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Foggy Gloom Tour

21 enterprising men got out of bed, paddled through the fog and landed at Marvin HS/MS for a tour of the campus. I’ll admit it’s been a few months since I posted at Dromedary so I had to dig deep to remember all the pain stations and routes that are available. This is a tough crowd to please because it pulls in some SOB/WUC speed racers who like a fast pace. Good to see some familiar faces as well as some of the new PAX I haven’t had a chance to catch up with

Pre-Disclaimer Given – There has been a lot of focus on trying to keep all the Pax safe. Hats off to the newly Nantanned WUC Leaders for making this a priority – Amazon has been busy delivering reflective gear and headlamps.


Quick lap aroudn the parking lot top loosen up the joints

30 SSH/10 Imperial Walkers/15 LSS/15 Merkins – demonstration of the BH – 5 on your own – I saw Hollywood’s version of the BH – not sure how much BB he has played….

The Thang

  • Indian Run to Middle School Cafe – Goodfella took a quick pace..had to settle him down a bit
  • Dips, Derkins and Step-up combo – 4 sets as follows 5 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps and 20 reps – Burpee in between sets. This usually gets the heart rate up. I know it’s a good one when I hear a “Seles” out of BottleCap.
  • Indian Run to side cove/wall
  • 64 Chair Press/32 Donkey Kicks/16 Bobby Hurley’s/8 Wall Slaps/4 Hand Stand Dips/2 Burpees – I had strategically placed the basketball that Bobby Hurley used in 8th grade at this station – to remind us of his greatness.
  • Partner Bear Crawl around parking spaces. – Seemed like a good idea.. however… idea was P1 starts BearCrawl – P2 runs short lap and tag in..continue around the spaces. I must have confused myself and my partner who didnt get enough “shut-eye”. Shout out to Legalized – BearCrawl not that easy for the taller guys – he was grinding
  • Mosey to World Circle – Pari up in teams of 3. P1 at far light does squats P2 at light does Burpees – timer is P3 who kicks in with a sprint. Noticed Deflated has his wheels back – Foundation, Rubbermaid, Boytano crushing this section as well
  • head back to cars with 2 BombJacks at each light – Dana was cranking it out in prep for the Gremlin
  • 2 minutes of Mary


Announcements – Prayers UP at 7pm for Longo Family as LynnMarie is battling breast cancer. Take a moment from dinner and pray with your family.

Keep the momentum with “Safety First” approach. Call out to The Grease Monkey – we picked him up at 5:31 and he then hammered the Indian Run. Shout out to RunFlat who I haven’t seen in a bit, same with Bouche, Soft Pretzel. Not sure how Boytano made it there sole…PDS ditch.

New guys I haven’t had a chance to connect with – Endo, LazyBoy and Centerfold – great work – need to connect and get to know you.

As always the Dromedary crew nailed it – Rockwell, Hollywood and Bratwurst, GoodFella

BottleCap took us out. Pleasure is mine> to lead a great group of men in the gloom

Not Really an AMWRAP

**Posted on behalf of Stub Hub

Eight PAX showed up early on a Monday morning to run off all the beer and wings ate over an NFL playoff weekend. Since 93% of WUC PAX are somehow Patriots fans the mood was rather delightful.

• Disclaimer – Really good and extra elaborate disclaimer given before we launched our workout.


Start from the parking lot and head down to Transporters Shed for 10 donky kicks. Mosey to the upper circle by the baseball field for 10 air squats. Mosey down to the baseball fields for 10 derkins. Mosey back up to the top circle for 10 air squats. Head all the way around towards the high school parking lot for 5 burpees at the stop sign. Mosey to front of High School for 15 dips. Mosey to front of middle school for 10 box jumps. Mosey to beginning for 5 burpees. Wash, Rinse, Repeat till 6:15am.

