Freaking Cold Ignition Workout

Freaking Cold Ignition Workout

5 PAX showed up for the first workout of the morning as there were 3 at this AO for the individuals not up for a run and the ones who felt they needed to sleep in after a Crazy night of football.

Stretch w/Disclaimer + DICCS

The Thang:

BISR to Track Circle around front of schools

Grab some curb – Scorpion Plank Jack in cadence x 20

Sling shot around circle w/ 25 Plank Jumps and Jacks x 6. With goal is 6 completing 6.

20 Merkins each light alternating who carries the ball to top of school.

25 Mountain Climbers then 25 Squats about half way each light alternating who carries the ball coming back.

Head to the lower parking lot for 3 corners w SlamBall in middle

12 slams in center each time – 25 Squats in corner – SSH middle waiting on ball

12 squat press in center each time – 10 Bomb Jacks in corner planking in middle waiting for ball.

BISR back to start with an audible at the top of the school since we were looking short of the 4 miles – long way back to parking lot arriving a minute late.  (there was some complaining) but 4.1 miles reached to avoid Q Fail.


Everyone survived, worked hard, only took half the workout to get warm.  Really good to see the Newells out there pushing it and Fuse making his Ignition debut.   He must of thought the running would be limited due to my lead.   Of coarse Hollywood killed it and followed back up with the 6 constantly.  He did feel it necessary to stick around for the 3rd workout with Bottlecap and more SlamBalls.

Missed announcements due to being late.

Ole MacDonald took us out.

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