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Lucky #7

While waiting in the rain for the rest of the PAX, YHC made the call to go to the parking deck for the backup plan. At some point it has to stop raining in Charlotte, right? 6 PAX gathered in the deck to get to work.

Quick disclaimer given and a warm-up loop around the parking deck ensued, circled up for some warm-up:
15 SSH, 15 low slow squats, 15 mountain climbers

The Thang

1st 7s – bear crawl width of deck and do merkins, lungewalk back and do jump squats

2nd 7s – forward run the length of the garage and do heels to heaven, backwards run back and do Carolina dry dock

3rd 7s – start at far end of garage and run up stairs to landing for burpees, run back for LBCs

circle up for round of Mary called by each PAX (15 count each) – Freddie Mercury, Heels to Heaven, Alabama Elbows, JLo, Chippy Cross, Protractor

circle up for Ring of Fire (aka Abe Froman) – 137 merkins done by 6 PAX strong effort by all, especially to Long Haul for the win

one last minute of plank to end the workout

Oh Hai, It’s Raining Again

17 PAX agreed they were sick of the rain and hit the deck at #F3Cerberus. FAMRAP was considered, and then abandoned when @BobbySamuelson wasn’t present.


  • Head straight to the deck, go to level 2 to avoid Camp Gladiator and circle up for COP
  • All IC: IW x15, Low Slow Jump Squat x15, Low Slow Merkin x15, Alternating Shoulder Tap x15, Mountain Climber x15
  • Return to the 1st level and take a seat on the wall facing the ramp
  • Round 1
    • Some exercises on the wall then
    • 10 donkey kicks, sprint the ramp, easy on the flat, back to the wall on level 2 facing the ramp
    • Repeat up to level 3
    • Repeat to the top but instead of the flat on level 4 go downstairs to level 1, easy on the flat, on your six at bottom of level 1 ramp
  • Round 2
    • Flutter x20 IC
    • 10 hand release burpees
    • Sprint the ramp, easy on the flat, on your six at base of ramp 2
    • LBC x30 IC
    • 20 Bobby Hurley
    • Sprint ramp, easy flat, base of ramp 3
    • American Hammer x25 IC
    • 10 hand release burpees
    • Sprint ramp, stairs, easy flat, base of ramp 1 (plank)
    • Low slow merkins while we wait for the six
  • Round 3
    • 10 Bobby Hurleys, run up ramp and flat to base of ramp 2
    • 10 Bobby Hurleys, up to base of ramp 3
    • 10 Bobby Hurley, up to the stairs
    • Run all the way down and up stairwell 1 twice
    • Go to stairwell 2 and run all the way down and back up twice
    • Go to stairwell 3 and run all the way down and back up twice
    • Some muddled directions here — we all ended up back at the bottom
  • Back to Level 2 to get Knish’s sweatshirt then return to launch some dips on the low walls by the dog park to kill the last few minutes
  • Back to launch, COT, Hops with the takeout


Hops originally had the Q but asked YHC a few weeks back if I could swap my Q the following week with him. A last minute cancelled trip turned my “no” into a “yes” and YHC was Q to the surprise of any who do not follow Twitter (mostly just Bratwurst).

After a soggy day at Devil’s Turn the day before (and rain just about every day prior), the decision was quickly made to head straight to the deck, to the disappointment of none. Well, except for maybe the Camp Gladiator folks who were hoping to have the deck to themselves. Luckily, they never left the bottom straightaway they made camp in so we had all the good stuff to ourselves. Who goes to a parking deck and doesn’t touch a ramp or a set of stairs? I’ll tell you who. But, I digress.

Came today intending to deliver a good ol’ Friday ass-kicking and hope that I did so. Bit of a Q-fail with the directions of what to do on the final set after finishing the stairs led to a lot of people running around in different places on the deck. Good reminder to self that clarity tops complexity every time.

Great mix of PAX, as always, at Cerberus with the usuals out front, the six getting stronger, and four of the toughest respects I know showing some true grit.

Listening to talk radio on the way home (after a great Week 1 of QSource at Panera following Cerberus), there was a gentleman talking about the futility of blessings left unspoken. So many of us have people in our lives (wives, children, siblings, F3 brothers, and so on) who we don’t tell enough, if at all, how much they mean to us and our lives. We assume that they know, and they might suspect, but why not speak it and tell them?