Four total laps seemed to be what most PAX got, except BC and Hollywood who were able to go pick up the rest of us after breezing through course. Somehow this managed to time out okay as we got back with 30 seconds to spare so we were able to get in some quality ab work.


All PAX that showed up to ignition Monday morning worked extremely hard. It seems that each lap got progressively harder. We covered a pretty good amount of ground 6.2mi according to the crapple watch.


• Shampoo Crew still doing big things collecting toiletries to bring to local shelters. See Dancing Bear for additional Details

• Father Daughter Dance – March 1st. See Gatorcub for details.

• Keep Mad Dog in your prayers as he had a heart procedure. (Since I am not very prompt on this backblast, I can share Mad Dog said it was a good over all report and said we should be seeing him in the gloom soon!)

The Cold Corporate Side of Matthews

On a nippy morning in the southernmost tip of Mecklenburg County, 7 men decided to go run around town. Here’s what we did:

Start Running

Left out of Matthews Elemntary

Right onto Main Street- Stop at every Stop Sign to get some pain stations in. (SSH, IW, Merkins)

Right onto John Street, then cross over onto Ames Street- SQUATS pain station

Right onto E Matthews, Left onto Independence Parkway

Run downhill until you hit Target, take a right into the Parking Lot

Sevens- Jump Squats and Merkins

Once we were all done, gathered and left onto 51.

Left onto N Trade Street

Right onto Charles.

Left onto Ames.

Left on Main Street

Back to Matthews Elementary and finish!

Total around 5.5 Miles


Let’s get it out of the way- it was cold. But perfect running weather- cold enough you want to get moving, warm enough that you’re not frozen once you do get moving.

In my mind, Sparta is one of the underrated workouts out there- A good mix of running with just enough bootcamp to make it interesting, right in the heart of the beautiful downtown Matthews.

Gypsy apparently had been promoting that I would provide a local, scenic tour of Matthews, however, I had already decided on the cold, coporate approach- heading to TARGET, by way of passing the Harris Teeter Coporate office, and the (I think) gears or sprockets office.

Great group out there- all cold (figuratively and literally) blooded veterans who know what’s up.

Christmas was out in the lead- but he’s so nice he didn’t open up the throttle on a couple of occasions because he in fact several times you could tell he was waitin on me. He got tired of that and disappeared from view once he opened it up on 51.

Gypsy wasn’t far behind but it took him a bit to get warmed up- he was still feeling the pain that is Skunkworks (only the biggest and the baddest show out there on Tuesday’s morning).

Full House was cranking it out today- fun story, while I was running one Monday with the legendary Slim Fast and Peak Q- guru, Sensei when all of a sudden he materialized in his car. So I learned he lives right down the road from Sensei, and is close to a couple of the other guys! Truly a small world.

Arena and Retread were coming on strong- both veteran runners who were knocking it out.

And of course, Joker who rated this Q highly- I was on his podium for one of the top 2 workouts he had been too in January! (he had only been to two, but we won’t talk about that).

All types of good mumble chatter, but can’t remember it all.

But on a serious note, right before I Q’d this morning, I listened to the Nations Podcast on runners’ safety, and tried to modify the workout as much as I could with the suggestions. Good news- it works. Keeping an eye on the 6, adding an additional bit to the disclaimer- it’s not hard to do. But even the little things can make an impact- especially as Q, where what you do sets the tone for the entire workout. Whether running, or bootcamp, or stretch, the key is we are all out there getting better- safely.

Thankful for these guys- thanks Madison and Gypsy for letting me lead!

Going Out Hot

A dozen Bagpipers, including a Respect visiting from F3 Louisville, noticed sandbags in the lot and left heading south, hoping we wouldn’t return for them.


