A Moist Jog to The Dave

A Moist Jog to The Dave

4 Men posted for this week’s Sparta. A good steady rain was coming in at launch time, but 60 degrees on a January morning ain’t bad. Those who slept in missed a good one. As we moseyed out of the parking lot there was some discussion, based on weather conditions to just make this a straight run vs. run-ish, boot-campish. I debated adjusting the weinke for a moment but really didn’t prefer to be on busy streets and sidewalks in all that rain, so off we went into the deep dark corners of Matthews.

COP – Triangle up at the Post Office. Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Lunges (alternating legs), & Low Slow Squats.

The Thing:  

Mosey on down to the Matthews SportsPlex. Plank for instructions. A variation of the WAMRAP workout several enjoyed just before Christmas! The route was around the 4 soccer fields. At the beginning – 5 Merkins, 1st cross walk, 5 Jump Squats, at 2nd cross walk, 5 Full Sit Ups, at end 5 burpees. Run around to opposite side of field and repeat adding 5 reps to each exercise. Keep that going until time called. On the lap of 25 reps we were running low on time. Turn around and head home, but we owed 25 burpees so we hit them in chunks of 5 along the way with 10 at the end for good measure. Thanks to Madison for showing me the shortcut behind the bank to get us back on time. We snuck in right before the Peak 51 guys got there.


Thanks to Madison, Tweetsie, and Gypsy for joining me on the rainy morning. Nothing better than starting the day with miles and burpees!


Sign up for Joe Davis Run and Operation Sweet Tooth Run in March! Support your brothers. Speed for Need will be at both races. Reach out to Gypsy if you have interest in pushing. Keep Hoffa in prayers as he hit a deer while riding a motor cycle. He’s out of the hospital and home recovery but fairly banged up. There’s a sign-up on Facebook to help the family out with food, etc. while he recovers.

Thanks to Slim Fast for the takeout.


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