It hit home with me in that 15 minute drive that I couldn’t remember the last time I told my daughter that I am proud of her and how happy she makes me without some kind of impetus (e.g. after a great soccer game, good grades at school, helping her sister, etc.) I told her that afternoon, out of the blue, that I look forward to seeing her every day and that I know she is going to do incredible things with her life. The light in her eyes when I finished those few words is something I hope I never forget. Certainly not advocating for telling people things you don’t mean. But, leaving those things you do feel unsaid because you’re too busy (me), not entirely comfortable saying them (me), or some other excuse (me) seems crazy in retrospect.

As tends to happen with all moments of clarity, I’ll probably forget all this next week and need to be reminded of it again somewhere down the road (hopefully not too late). Nonetheless, I thought it worth writing down in case it inspires anyone else to have even one moment like I did with my daughter.


Laps Around the Track

10 PAX showed up on yet another rainy morning to run laps around, not on, the track. 5 stayed after for SCLT’s first edition of QSource.


  • Head East on Bevington into Piper Glen and up to the dead end
  • Right on Coburn to start Lap 1
    • Straight on Coburn to dead-end
    • Left on Brownes Pond to dead-end
    • Right on Rosecliff to dead-end
    • Left on Strawberry Lane
    • Run past SCLT Middle and the track
    • Left on 51
    • Left on Cary Ridge
    • Left on Coburn
  • Repeat the above for Lap 2 by the track
  • PAX choice when you get back to Cary Ridge
    • Option A: head back to Coburn and down the way we came to the start (6.5 miles)
    • Option B: head to Rea and left to the start (~7 miles)
    • Option C: something else, just get back to launch on time


Seeing as I’m not even sure that Devil’s Turn BBs want to become a thing, and that it’s 2 days later, this will be short and sweet. The rain was quite annoying, mostly because it was day 12 or so in a row of it. But, strong group of 10 PAX cranked out both hilly laps and no one got lost. Better yet, every PAX had either a headlight, a blinkie, or something reflective on (or some combination of multiple). Happy Turkey Leg was able to find us after a slightly late start and appreciate Gumbo and Enron giving me the chance to lead DT and both showing up to run with us as well.

Pretty sure none of us was running fast enough to make Rosie even sweat, but we tried (where’s Purell when you need him). He’s off to App State in a few days and will be missed in the gloom.

Solid start to QSource (and solid breakfast) over at Eggs Up Grill after DT. Hope the numbers will grow over the next few weeks as the content and discussion will just get better and better.


  • QSource Schedule (3 weekly options):

Reps at daVinci

PAX: Mighty Mite, Fredo, Bucky, Thin Mint, Purell, Scratch and Win, Swine Flu, Escobar, Gilbert, Fletch, Teddy, Chopper, Dora, Slow Roll, Leprechaun, Bugeater, Fiji, Mermaid

Can’t figure out how to add the pax list to these posts all of a sudden.

Anyway, 18 men showed up to crush the 1st daVinci workout of 2019. 15 did not pre-run. 3 did. T-claps to Thin Mint, Fletch, and Purell who took down just under 4 miles. Disclaimer given. Let’s go


Mosey around back side of CFA and down the avenue of the apartments. Left down the main drag and around the turnabout. Back the way we came to WF parking lot. 20 SSH IC to regroup.


All IC: IW x 10/Seal Jack x 10/Merkin x 10/Peter Parker x 10/Squat x 10/Low Plank Jack x 10

Mosey across Rea to Blakeney to the playground.

Half Murph

10 Pull Up/20 Merkin/30 Jump Squat x 5

Mary to regroup and wait on six.

Mosey through Blakeney to the staircases at the Little Gym and Unlightened Yoga, among others.

Triple Nickel

Start at ground. Run up stairs to middle of building. 5 Jump Squat. Run down opposite stairwell and back to launch. 5 H-R Burpees. 5 reps.

Plank-o-rama to wait for six.

Mosey over to the Target lot.

100 Burpee 4 Corner

Run to corner 2. 5 Burpees. Run to corner 3. 5 Burpees. Run to 4. 5 Burpees. Back to 1. 5 Burpees. 20/4 corner round. 5 rounds=100 Burpees. YHC forgot the last 5. Thin Mint made sure to remind. #accountability-T-claps

Mosey back down toward playground. Stop at water fountains. 10 Step Up/10 Dips/10 Derkins

Mosey back to CFA lot.