  • Mosey to and around OrthoCarolina lot and circle for COP
    • IW x15 IC, LSS x15 IC
    • Plank and get comfortable
      • Low Slow Merkin x10 IC, Mtn Climber x10 IC
      • Low Slow Merkin x8 IC, Mtn Climber x8 IC
      • Low Slow Merkin x6 IC, Mtn Climber x6 IC
      • Low Slow Merkin x4 IC, Mtn Climber x4 IC
      • Low Slow Merkin x2 IC, Mtn Climber x2 IC
  • Mosey to bottom of Conlan Circle for 7s on the hill
    • 1 Bobby Hurley down low, up the hill to 2nd crosswalk, 6 Bobby Hurleys, down the hill
    • 2 at the bottom, 5 at the top
    • Finish at the top after 6 BH at the bottom and one up top
  • Mary for a bit
  • Return to launch lot and grab 4 sandbags, continue mosey to East side of Loch Ness
  • Groups of 3 for grinders
    • P1 – East wall 10x dips, 10x derkins, 10x jump ups, repeat until you are relieved by your partner
    • P2 – South wall 10x burpee jump ups, LBCs until you are relieved by your partner
    • P3 – run with the sandbag to P2 and hand-off to him to run back
    • etc.
  • After 3 rounds for each guy, continue grinders but change it up
    • P1 – East Wall Weighted step ups
    • P2 – South Wall 10x Bobby Hurleys, 10x merkins, repeat
    • P3 – run unweighted to partner
  • Mosey back to launch for COT, etc.


We went out hot this morning starting with the Merkin/Mtn Climber descending pyramid thing which was a shoulder smoker. Thanks to the whole Q-drenaline thing, YHC managed to make it through without the voice cracking. Grumbling was light at this point but increased in volume at the Conlan hill. Still, there were no refuseniks.

Kirby had to pause after the 3rd round to ensleeve his calf — just happy he did it before he finished, can never be too safe. Frehleys may have skipped a round, but no judgment here as I am pretty sure that is fully legal in the Respect rulebook. Another respect, our visitor Jitterbug from F3 Lousiville may have been regretting splurging on the corporate card at dinner last night. He was playing a symphony on his way up the hill that even Frehley’s would’ve been proud of had he been close enough to hear it. Nonetheless, my man Jitterbug represented Kentucky well and pushed hard with no complaints all morning. Word on the street he may be joining us again this week, perhaps with his boss in tow. Long Haul rounded out the trio of Respects and left Frehleys and Jitterbug in his dust. Hip looks like it’s healing well.

Thanks to Fire Hazard and One Niner for the sandbags this morning. Next time will have to spend more time with them as they add a nice twist to work around Loch Ness (and because Mighty Mite was offended that we didn’t use his bags). The even dozen PAX worked out just right for 4 bags and 4 groups of 3. War Eagle or Kirby, not sure who, even invented a new exercise by making the jump part of the Bobby Hurley a box jump. Seeing as Michigan is now officially better than Duke and just took over the #1 spot last night, this exercise (also better than Bobby Hurley) is now called the Charles Matthews (because Ignas Brazdeikis is just too damn hard to remember). #GoBlue

Great morning with great guys. Awesome having Teddy back with us on the regular now that he has moved back! Appreciate the invite to lead.


DCCS, Pair of 7s, and visit from the Webbs

19 Pax showed up at Watchtower this morning for a gentle uplifting workout. But before we get into the particulars we made sure to have a little discussion about DCCS.

DCCS – is something that all Q’s and Site Q’s should concentrate on for 2019.

  • Disclaimer – Ensure disclaimer given
  • CPR Certified Recognition – dibs on BC as he had on the cherry lip balm this morning
  • Cell Phone – ensure at least 1 pax has cell phone on them – we have 3 this morning (thank you)
  • Safety Brief – quick overview of plan and to wear vests if you have them

With that out of the way lets mosey

  • Warmup:
    • 15 x SSH
    • 15 x Imperial Walkers
    • Old Man Stretch (got you MB – welcome back)
    • 25 x Merkins


