Not Disney, just a Tripled Triple Nickle

Not Disney, just a Tripled Triple Nickle

PAX: Mr Magoo (respect), Damn Gina, Bug Eater, Mailman, Clover, Jello

No pre-run today it was a cold morning in the low 20s. I wasn’t expecting a big turn-out between the holiday and the weather. But, 6:30 rolled around and there were 6 faithful standing and ready to go. Disclaimer given and off we headed towards the entrance. Circle up …

Warm up:


15-IC IW

15-IC Windmills

Main Thang… I gave everyone the heads up that we were going to head down Strawberry lane. We took a right on Rosecliff and headed down the hill. Instructions and explanation was given about the Triple Nickel.

Triple Nickle – 1: Merkins / Low Slow Squats

While waiting on the 6, I encouraged the Pax to keep moving when finished and not plank. Truthfully, wasn’t much of a gap.

We head back to SCMS, but take a Stop at the “Horshoe”. I think it was BugEater that renamed it a SPUR. And another one…

Triple Nickle – 2: CDD / Jump Squats A demonstration was needed for Mr. Magoo (he was back!) of a Carolina Dry Dock and glad to comply. After we finished, I said we were headed to the benches

Triple Nickel – 3: Bench 5 steps ups (each leg) / 5 Single Leg Calf Raises off curb (each leg) . Initially called Calf raises, but the guys were smart enough to modify.

Initially, I had hoped to get in a few more triple nickels, but we were running out of time. Time to improvise.

We headed on the hill by the track for 5 Planks, 5 Jump Squats, and 5 burpees.

Head up the hill and grab a rock. 50 Overhead presses, take a break as needed. Put the rock back.

Finally, grab some wall. The famed Toe Taps, from daughter’s ballet stretch class. 50 of these. I must say that when I did these in a previous Q, they went over better. Might try these on a bench next time.


Joe Davis Run on March 9th.

Christina Latini Memorial 8K on March 30th.

Chelms, Tolkein, and GOP (Rudy) were collecting clothes and shoes for the Peru mission trip.

Basecamp is looking for Qs. See Thunder Road for sign-ups. Mailman on Q next week.

Moleskin: My Co-Site Q, Thunder Road, asked me to take his Q. The M scheduled a last minute trip to Disney World. I had thought about trying to come up with a Disney theme, but I just didn’t have the magic. I went to something, which I had been thinking about… the Triple Nickel. Originally, I was hoping to get in 5 triple nickels. I had consulted with Mermaid about combinations and had some good ideas. But, we ran out of time.

Realistically, we might have been able to squeeze in 1 more. Another day. It was good to see Mr. Magoo back who seems to be getting used to this F3 and posted elsewhere. I think he will fit right in. Props to Clover who was often out in front. Very solid work from Bug Eater and Mailman.

But, the one that I want to recognize is Damn Gina. I saw him at Mountain Goat a few times last summer. He seemed to disappear a little in the fall. Now he is back and on his way to be better than ever! He recently had his first Q at Gumby and I’ll be hitting him up to Q at basecamp.

If you are reading this, know that I’ve been there. Yeah, you are struggling a bit and might be in the back with the 6. Keep with it! You are already better than you were 6 months ago and give another 6 months and you will be rocking it. I don’t know who said this initially but they were spot on, “It won’t get easier, but you’ll get better”.

Go out there and get better and help others to get better!

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