The Mail Delivered

The Mail Delivered

posted on behalf of Mailman

QIC: Mailman

Pax: ThunderRoad, Lazy Boy, Cottonmouth, Clover, Smash, Bugeater, Jello, Boss Hog, Damn Gina, Mr. Magoo, Swift, Tagalong, Scratch and Win, Hannibal, FNG Rosco

Extra Credit: YHC and Jello for 1.84 miles at a nice 9.23 pace

In some comfortable 40 degree weather 16 men started the week off right.

Quick disclaimer that YHC was not a professional and it was only the second time Qing which some misunderstood as second time posting…

Off we went for a quick lap around the track and a little warm-up: Side Straddle Hops, Windmill, Merkins, Plank Jack and Peter Parkers.

The Thang: No Mercy Mile: Start at the middle of the track jog to turn 1, bear crawl to turn 2, jog to midpoint and 20 squats, jog to turn 3, lunge walk and jog to mid point 20 merkins and repeat. I was reminded that this was a moderate work-out by Scratch and Win and was convinced to do count the warm-up lap as lap 1.

Did some plank and other Mary while waited for the 6 to come in and then a 10 count by Jello.

Mosey up to the rock pile and grab a rock that you will be lifting and carrying. Partner-up and line-up in the parking lot. Partner 1 run to second hoop while partner 2 completes called exercises – Overhead Press, Tri Curls, Rows, Curls, LBC Return Rock and Grab some wall. 30 count Airpress.

Circle up for some Mary with a little help from PAX and continued reminders that this is a moderate workout…Flutter, Protractor, SnowAngel, Dolly and Rosalita

Moleskin: Had a few more show up with the moderate weather Monday morning. Great to see Boss Hog recent FNG bring out another FNG Rosco, welcome! All in all about 1.5 miles which YHC calls a moderate workout despite all the protests.

Grateful for all the help and support for YHCs second Q. Sign up for the Joe Davis Run and YHC took us out.

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