Pair of 7’s
Partner up with someone and P1 runs one way around 4 islands in Target parking lot P2 runs the other way around.
When you meet up start with 6 x Handslap Merkins.
Continue going in opposite directions.
When you meet again 1 x Handslap Burpee.
Continue going this time 5 x Handslap Merkins and 2 x Handslap Burpees.
Finish when complete 1 x Handslap Merkin and 6 x Handslap Burpees.
When finished join the Burpee Indian Run

Deadwood Webb
Run to island and back to cart return
4 x incline merkins at cart return
Run 2x island and back to cart return
8 x incline merkins at cart return
Lead group completed about 5 rounds before moving to next exercise

Double Barrel Indian Run:
Create 2 lines and Burpee Indian Run around Petco to Hickory Tavern
Back 2 pax in each line drop for burpee and sprint to front.

Frack Webb:
Starting at 1 derkin and 4 dips
Go up to 10 derkins x 40 dips
(Frack would have been impressed with the complaints on this one)
Based on Fuse math we completed 55 Derkins and 220 dips

Dana Webb:
Heels to Heaven/Flutters
Start at 1 Heels (intentional “Heels” just to get Wolfpack fans warm under collar) to Heaven and 4 flutters
Go up to 10 Heels to Heaven x 40 flutters
Completed 55 Heels to Heaven and 220 Flutters

Hooch Time:
Just to ensure we ran over time completed 20 x toe touch LBCs to dismay of Zin


  • Cold pillow next to YHC this morning as Deflated was MIA, waited outside his other home until 5:18 before carrying on without him
  • As 5:30 approaches, YHC trying to do best braveheart impression and hold the group back from going waiting on either the Jingles entrance or One Star/Lazy Boy/Krusty/Boitano clown car to arrive – but again disappointed. The Mini must be in the shop getting a tune up
  • Glad to see Rip Van Winkle Blue Screen made it off the Nali couch this morning and came to workout with us
  • Welcome back Money Ball and liked your cute Little Tykes Deadwood headlamp. Looks like a Mad Dogg colonoscopy scope coming at you when it approaches
  • Strong effort by Fuse on the Webbs and appreciate the math calculation. Look forward to the new exercise to be broken out at next Q
  • Trojan/Inspector Gadget – continue to show up and put forth great effort. Well Done!
  • Ice 9 – always appreciate the superb counting and way to push Deadwood during the 7’s


  • Collective Prayer request for Longo Family on Wednesday 1/16 from 7 – 8 pm. Where ever you are, please take a moment to pray for the family so we can join our hearts together to pray for this family
  • Gremlin (CSAUP event) this Saturday if interested get in contact with Recalc, Dana or Deadwood
  • Q School next saturday hosted by Posse/Moneyball if interested reach out to them – great refresher for all and a excellent program for anyone who has yet to Q

why are your shoes so muddy?

When Squid reached out to me last week to see if I could take a Matrix Q, I was all in and took the next available option. I typically use Monday as a rest day, but knowing we’d be cooped up all weekend at 2.0’s volleyball tourney – hard committing to a Monday Morning workout was sounding too good to pass up. Pretty sure the last time I was at matrix was also my Q. Need to get out there more often though, it is a great AO, with a strong group of regulars under solid leadership. Plan for this morning was 2-3 miles but mostly focus on upper body. Lots of merkins and burpees with some pullups thrown in. We wouldn’t completely neglect the legs though as we covered 2.3Mi with some squat varieties thrown in. Following a thorough disclaimer, here is what went down. Warm up jog to Lower parking lot for extended COP – (Pro was regretting his no glove choice as the pavement down there is reminiscent of the Day Zero AO (RIP)) Sshx20 – 5 burpees Merkinx20- 5 burpees Iwx20 -5 burpees Widearmx15 -5 burpees Squatx15 Diamondx10

Mosey to upper Mini track for Triple Nickel Hand release Merkins at Turn 1 / ground touch squats at Turn 3 5 Reps of each exercise for 5 Laps around the Mini-Track 5 rounds 5 reps LBCx30 to allow time for all to complete

Dash over to the Playground for a 10x10x10 Circuit of the following: Pull-ups / knee raises/ dips X 3 Rounds

Head down to the lower lot and approach Soccer field for four corners. At this point – nearly everyone was hesitant about heading onto the pitch as apparently this particular field lacks proper drainage and is subject to gooey-cake-batter-like conditions. We audibled and used the parking lot instead for the following.