With the 6-year and promise of beer at Stonehenge, didn’t know what to expect for numbers today. Awesome crew was ready to get after it. Amazing how not one of the PAX grumbled when the 4-corner call was made and each man calculated that he would complete 100 Burpees #daVinciStrong.

Nothing fancy today out there in terms of the workout. This was YHC’s 3rd Blakeney post and 2nd daVinci Q. Great AO with a ton of possibilities.

All pushed hard out there. My bro, Slow Roll, keeps getting stronger and faster since starting F3 in earnest in 2018. Glad he finally drank the Kool-Aid. He was hanging with Purell on the 4-corners. Glad to see Escobar out there. He has taken a short break. Solid work thrown down by all 18 this morning. You can take a look at the pax list and know who was up front. Strong crew.

Lastly, locked my key in my car when I went in for CFA. That was an added inconvenience to a super-busy day. My bro drove me home and my M drove me back. There went my backblast window before soccer. Hence, afternoon backblast after the swim meet.

Thanks for the invite to Q from Bucky, Mighty Mite, and Fredo. Honored to lead the men this morning. Have a great weekend all.


Joe Davis Run for Recovery 03/09/2019. All $ goes to fight addiction in our backyard. REGISTER

Q Source-you should do it. Leadership training. Read about it HERE:

Dumb & Dumber

While circling up at the end Impromptu yesterday, Recalculating through out the idea of splitting the Q for Commitment. I had heard this was frowned upon but I jumped at the chance to host with a local legend. While Recalc has a persona of the cranky guy, you will find he’s merely an exaggerated version of his actual self. While he does bicker it’s with the intention of laughter. If you get some words thrown at you, run with it….he means well.

So like Lloyd Christmas famously said in the 1994 smash hit, “You know, the elderly, although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel, can serve a purpose. Don’t you go dying on me now!” This quote couldn’t sum up my feelings for Recalc anymore….

Let’s go….


Jog to circle, circle up, disclaimer given, exercise:


• Moroccan Night Club

• Merkins

• Squats

• Imperial Walkers

Mosey to Community Entrance & Split into 3 Lines. Indian Run w/ a burpee to Elementary School Courtyard.

Individual Cone & Ladder Stations, split up into groups of 8. Planned to do Laps every 2 stations but my 30 minutes was running short. Stations were:

1. Burpees

2. Carolina Dry Docks CC

3. Mtn Climbers IC

4. Ladder Merkins OYO

5. American Hammers IC

6. Jump Squats CC

7. Ladder Dance OYO

8. 6” Plank Jacks

Burpees Count Down to the handoff, 10 Burpees a minute for 2 minutes

RECALC takes the reins….

Increasing stamina & conditioning with 3 x 220yd sprints. Goal to decrease times between each cycle.

Millbridge’s version of Keith Jong Hill. Not as steep but seemed to never end.

• Reverse suicide up the hill with escalating Hurley Trio at each stop

• Hurley trio: 1 Bob Sr (burpee), 2 Danny’s (broad jump), 3 Bobby’s Hurley’s

• Increase count at each end of suicide by 1

Re-up the conditioning back to the start. 3 x 220yd sprints to finish. Jail break to parking lot

Thank you Goodfella for taking us out!


Chilly morning but anything was better than Deadwood Qing again rain! That brisk 44 degrees didn’t scare off the 19 PAX that posted this morning. Recalc and I shot a bit from the hip on the plan but it worked out really well. My focus would be building blue twisted steel muscles….

Usual warm up but the slow Mosey to the entrance of Nesbit Park and we were already down a few PAX. Lost Popeye and hope he’s wiping icing his ailment. Then we thought we lost Rudy but he was picking up his 2.0, Lancer. We started the Indian Run to pick up the 6. Lancer asked where we were headed and little dude sprinted there! Great to see these young guys getting it….

We got to station work and quickly learned how many guys memories were completely shot. I handed them mental station numbers and 1/4 of the groups couldn’t remember. Quick regroup and we split up. Nothing major happened here other than my choice of Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton’s Live album not providing the energy we needed for the burpees. Def Leopard next time….

I happily jumped to the passenger seat and Recalc took us on a journey. I was completely confused with whatever he said we were doing but I was taught by my parents to respect my elders. 40 sec, 35 sec and 30 sec sprints it was. Shout out to Dana for letting the PAX pass him after stage 1 to rid his body of a taco infused hot air biscuit.

