Super Blood Wolf Bad Moon Rising

Super Blood Wolf Bad Moon Rising

Wow, was it chilly out there. Proud of the Men who posted and didn’t let Cantore get the better of them. Way to “Be the Bacon” –

Main plan was to keep moving to keep warm. Wasn’t the coldest post I’ve been to, but certainly the coldest in a while.

Run loop to back of lot at end of the main entry road for COP.

SSH x 20, Low Slow Squat x 15, Merkins x 15. Run a lap around the parking lot. Merkins Around the Clock: First plank position is 12 o’clock, move hands to 1 o’clock position, do a Merkins, move hands around to 2 o’clock, do a Merkin. Should end up with roughly 12 reps.

Lunge Walk, Dry Dock x 15. Run around Ballfields, back to parking lot.

90* Burpees. Do a Burpee, but when you jump up, come down facing 90* different position. Repeat x 12. Headspinner.

Run lap around ballfields, do Merkins Around the Clock counterclockwise. StepUps x 10 each Leg, Dips x 10, Derkins x 10. Rinse & Repeat. Run around parking lot.

Mosey to concessions for People’s Chair, then Balls To Wall. Run another Ballfield lap. Bear Crawl ramp, mosey back to far end of ramp and Bear Crawl again. Run back to lauch for Mary.

No quit in this group: show up in 17 degree weather and bust it. Great work! Struck up a conversation on one of the Ballfield laps with Happy Meal, and the guy wasn’t even breathing. He’s has got extra gears. Dumpster Fire and Pvt Benjamin are two of the most reliable guys in So Charlotte. Always a pleasure to post with you guys.

Thanks for trusting me with the keys today!

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