4 corners on lower lot 1 20Merkins at each corner 2 15 dry docks 3 10 jump squats at each Corner 4 5 burpees

Head back to Playground for 10x10x10 x3 rounds Reverse Grip Pull-ups / incline Merk/decline Merk Lap around dark side of campus to home base – merkin plankarama (aka core work for the last 2 minutes)

Moleskin: A solid 13 for a cool Monday morning w/more than half pulling into the lot on two wheels along with the Q w/a few seconds to spare. No FNG’s present, but plenty of grizzled veterans and PopTarts return to the gloom. Having just had a cortisone shot, it was a test run for PopTart this morning. By the looks of it, things must have held up pretty well as it looked like he was getting after it today. As usual, Purrell, OrangeWhip and Mcgee were up front chatting like they were heading to their middle school lockers between class. Gents have strong motors. O’Tennanbaum was right on their heels along with Prohibition, Christmas and several others. Squid knocked out every rep with impeccable form as is his MO. Pro saw my nearly unrecognizably muddy trail shoes and wondered out loud why I’d be wearing such muddy shoes. Looking down at his own brand new running sneakers, looked like he nearly audibled back to the car. Despite not having gloves either, he manned up and decided to see it through. We decided to keep it clean and avoid further damage to the muddy pitch – I don’t think anyone minded that decision. Really enjoyed it this morning guys. Good to get out of our comfort zone and post at places we don’t normally on days we don’t typically post every so often. Thank you Squid for asking me to Q. Take care.

Announcements: Joe Davis Run – Registration is open – Race is 3/9/19 (5K and 10K Options) Gypsy Qing speed for need training in Lexington Kentucky 2/9 (clown car option if you are so inclined)

Blind Wiggling at BaseCamp

Jello planted the SF before his pre-run with HIPAA, and after 14 more had mustered we launched for a Monday morning downpainment (Floor Slapper & Mailman, I think, were late to the party and joined us after the warmup lap on the track). Below is somewhat close to what we did, in no particular order, with some flavor mixed in:

After the warmup lap, the pax each grabbed a rock from the piles near the stairs. Mosey to the launch lot for COP with H-R Merkins, Slow Squats, IW’s & Flutters.

Partner up and P1 does called exercise with rock while P2 runs around the far lamppost and back. Flapjack. 4 or 5 circuits.

Put rocks back.

People’s Chair…BOG explained why they are so named, something about China and People and Republic. Thanks to our WD.

Also did some BsTW.

Jog to front (or side) of school for some step up and squat work.

Back to lot for some lunge walks and bear crawls. Clover out front on this one…the Fighting Blue Irish Devil is a natural at the bear work.

6 MoM consisting of some plank work, dancing Chilcutts, 6-count burpees, slow flutters, American Hammer, LBC’s, etc., etc.


COT with Nameorama. YHC had already decided on his next 2 FNG names regardless of who EH’d them or any of their story. Doug is no Mr. Magoo and Andy is Captain Feathersword. You’re welcome.

Good work by the pax. Thanks to Jello & Thunder for tapping me to Q. Good camaraderie in the Basecamp gloom. Until next time…keep your ear to the grindstone.