Disclaimer given by Goodfella about the need for Millbridge folks like to sleep and we should keep it down. After Recalc told us about the Hurling Hurley Family Suicides it was silent.

Minutes left and it was back to the 220yd sprints to get home. Bottlecap accused two Clydesdales of sandbagging but personally I would much rather compete in short sprints for 45 minutes than LSD (long slow distance). My frame was built for sprints and it seems Fuse Box’s body was too.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

It was a pleasure to split the Q with Recalc and to lead you group of great men. Always good to see the 2.0s joining us and seeing the extra push out of the Dad’s.

  • Easy Button – this dude can hustle and puts in the work every workout. I can say that if you get a lurker “like” on GroupMe from Tim it’s worth 5. He’s picky for quality in the playground.
  • Recalc – I busted your chops a bunch above but I appreciate you. Always one to pick the group up in workouts with great humor and always giving over 100%.
  • Dancing Bear & Carebear – great you have you back bro and way to push today. I know that’s not easy to come back after a week off but it probably helped that you didn’t want to lose to your son. Hahaha.
  • Doughboy – we partnered up for those BH Suicides and you dusted me up that hill. Your endurance and drive every workout is something everyone should take notice of. Keeping all Clydesdales in check!!
  • Chainsaw – your level of effort is impressive! All of us are in awe of what you bring every workout and I’m looking forward to seeing you pop your cherry on Monday! #VQ
  • Banjo – finally this guy posts and hopefully one day he will Q a site other than Chiseled. Fingers crossed! Kidding, we clown car’d it a bunch this week. Crushed yesterday’s workout and was at the top of the pack today. Well done and keep letting Dancing Bear have it! Banjo is a bit quiet at workouts but dude is hilarious.
  • Legalized – posting a ton lately and those LUMENS would have made DW proud. All 100 of them! Keep pushing man, you are making great progress.
  • Fuse Box – I’m thinking about requesting a name change to Quiet Sweet Tea Sippin’ SOB but it doesn’t have the same ring to it. We throw a lot of sh!t at you here in the playground most of it deserved but you take it well. Way to push through today and pass BC and I at the end. Never seen such happiness out of you at a workout until we announced we were moving coffeeteria to McDonalds. Thanks for buying my $4 lady coffee!
  • Chicken Little – I think this was your first Saturday post and it was great to see you out there with us. You always pick me up when I’m walking slumping and I appreciate it. Looking forward to the 14% sour beer later today bud.
  • Southern Belle – thanks for driving the clown car this AM and your ladders. Everyone can thank you for enabling my merkin ladders. Another hilarious guy that doesn’t share his humor ever with all PAX but it’s a selling point if you are thinking about moving to Briarcrest. Dude slays everyone in our BC chat.
  • Dana – what can I say about you that I didn’t say already when I mentioned you farting away from the rest of the PAX. You are a real hero when it comes to manners and I appreciate you giving me a run for my money every workout.
  • Goodfellas – SSSSSHHHHHHHHH!! Keep it down guys. Zin-g! A leader on every workout and a leader amongst the entire WUC. Appreciate you pushing yourself and others constantly.
  • Rudy & Lancer – keep up the good work boys. I know Recalc gave you all a run for your money trying to locate us later in the workout but glad you found us. You are putting in the effort and we are all seeing the results, keep it up! VQ coming up soon and everyone will be there for that.
  • Bottlecap – sorry I missed you on Name-o-Rama and I will happily buy your 1 beer a week to make up for my error. Front of the pack per usual and even picking up the 6 with GF today. Thanks for humor and stepping up to lead in all types of facets.
  • Popeye – I’m not exactly sure when we lost you but I hope you are ok man. Let us know if you need anything!
  • Rubbermaid – I’m too distracted by how hard Tupperware works to talk about your level effort today. You left a little early to pick up TW from the fire house to take him to build burritos. Rubbermaid is teaching his boys right and those are stories dad’s here will share with their kids at some point. I know I will. A lot to be proud of brother!

Yikes. That just took me nearly 2 hours to type. Luckily I had a tasty 30th Birthday Anniversary brew from Portland to help me close strong.

Great to see Mad Dog today at McDonalds and hope he joins us in his finest sweatpant material outfits in the future!

Happy Saturday!


  • QSource starts after Asylum this Monday. 52 weeks of topics to focus on each week. Join in as your schedule allows and see the Slack channel for more info.
  • Step Up to Q! Not sure your ready to Q for 45? No problem, go the Recalc-fandel route and split that thang! Veterans standing by….

