanks Fire Hazard). Partner up and circle up for a pair of circuits.

Circuit 1: Each sandbag = over the shoulder throws, 45 KB = 2 hand swings, 35 KB = one arm snatch, 30 KB = high pulls, 25 KB = straight leg (one leg) deadlifts. P1 does the exercise while P2 runs ~50 yards downs and back. Rotate through the 6 stations.

Circuit 2: Each sandbag = bent over rows, 45 KB = upright rows, 35 KB = KB merkins, 30 KB = tricep extensions, 25 KB = one arm curl and press. P1 does the exercise with the weight, P2 does called exercise IC to keep the heart-rates up: burpees, jump squats, peter parkers, burpees, etc.

Merkins and Mary: PAX choice while 3 PAX at a time to 20 step ups with either a sandbag or the 45 KB. These step ups were tough!!

Put the coupons away and take the long way home to get a little running in. Stops along the way for planks, merkins, squats, freddie mercury, heels to heaven and probably some other stuff.

Announcements: Nada

Moleskin: Was fun to see who all would show after the Mighty and Turkey show on Slack Friday. Glad to see Stonehenge with a good turnout as well and glad we had a good SOB Saturday. Thanks all.

The Dukes of Hazzard

13 men, one an FNG, stayed off the hills (as promised) but still found a whole lot of hurt at the weekly edition of Rebel Yell.


  • Mosey to the lot near the Target speed bumps
  • Thorough disclaimer for our new guy
  • COT (IC) – SSH x15, IW x15, LSS x15, Merkin x10
  • Mosey to the speed bumps for BLIMPS
    • Run to 1st speed bump, 5 burpees
    • 2nd speed bump, 10 lunges (each leg)
    • 3rd speed bump, 15 IW (each side)
    • 4th speed bump, 20 merkins
    • 5th speed bump, 25 Plank Jack
    • 6th speed bump, 30 squats
  • Plank-o-rama for the 6
  • Mosey down and across street to St Matt’s
  • Partner up, Round 1
    • P1 runs one direction
    • P2 other direction
    • When you meet, do a combined 50 merkins
    • When you meet, do a combined 50 merkins
    • Mary for the six
  • Round 2 – Same as Round 1 but with 100 combined squats instead of 50 merkins, Mary for the six
  • Mosey back to Firebird’s with a few stops for plank/mary to keep the crew together
  • Different partner
    • P1 small lap of the lot
    • P2 do called exercises until P1 returns
    • Flapjack
    • Going to a combined 50 derkins, 100 step ups, 150 AH (I think, honestly can’t remember)
  • Called early for time, mosey back to launch, 10 burpees OYO while the six comes in


Welcome to our FNG, Brendan Grady, now known as Boss Hog. Almost went with Runner Up as his M is a Boston qualifier and he’s working on running a few miles, but after a few months of F3 that name shouldn’t fit any more and War Eagle led us to greener pastures. Brendan has a dog named Rosco and Boss Hog fit better than Daisy Duke (think Hoover height).

YHC knows Boss Hog from around the neighborhood where he is super-involved both in our community as well as with his family, including often organizing dad/daughter events for a group of us in Park Crossing. As soon as you meet him and talk to him a bit, you will know that if ever there was a guy made for F3, this is him. He committed to showing up the first time I talked to him about it and followed through by coming to not one, but two posts in a row. T-claps Boss Hog, and welcome.

Moral of the story? Keep EHing — F3 is too good not to share it.

The rest of the Thursday group was a motley crew of misfits if I ever saw one. From Happy Meal creeping around with his full face mask, to Escobar rolling in on two wheels then returning to his car two or three times before we even left, to our freakishly long-legged and low cadence friend Bucky, to some noisy guy we later recognized was Pop Tart (kotters, brother). We even had Jitterbug from F3 Louisville back out for his 2nd post in SOB Land before heading back home. As he did on Tuesday, he showed us how a respect should really throw down and shamed Frehleys into leaving immediately following the workout.