A Chicken and the Flock

Do not sue me , the school or anyone else– go at your own pace and do not get hurt…

The Warm Up

Mosey around Lot so one PAX could pick up phone to carry during workout ( Posse would be proud of us)

20- imperial walkers

20- low slow squats

20 – Potato Pickers

20- Mountain Climbers

Calf Stretches

The Thang

Run to in front of middle school and partner up

  • P1 – wall jabs while P2 runs around 1/2 the island then switch – when you switch 7 hand slap merkins before P 1 starts to run– 2 laps each
  • P1 – heels to heaven while P2 runs around 1/2 the island then switch- when you switch 7 hand slap merkins before P 1 starts to run- 2 laps each
  • P 1 lunges through the parking lot while P 2 runs around 1/2 the island until he catches P1 partners complete 7 hand slap merkins and switch- lunge/run two times each.
  • Circle up and do a few exercises while waiting on the 6
  • Mosey to the Big Lot the Flock ” oh wait, time is going to be a issue “Zinfandel said in his wise ole owl voice— So during our mosey we took a hard left hand turn to the basketball courts while playing Frogger with a few buses and the Ignition guys, where in the heck did they come from, they flew right past us like lighting bolts…
  • On the Court split in 5 equal-ish groups for a new exercise ( the merkin/plank/bear crawl ladder) ughhhh… each GROUP will line up in a plank position head to toes in a straight line and the person in front of the group will say DOWN ( the pax will complete 2 merkins each). The guy in the back of the PAX will bear crawl to the front and repeat this process until all PAX in group have bear crawled 3 times– double and triple ughhhhhhh… I think I heard bad words tossed my way.. Chickens HAVE FEELINGS YOU KNOW… LOL
  • Mosey to Transporter Shed and alternate 10 jump squats and 3 burpess at each light heading back– getting NERVOUS 8 mins left and I have nothing left ooppspsps……
  • Thank goodness for Dancing Bear calming me down with his wisdom and knowledge- “hey Chicken Shit look over there I see benches” so we proceeded to those benches for some– dips and step ups while your partner runs around parking lot.— whewwww finished on time without a moment to spare… heeeyawww

The Moleskin

Great morning for the PAX. All Pax members pushed themselves and others hard and we ended a great way to be taken out by the one and only Fusebox ( excellent words today young lad). I appreciate the opportunity to lead this fine group of men today


  • Keep Mad Dog in your prayers- having a procedure today
  • Shampoo Crew still going on- Get with Dancing Bear
  • Father Daughter Dance is coming up– March 1st 6pm-9pm
  • Weight loss comp is in full effect- get your weight in
  • Schneider made the RESPECT stage in his F3 journey..

Can you say that in a disclaimer?

Been thinking about this backblast the whole day, after all it is my ‘first time’, my “VQ”.  I need a catchy title..  But, as those of you who know me best, I’m the last to use vulgar references such as loosing one’s “V” card, the “popping” of prunus avium and other cheep, dirty and cliche references to an intimate act.  Such references are best left for cheesy frat movies and the dialogue of Michael J. Scott.  I on the other hand will take the high road.  I will only say this:  I lasted a full 60 minutes and never had to say I’m sorry.

The Thang:

Usual disclaimer given however YHC provided some further clarification “I’m from Jersey and if you sue me, I know a few guys, it wouldn’t be in your best interests”.  

Warm Up:

  • Mosey to Nesbit Circle.
  •   25 SSH IC,
  • 15 potato pickers IC,
  • 15 IW, 25 SSH IC. 
  • Bear crawl the circle. 

 What the.., did he just call a bear crawl less than 3 minutes in?  Yes he (YHC) did.

  • Mosey to the side of the school parking lot with the  basketball court. 
  • 10 Merkins, run to the end of parking lot,
  • 10 Bobby Hurleys, rinse and repeat 10X.
  • Mosey to Nesbit Drive. 
  • My version of Aiken Legs. 
  • 20 squats, 20 high knee jumps
  • 20 mountain climbers,
  • 20 lunges
  •  mosey to every 4th tree.  Repeat 5X.
  • Partner Up, similar speed, split group in half. 
  •  Group 1:  100 yd sprint race with partner. 
  • Group 2:  25 SSH IC.  Flap Jack, Rinse and Repeat 2X.  
  • Partner Up. P1, runs from circle to parking lot.
  •   P2 does dips.  Rinse and Repeat until each PAX completes 100 dips.
  • 25 Carolina Dry Docks, run from circle to parking lot.  25 LBC’s.  Rinse and Repeat 4X’s.  Finished with less than 30 seconds left.