2019 Gainz

5 heard the call, ignored #cantore, and posted on the covered sidewalk in search of 2019 #gainz (and a head start on those who made the lesser choices). The weinke called for volume and plenty of it.

The Thang


  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC (20 one-hand swings)
  • Imperial Walker – 10 IC
  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC
  • Prying Squats – 3
  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC
  • Low Slow Squats with Bells(!) – 10 IC
  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC

Playground Set

  • 5 pullups rows per side
  • 5 presses per side
  • 15 teabags squats
  • Repeato 5 sets total

Snatch set

  • 7 snatches at the top and bottom of each minute
  • Continue for 10 minutes (#smoker)

Heavy Cook Drill

  • Selecting a bell one to two sizes larger than you’ve used thus far (with help from YHC), begin walking with an overhead waiter carry. Continue walking until your form is about to degrade, then drop the bell into a rack position (in front of your chest, not on your shoulder) and continue walking. Again before your form degrades, drop the bell into a suitcase carry and continue walking until you need to set it down.
  • Rinse and repeato on the opposite side

Finisher – Swings & Mary

  • 10 swings
  • 10 pullovers + Louganis (#theBulldog)
  • 15 swings
  • 15 Russian twists (each side)
  • 25 swings
  • 25 situps (old-school, WWII, whatever you call them)
  • 50 swings
  • 50 flutter presses with bell




Trembling Moleskinne:

Always a pleasure to Q at Meathead and to lead off 2019 was no exception.

With the rain, an audible was called to move to the covered sidewalk, instead of our usual cheese grater-esque parking lot. This audible necessitated another, as the playground was now too far away, which would have broken the #0.0 provision and/or required an excessively long, wet carry. So, lawnmower rows were subbed in.

Snatches brought an element of cardio and strength endurance to the party, going for 10 minutes, roughly 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. It also brought torn callouses. #ouch

The tone was set early, literally, with an old-school rap/hip-hop playlist, instead of the usual hard rock fare. Why? Eh, sometimes you just gotta mix things up. (although late in the workout, when Geraldo remarked on the non-Meathead-like playlist, and just before the unknown-to-Geraldo gnarly finishing set, YHC did oblige with a little “Enter Sandman”, which may or may not have been for the benefit of our two Hoos in attendance (they either missed the significance or were too deep in the pain cave to notice – YHC believes the latter))

In the end, all were left with burning, trembling forearms (which are now sore, 24 hours later) from all the grip work needed during the snatches and finishing swings. #yourewelcome

Here’s to your 2019 gainz. Aye.

Another rainy day = another deck workout

11 ‘Braved’ the rain for the AO’s first workout of the year.


Quick disclaimer, mosey down Community House to the Wells parking deck, dodge a potential security guard by hiding behind the pillar and head down the stairs to level 1. COP for 15 SSH IC, 15 LSS IC, 15 Mountain Climbers IC, hold plank while listening to directions.

The Thang:

Run up ramps to next level… 1 burpee x level #.

Down stairs to bottom… 2 pull-ups x level # came from.

Upstairs to level entered at… 3 merkins x level #.

Down ramps to bottom… 4 jump squats x level # came from.

(i.e. first round was up to level 2 for 2 burpees, 4 pull-ups, 6 merkins, 8 jump squats. Next round was up to level 3 for 3 burpees, 6 pull-ups, 9 merkins, 12 jump squats.) AMRAP til 6:10. Mosey back to launch.


Moleskin: It took a minute for this to make sense to everyone, probably a result of poor explanation on my part. Looks easy on paper but difficulty escalated quickly, with more ramps to cover and reps to pump out. Pull-ups weren’t exactly embraced by the PAX, as the ledges on the bottom floor weren’t the kindest to our baby-butt hands. Mileage was all over the place according to Strava, from 3.5-6.5, but GPS always gets funky when hiding out in the deck for 50 minutes. Solid work by all, appreciate you coming out on another rainy Friday.

Thanks to One Niner for the takeout. Thanks to Mario, One Niner, and Tuck for the opportunity to lead.


Madam T on Q next week at the Brave, rain or shine he promised it will not be in a parking deck.

In case you missed Paper Jam’s 37 messages on Slack, tomorrow (Sat. the 5th) at 1:30 F3 Dads is going down at Elon Park Elementary.

