You’re not *in* traffic…

You’re not *in* traffic…


TUNES: Lofi hip hop radio:


DEVO: Mindfulness in Child Pose:


Sun Salutations:

1 together



Shoulder Pigeon (5 breaths per side)

Low Lunge with Bound Arms (8 breaths per side)

Kneeling Eagle Arms (8 breaths per side)

Puppy Pose with Tricep Stretch (8 breaths)

Sphinx (8 breaths)

Dolphin Pose (5 breaths)


Down Dog (5 breaths)

Low Lunge Left to Low Lunge Quad Stretch (8 breaths)

Child Pose (5 breaths)

Low Lunge Right to Low Lunge Quad Stretch (8 breaths)

Child Pose (5 breaths)

Lizard Pose Left (8 breaths) 

Lizard Pose Right (8 breaths)   

Pigeon Pose Left Forward Bend (8 breaths) 

Pigeon Pose Right Forward Bend (8 breaths)     


Down Dog (5 breaths) 

3-Legged Down Dog Left (5 breaths) 

Twisty 3-Legged Down Dog Left (8 breaths)

Down Dog (5 breaths)   

3-Legged Down Dog Right (5 breaths) 

Twisty 3-Legged Down Dog Right (8 breaths)

Mountain to Forward Bend (5 breaths)

Extended Side Angle Left (8 breaths)

Reverse Warrior Left (8 breaths)

Mountain to Forward Bend (5 breaths)

Extended Side Angle Right (8 breaths)

Reverse Warrior Right (8 breaths)


Tabletop (3 breaths)

Cat/Cow (5 times)

Extend Left arm, Right leg from Tabletop (8 breaths)

Tabletop (3 breaths)  

Extend Right arm, Left leg from Tabletop (8 breaths)

Corpse Pose


Thoroughly enjoyed my Broga VQ and am looking forward to more. Thanks to the Broga pax for their patience while I sorted out a couple sketch transitions. Thanks to Swiss Miss for putting me on the Roster and for showing up at Peak 51 last week to let me know I was on deck as he had an ancient email address for me and I would have been AWOL this am. Shout-out to my M who graciously set aside her Netflix Ted Bundy Serial Killer Episode last night, got down on the floor, and whipped out her Pinterest and crafted this broga sequence for us. She also let me use the “nice” mat. Shout out also to Tweetsie for closing BOM with a loopback to the mindfulness topic from the devo. Nice work. Carry mindfulness with you using this little mantra of mine…

“And always remember, you are not *in* traffic…you *are* traffic.”

Dora out.


Joe Davis 5K

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