Advanced moves

Advanced moves

[YHC note: Damn Gina knocked it out of the park, but due to technical issues, can’t post his Backblast. YHC is acting as publisher until we get DG his own login.]

It was a great morning in Matthews as 7 pax got together for a great stretch. Here is what we did:
● Trapezius stretch while standing in mountain pose
● Bend down into a forward fold.
● Kick out into a plank
● Walk it into a down dog
● Slide through a plank into cobra
● Push back up to down dog
● Roll up slowly to mountain
● Warrior I – left side
● Warrior II – left side
● Warrior I – left side
● Warrior I – right side
● Warrior II – right side
● Warrior I – right side
● Sit down
● Easy twist – left
● Easy twist – right
● Corpse pose
● Right knee to chest (Pavanamuktasana)
● Knee down twist pose – left (Jathara Parivrtanasana)
● Corpse pose
● Left knee to chest (Pavanamuktasana)
● Knee down twist pose – right (Jathara Parivrtanasana)
● Corpse pose
● Sit up
We went through that whole circuit twice.

This morning was my VQ and I appreciated and greatly enjoyed the opportunity. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music playing during our workout. Today we were listening to Dusk to Dawn by Emancipator. We all also learned of the existence of freezing fog, so I want to thank everyone for coming out in such crazy weather.

[Publisher’s notes: The title for the BB comes from a comment I’m pretty sure I heard Tweetsie mumble as we were trying to perform Jathara Parivrtanasana. Which is about as hard to do as it is to say. Disclosure was given and the devo was a reminder that good leaders surround themselves with good advisers. Oh, and not only did Damn Gina have his Gumby VQ today, it was his first ever F3 Q also. T-claps for that!!]

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