Market Timer overslept and Strava proves that he ran over and tried to find us. Missed us by about 100 yards. Not sure if he’s happy or sad about that. Next time Wingman just needs to swing by his place on his way out of the neighborhood and honk his horn for a bit.

Cobains on the tardiness of this backblast. I blinked and somehow it’s Monday.


Tom Brady appears at Flash

What other number would show up in the “second half” of Flash . . . #12 obviously. With holiday hours throwing a wrench in timing, 3 workouts rolled out of Cuthbertson Middle this Monday morning. A few PAX even did a double-dip by attending 2 workouts.

DCCS Check: A minute before we “commenced” YHC went through the new/proper safety process (Patent Pending for WUC)

  • D: Disclaimer – I care about you but not responsible if you do something stupid to your body
  • C: Cell Phone – Does somebody have a device on them or at least close by to be able to make a call if needed?
  • C: CPR – Whose lips are trained and not chapped to lay one on one of the PAX? Had to make sure to say IF NEEDED (it is #MTM after all and Damascus in attendance)
  • S: Safety – Give a lay of the land to let the PAX know if we need vests/headlamps


  • Mosey around parking lot while various PAX shut off their car lights
    • SSH x 12
    • IW x 12
    • Merkins x 12
    • MC x 12


  • Grab 3 slam balls and make 3 lines
    • BISR (Burpee Indian Slamball Run): Last guy drops for a burpee, picks up the slamball, runs to front of line, drops the slamball, last guy drops for a burpee, etc.
    • BISR down path behind CMS to stairs at CHS
  • Partner up
    • P1 does Mike Tysons
    • P2 runs to bottom of stairs for 12 knee-up slaps and flapjack
    • 112 total
  • Mosey to tennis court hill for Jack Hill Webb
    • Bottom of hill – 1 merkin
    • Top of hill – Peoples chair on fence with 4 air presses
    • Continue until 10 merkins/40 air presses
  • BISR to front of CMS
    • P1 does Derkin shoulder taps
    • P2 runs 1/2 lap and flapjack
    • 4 times for each Partner
  • BISR back to start
    • Circle up close in plank position
    • 3 slamballs get rolled clockwise/counter-clockwise
    • Everytime ball passes you, do a merkin
    • Switch to crab position and roll slamballs underneath you


  • Well done Jingles, Hollywood, and Dana for making it through 2 workouts this morning
    • Hollywood was REALLY showing the effects of being tired . . . Oh wait, he lapped everybody in the second workout too
  • Kudos to Moneyball for doing the Jack Webb on a GRASSY hill and not complaining . . . Not sure what was more impressive
  • Great to see Kid Rock in Western Union. Looking forward to seeing you out more often
  • I am looking into a group discount for hip replacement surgery for all PAX who want to run as fast as Gerber . . . Good to have you back out at the front of the PAX
  • Nice work by Trojan. Just recently joined F3 and is already noticeably faster. Keep it up.
  • Always fun to have the godfather of #MTM back out. Good to know that even if Damascus doesn’t know which way counter-clockwise is, he still knows the way to Cuthbertson.
  • After a great Patriots win, nice to see some fellow Pats fans in the parking lot; Damascus, Deflated, and new bandwagon fan Easy Button. He claims to be rooting for the Pats (cuz his Dad is smaht) even though YHC seems to remember several smacktalk texts in weeks past.
  • Even better to show up and see Recalculating doing his best Chevy Chase impression from Vacation pool scene (“This is crazy! This is crazy!”) with no shirt on
  • But the best is seeing Mad Dog back to posting. The self-deprecating humor game is pretty strong. It’s great to see the PAX rally around one of our own when he reveals a problem in his life. Mad Dog came clean about not being able to drink alcohol anymore. Without hesitation, every PAX stepped up and told him that we would take that burden on ourselves and start drinking a bit more for him. In all seriousness, great to have Mad Dog out and always appreciate his humor and hard work.