Moleskin:  According to Rubbermaid’s wizardly, voodoo injected rectangular cube, we covered 3 miles.  We also did 1,000 reps:  100 SSH’s, 100 Merkins, 100 Bobby Hurleys, 100 squats, 100 high knee jumps, 100 mountain climbers, 100 lunges, 100 dips, 100 dry docks and 100 LBC’s. 

Rubbermaid, Tupperware, Jingles and Centerfold lead the pack.  During the first 100 yd sprint, YHC proved that even donkeys can leave others in the dust.  On the second 100 yd dash, Centerfold left YHC in the dust and being the gentleman that he is, said it was due to running ‘downhill’.  Of course it was, it had nothing to do with YHC’s lack of stamina.

The 41% Rule

Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat me a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat a lot of peaches

Presidents of the United States of America

8 rugged men and one 2.0, full of curiosity and wonder, posted at the Valley of the Sun while one brightly clad fortune teller circled them like a buzzard for 10 miles. Many were tested to their limits, but all survived.


  • Suicides in the Elementary School lot – exercises at the trees, 3 sets
  • One guy runs, one guy does stuff – back bus lot, 3 sets
  • Little Baby Track with exercises at the benches, 3 sets
  • 7s on the big hill, HR merkins and jump squats
  • Step ups, Derkins, Supines with a hot lap, 3 sets right to the bell


  • I am not feeling the flow of the recent BB posting upgrade. Lots of little boxes popping up on the screen. I must be getting old. My Compuserve connection is pretty slow these days also, thinking of going to 28.8 baud and ditching the 14.4 but who has that kind of $$ laying around?
  • Been listening to podcasts about leadership, toughness, general man stuff and came across the David Coggins book touting the Navy Seal 40% rule. The principle is that when a man believes that he is completely out of gas, he is only typically 40% at his capacity to endure. We took a scoop of that ice cream today with the final two sets, normally reserved for Mary and other more stationary activities. I think I only had 39% left though. At the very end, my eyes went Jack Elam and I started staring at Christmas, who took over for some Mary for the last 60 seconds. So, perhaps I should start following the 41% rule? This still needs work.
  • I am saving up to hire Peter Cullen to follow us around and give pep talks during the workout for a couple weeks in his Optimus Prime voice. Currently, I only have enough for Liam Neeson and his Aslan voice but I’m not sure that’s gonna cut it. I had $5 saved, but Christmas took it for his breakfast money muttering something about Apple Pay not working.
  • Smokey works out in giant ski gloves, no matter the temperature, and looks like the Hamburger Helper. Those things smell awful. I always ask him to take us out in prayer at the end so I can try to steal them and burn them when his eyes are closed but after he read that Richard Pratt book about Praying with your Eyes Open he’s always watching and I need a different strategy.
  • EE #babysacked again, something about being up to 4:30 or getting at 4:30. Pretty soon it’ll be 4:20 and we’ll have a whole different set of problems, man. He’ll be crushing entire bags of Cool Ranch Doritos and fumbling for the Visine. I think somebody else needs to get involved with this and get him to bring little #Mulan out in one of those #babywrap things that they fill up with puke and diaper blowouts while strapped to your body or something. In fact, somebody should really do something about everything in my opinion.
  • Speaking of Smokey, and smoking . . . I sure am smoked. 3.6 miles of non-stop after taking a leisurely December crushed me today. Hope you guys got your moneys worth.

Remember, Rythym is a Dancer,