Blind Wiggling at BaseCamp

Blind Wiggling at BaseCamp

Jello planted the SF before his pre-run with HIPAA, and after 14 more had mustered we launched for a Monday morning downpainment (Floor Slapper & Mailman, I think, were late to the party and joined us after the warmup lap on the track). Below is somewhat close to what we did, in no particular order, with some flavor mixed in:

After the warmup lap, the pax each grabbed a rock from the piles near the stairs. Mosey to the launch lot for COP with H-R Merkins, Slow Squats, IW’s & Flutters.

Partner up and P1 does called exercise with rock while P2 runs around the far lamppost and back. Flapjack. 4 or 5 circuits.

Put rocks back.

People’s Chair…BOG explained why they are so named, something about China and People and Republic. Thanks to our WD.

Also did some BsTW.

Jog to front (or side) of school for some step up and squat work.

Back to lot for some lunge walks and bear crawls. Clover out front on this one…the Fighting Blue Irish Devil is a natural at the bear work.

6 MoM consisting of some plank work, dancing Chilcutts, 6-count burpees, slow flutters, American Hammer, LBC’s, etc., etc.


COT with Nameorama. YHC had already decided on his next 2 FNG names regardless of who EH’d them or any of their story. Doug is no Mr. Magoo and Andy is Captain Feathersword. You’re welcome.

Good work by the pax. Thanks to Jello & Thunder for tapping me to Q. Good camaraderie in the Basecamp gloom. Until next time…keep your ear to the grindstone.

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