2019 February Merkin, Pull-up & Core Challenge

2019 February Merkin, Pull-up & Core Challenge


You may have been wondering, hoping or dreading whether or not this challenge would be back in 2019. As part of the monthly health and wellness challenge series for 2019, February will see the return of; a slightly modified version, the Merkin, Pull-up and newly added (you can thank Flipper for the push) & Core Challenge.

There are a handful of seltzer sipping, Kombucha choking, Non-alcoholic beer drinking, football watching and soda drinking fools finishing up the January wellness challenge – Dryuary, courtesy of Udder.

Take advantage of the shortest month of the year as February is your next opportunity to challenge yourself, in a more manly and “American” way. The challenge goes like this:

  • Merkins: (Can be any variation (Diamond, Wide-arm, Plyo etc.) Wk1 = 100 Merkins x Day; Wk2 = 150, Wk3 = 200, Wk4 (partial) = 250, last 2 days of the month = 300
  • Pull-ups – Wk1 = 10; Wk2 = 20, Wk3 = 30, Wk4 (partial) = 40, last 2 days of the month = 50
  • Knees to Chest – (using whatever method (bar/doorframe etc.) that you are utilizing for pull-ups, dead-hang and pull your knees up to your chest without letting feet touch the ground) Wk1 = 10; Wk2 = 20; Wk3 = 30; Wk4 (partial) = 40; last to days of the month = 50
  • Plank (for time, no bs ass in the air form) – keep the ass down and core tight aka Haggis style) Try to do no less than 1min at a time. If you can pound out 5 straight minutes at the end, well then go for it or break it up into more manageable segments Wk1 = 1min; Wk2 = 2min; Wk3 = 3min; Wk4 = 4min; last 2 days of the month = 5min

Any reps/time spent on these whether at F3, gym, home, work etc. count as part of the challenge. If you end up doing merkins IC (double-count) break them out as single count merkins.


If interested in joining the challenge, shoot me over your F3 name, Region and your email address so that I can give you access to the GoogleSheet to edit and input your daily totals. Email = zckasak@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @F3General

The link to the GoogleSheet is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16bMyvjkpU2zGd-c6n9q8nXsFegCNwvy-yjW399Ez86A/edit?usp=sharing

Looking forward to seeing how many strong, chesty, shredded barbarians there are come March. Enjoy


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