Fusion Creates a Burn

Thirteen men came to hear Mermaid and Margo sing while also getting in a good workout. While they were disappointed that the show was postponed (or maybe not), they did get an elevated heart rate as we fused the Centurion Mile with a modified version of the Brintonion Mile (Dr B creation) . Here’s what went down:

Quick start to get the wet portion of the workout out of the way – Centurion mile (run up to Carmel, right to 51, right on 51 to CCHS drive-way, down drive to parking deck and up the short ramps to level 4 for 1 mile run.

Down the stairs for the Brintonion mile portion of the workout. Start on level 1 with 20 merkins, 20 sit-ups, 20 jump squats and burpee ladder starting with 1. Then run up short ramps to level 4 and back down the stairs to start. Complete as many laps as you can until Q calls an end to this madness. Your benevolent Q did give PAX option to run up the stairs or the ramps – your welcome.

Mosey up long ramp to level 3. Pulsating squats (see definition below) until Q yells go and then backward run half way down the flat deck and sprint the other half. Complete two more rounds of pulsating squats and run down the flat deck before finishing with a few minutes of planks.

Mosey down the deck and long ramp back to level 1 to finish with a few minutes of mary.


Strong group out this soggy am as usual and this one hurt. Mixing the Centurion and Brintonian mile looked good on paper but not so good in practice. However, Brintonian mile includes 20 KB curls, 20 KB lateral extensions, and 20 KB squats so we did modify to make it less painful – your welcome. The rabbits got in 6 rounds while most of the rest got in 5.

Lorax and Brillo out front but old man (not sure he is really that old) Snooka right behind them. Cadillac pushed hard after a “hard” holiday break but he’s on a mission to lose weight so glad he posted. Everyone else gets an A for effort on this one.

pul·sate/ˈpəlˌsāt/verbgerund or present participle: pulsating

  1. expand and contract with strong regular movements.”blood vessels throb and pulsate”
    • produce a regular throbbing sensation or sound.”a pulsating headache”synonyms:palpitate, pulse, throb, pump, undulate, surge, heave, rise and fall; More
    • be very exciting.”victory in a pulsating semifinal”

Lot of chatter when I called for the pulsating squats. Depending on your condition, your view might be that it meant pain or that it was exciting. Generally, the young guys were experiencing “victory in a pulsating semifinal” while the older PAX experienced more of the throb of blood vessels that created pain. Luckily, no one tried to apply the “surge, heave, rise and fall” part of the definition – saved that part for the weekend I take it.

Mermaid noted its time to sign up for the Joe Davis Run to be held in March this year (since last year was sub-15 degree weather). Extra burpees each week at Centurion for PAX that have not signed up.

Please consider finding a third F activity and get involved. Snowflake is our region’s 3rd F Q or you can contact me if interested in getting involved in middle school mentoring.


The results are in…

…and I know what im doing now!!

We had a diverse (Respects, injured, sick, slow, medium, fast) crowd of 12 devoted and hard-working soldiers that joined me for a wet and rainy post.

It turned out to be a decent morning, the rain was super light and the pax pushed harder than I expected considering the weinke that I had prepared.

I think a few pax thought I was bluffing when I said we would be in the rain for we all parked and met at the front of the school under the covered area. 5:29 – Disclaimer given. 5:29.50″ a car comes creeping in slowly and we all kow its not Jingles. 5:30 the car is still deciding on a parking spot, we mosey.

First audible of the day called as I forgot my gloves and circled back. This gave the two tardy pax a chance to catch up.

The Thang:

Slow Mosey to stadium  – A few pax were trailing pretty far and BC circled back for them, thanks BC.

Circle up:


15 Merkin – (Eye Contact) – Used an idea from another Pax (rymes with bunny crawl) thinking this would get the pax to push themselves on the merkins and get them to use good form. No police present today so this was the next best thing without verbally calling them out. No one likes to be called out publicly especially if the caller has bad form.

The EC Merkins started out ok but two merkins in a lot of heads dropped. After seeing my shirtless selfie I think the pax felt awkward staring down their opposing neighbor. Maybe next time guys.

15 IW IC

15 Planks Jack IC

20 shoulder taps OYO

Traffic circle – 7’s

1merkin – 6 Master Splinter 2-5, ect

The Master Splinter (compliments of MB) was a hit but I forgot to add the hand release in my demo, next time we will channel our ZIN and complete them as the creator intended.

Shout out to all on this exercise, it was not easy and running back up the incline was no fun. Bottle Cap led the charge, nice work.