  • Q School happens THIS SATURDAY. 0630 at Cuthbertson Middle School. If you have never Q’d, Q’d 1-3 times, Q’d a bunch and still call a bunch of audibles, or just need to get rights to complete a backblast, please sign up at
  • PRAYER REQUEST: Moneyball shared that he is struggling with the recent addition of their new foster son. Please be in prayer to lift him and Kristen up; that they would have the wisdom, patience, and perseverance to be the great parents that God has called them to be for Marben along with their other kids. Let’s rally around MB and make sure he knows he is not alone in this struggle.


Super Blood Wolf Bad Moon Rising

Wow, was it chilly out there. Proud of the Men who posted and didn’t let Cantore get the better of them. Way to “Be the Bacon” –

Main plan was to keep moving to keep warm. Wasn’t the coldest post I’ve been to, but certainly the coldest in a while.

Run loop to back of lot at end of the main entry road for COP.

SSH x 20, Low Slow Squat x 15, Merkins x 15. Run a lap around the parking lot. Merkins Around the Clock: First plank position is 12 o’clock, move hands to 1 o’clock position, do a Merkins, move hands around to 2 o’clock, do a Merkin. Should end up with roughly 12 reps.

Lunge Walk, Dry Dock x 15. Run around Ballfields, back to parking lot.

90* Burpees. Do a Burpee, but when you jump up, come down facing 90* different position. Repeat x 12. Headspinner.

Run lap around ballfields, do Merkins Around the Clock counterclockwise. StepUps x 10 each Leg, Dips x 10, Derkins x 10. Rinse & Repeat. Run around parking lot.

Mosey to concessions for People’s Chair, then Balls To Wall. Run another Ballfield lap. Bear Crawl ramp, mosey back to far end of ramp and Bear Crawl again. Run back to lauch for Mary.

No quit in this group: show up in 17 degree weather and bust it. Great work! Struck up a conversation on one of the Ballfield laps with Happy Meal, and the guy wasn’t even breathing. He’s has got extra gears. Dumpster Fire and Pvt Benjamin are two of the most reliable guys in So Charlotte. Always a pleasure to post with you guys.

Thanks for trusting me with the keys today!

Parachute and Hula Hoop

Nothing is new with the good old Tweet and Meet, however things are getting serious when there is a new channel on Slack called, “TweetandMeat”. Either way, I offered to Q to test out some of the gear that my house has acquired. Invite went out on slack (missed the tweet part) and 8 dudes answer the 5:15 buzzer and of we went.

Did I forget to say it was cold….it was!

I created a workout with most of the gear from my garage, but with a few more peices from the Pax prior to the workout, we kept busy for 60 mins. Here is what we did:

9 Stations that we were able to rotate almost 3 x’s. Tabata formate- 45 sec on 20 sec of to switch and catch your breath.

  1. Partner Work –
    1. 120lb sand bag carry for 45 sec / alternating arms
    2. Man Maker Sand tube 50lb hold for 5sec at the top
  2. Hairburner / Flutter w/ 25lb weight over head
  3. Lat Pulls or Lawn Mower- single hand (Left than R)
  4. Battle rope / weighted Hula hoop
  5. Agility ladder (x2) Walk the ladder with feet on disks / Cross over Merkins
  6. Battle rope / jump rope
  7. Slosh tube curls 30lb / Golbet squat 50kb
  8. Parachute sprint / Farmer Carry 40lb KB

2 intermissions with Ab work during the 1st and second set: Protractor, American Hammer, box cutter and a few more were called

That was all folks

Announcements / COT

If you see Stump Hugger out in the gloom, give the dude some knuckles. First for coming back out after some injury, but today he told me his mother in law was having surgery to help with her heart, Approximately a 6 hr procedure. The family has asked for some thoughts and prayers

Wild Turkey for the take out…well said!

