Coupons +AMRAP = suck

Coupons +AMRAP = suck

5 men discovered how heavy 26 lbs can get in 45 mins.


Grab a paver out of Gypsy’s truck and a quick disclaimer for site FNG Saigon Sam as we moseyed to the parking deck. 20 SSH IC until we see OT making his way to join us sans paver. Couldn’t have that so Gypsy went to retrieve him one while the rest of us did some Mary.

The Thang:

26lb concrete block was the coupon (c)

carry (c) over head up 4 flights of stairs to top of parking deck

30 American hammer with(c)

20 Push ups

10 lunges each leg with (c)

Carry (c) over head back down the stairs

30 mountain climbers

20 Bobby Hurley with (c)

10 pull ups run loop around the deck

5 burpees

Rinse and repeat as much as possible til 6:13 and mosey back to launch.


Moleskin: Gypsy messaged me the day before about who was on Q and threw out that he has 13 lb and 26 lb pavers if we wanted them. I said I would provide the beatdown and smartly went with the heavier option and would regret that about 10 minutes in. Not a single complaint was uttered and the guys got after it, even though I did catch them trying to not go up all the stairs on one round. Brains were lacking oxygen at that point so not sure everyone was cognizant of it. Saigon Sam was staying at the on-site hotel, in for work from Jacksonville, and saw the workout posted on the website. Showed up not knowing what to expect and liked it so much I’m pretty sure signed up to Q next time he is in town. He is still relatively new to F3 but that sure didn’t show. Great to have you brother – maybe see you at Cerberus on Friday, it’s always a good one. Christmas has a bigger vertical with a paver than I do period. Gypsy is getting fast, especially coming off of a major surgery a few months back. OT was early (1 min late) and shrugged off the workout like it was nothing. Pretty amazing how fast you can work up a sweat in 26 degrees, but WAMRAP always delivers ass kicking. If you haven’t tried it, come on out. You will hate it during but be glad you did at 6:15.

Thanks to OT for the takeout.

Announcements: If you want to take an 8 hour road trip to post at an AO, contact Gypsy. He is doing just that to go post somewhere new. Crazy HIM.

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