5 Burpees OYO Once the 7’s were completed

Indian Run to top at Cuthberbon Rd – 2 lines

Lets face it, no one likes an IR.

Triple Nickel (5x’s) – (This was my least favorite of the day)

10 Jump Squats at Top

10 Merkins at bottom

Indian Run back to AO – Burpee @ Back

What worse than an IR? An IR with a burpee!! (got this from Foundation)

This would be the second audible of the day. 2 minutes prior I told MB we were heading back towards the stadium to the start. He took off ahead or us. BC made a great observation when he mentioned the distance (I forgot we parked at the covered area and not the regular spot) and time… Audible!!

We ran around the front of the school and MB was own his own, sorry MB. I knew you wouldn’t complain and could handle yourself at the scary Middle School in the rain! We all arrived at the same time, worked out great! Thanks BC, good call.


Shout out to all the Repects that posted today (5 men), the injured Moneyball and the sick Zin. For the rest of you no posters….I have nothing.

Today’s push by the respects, led by Recalc was incredible! MB, with his hurt leg, managed to be in the top three all morning. The TN slowed him a bit, but showing up hurt, in the rain and still competing is huge!

Zin and Dana took it to a new level today. First, let me say Zin posted in the rain halfway sick and they both crushed the TN. Realizing they both stopped before completing the last leg of the nickel, Dana said, “DW do we have time for one more?” Fly little bird, and they were off. Zin wasnt pleased…HAHA

Banjo welcome back! I guess the journey from the Briars and Crest has been more than you can manage lately. Either way, he was all over me on the TN, nice work man!

To the rest of the unnamed Pax, way to kill it, really, thank you for not complaining when I took you in the rain or when we ran our asses off. Glad to call you my friends and brothers. Until next time… DW out!


Lou had great things to say about the group and is very appreciative. Thank’s Lou, we appreciate you as well.

3rd F opportunity at Five Stones Sunday mornings @ 7:00 AM

Share all F3 social media when possible. Our goal is to continue to grow the group and change lives.

The Silent 6

5 pax joined me for my recovery Q as the rest were afraid they would melt, out of town, on IR or couldn’t handle the new and improved DW weinke! Either of which was smart considering this was more of an ignition style workout and not for the faint of heart.

After my massive amount of audibles last week I assured the site Q’s of The Floater #87 that I would continue the streak of tough workouts that the site is known for, mission accomplished…I think. I was ready!

The Thang:

Mosey to Dream Chaser


10 IM

10 Merkins

10 Plank Jacks10 SSH

10 Mac ti jar (spell check)

Mosey past Animal Clinic to Long Side Road –  Paula Abdul

Long Suicide – All Light Poles stop at stop sign.

20 Squats Alternate

5 Merkins

Mosey to around Dream Chasers back to AO – 4 Corners x 4

5 Shredders

5 MC


5 mac ti jar (spell check)

10 burpees OYO once complete

Run to stop sign and back.


Today there was no 6. No one was last. The entire group kept moving the entire time with zero mumble chatter, form policing or complaining. Oh, and zero rain!

Dana took the lead on circling back early on the 4 corners, even though he was on my heels, to make sure others were not running alone. You’ve come along way man, keep up the good work and keep pushing. Don’t let others discourage you, you got this!

Recalculating as always went hard and killed it, the only Respect of the group. As we approached DC for the warmup a smell worse than Dana’s gloves combined with hot garbage filled the air…I almost gagged. This must have sparked something because it wasn’t teeyynn minutes later Recalc was off to transporters shed.

Doughboy pushed hard as his self and Dana stayed close on the suicides. Good work, if your keeping with Dana on those long runs then your both ready for ignition or pursuit. We all missed BB, maybe next time.

Legalized… Ok I did form police him one time but not like you think. He and I did marry for about 30 secs one time and it happened to be HTH. I told him that if he lifted his back off the ground as his feet were up he would feel it more. I only said this because I know he wants to see changes in his self and gives it 110% each time he posts. Good work sir!

Last but not least Wedding Singer. For someone to show up at 5:30 and do what we did today and have a brand new baby at home I take my hat off to you. I would have fartsacked and caught up on much needed sleep. You pushed hard like you do each time you post.

I was thoroughly impressed by the effort today and that you showed up! Thanks for letting me lead you guys!! I audible was called but only changed the order of my weinke so insure pax safety. Otherwise went smooth.

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