Ye’ Old Moleskin

  • That was fun. Sure I was conducting a top secret test of my home gear on Pax who answered the request…hope you enjoyed it
  • This was a high intensity vs heavy, hope you got your moneys worth
  • There was a hula hoop and if you figured it out, that was a solid ab workout. I have had practice since it is my M’s and I opening mocked her when she bought it. However, it was odd, but IMO effective. A few guys rocked it
  • There was a parachute. I have had this for a long time and never used it, could not find the right Q. I am 50/50 on it. Purell put on a weight vest to and ran around the lot…still fast
  • I think the slosh tub is a crowd favorite. Something about the water moving back and fourth while curling
  • No real moments other then what I witness with my partner General- dude did everything with intensity, good work.
  • Thanks again who offer and brought gear. This format of asking who can commit and then using the gear worked. You run the risk should the person FS or alarm fail, but that is all part of the plan.

Battle of Hoth (Star Wars Empire Strikes Back)

So Ackbar finally led his first Q today, so a VQ with 5 other brave souls on Planet Hoth, also known as Asylum at Brooklyn Pizza. The workout was heavy inspired by two things; Star Wars, and the need to keep moving to keep the cold at bay. Here are the details:

The Warm Up – Lap around Target to warm up.
42 Side Shuttle Hops. (Trivia, Star Wars IV, the first debuted in only 42 theaters in 1977, as FOX expected the “kids space movie” would be a major flop…)
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Merkins
20 Imperial Walkers (Because Star Wars!)
10 Potato “Yoda” Pickers
Hold for Stretch

The Thang – First was the Star Wars Trilogy Circuit, the number 3 meaning 3 burpees. A run from Hickory Tavern to Brooklyn Pizza required 3 burpees at BP, and upon the return a series of 20 exercises were required, stacking up with each circuit. This included:
20 Low Slow Squats (which soon became squats)
20 LBCs
20 Step Ups
20 Dips
20 Derkins
20 Bobby Hurleys
20 Plank Jacks

Afterward we moved to the Target Parking Lot for what Posse renamed the “Death Star Fish,” which I like better than Star Fish. This included:
Burpee in the center
20 Imperial Squat Walkers
20 Jumping Knee Touches
20 Carolina Dry Docks
20 Peter Parkers
Then it was time to return to the parking lot, ended with “hovers,” whatever they are called…

The Moleskin – The cold became a great motivator to move!
– Brad’s son Lane “allowed” him to use his easel to record the Star Wars Trilogy Circuit for reference. No worries, it has been returned (image below via Twitter)
– Chastain pushed it despite having gone above and beyond on Saturday. Well done!
– Legal Zoom had a great observation regarding the quality of the Star Wars movie The Last Jedi, complete with an F Bomb. Ackbar approved.
– Star Wars music is great to work out to.
– The Pros helped Ackbar navigate a couple of quirks. Overall it seemed to go smoothly. The rebels have defeated the Empire!
– No one could agree how much time we had left. A 3 minute difference and everyone gets all worked up.
– The Force was strong with these men. Very impressive work!
– Ackbar’s official given name was “Admiral Ackbar,” but he never was comfortable assuming the rank as it was unearned. After today, Admiral Ackbar feels earned and will go by Ackbar or Admiral Ackbar, or Admiral, or any other creative F3 language.

Announcements: Sanctuary Bible Study is tonight at Brooklyn Pizza at 7:30. Snowflake is leading tonight and we are going to talk about King Solomon.
– Smokey led QT, or Q Talks, I can’t remember the title. Sorry. We will all aim to be goal-setting lizards and not leeches! Well done sir!
– Keep Goodfella in mind as he gives some love and support to his friend up in New Jersey, as his friend’s wife has died from cancer. Prayers lifted to Goodfella’s friend and family.
– Q School is coming up this Saturday! Here’s the link, thanks Posse!

That’s it. May the Force be with you!