Can you say that in a disclaimer?

Can you say that in a disclaimer?

Been thinking about this backblast the whole day, after all it is my ‘first time’, my “VQ”.  I need a catchy title..  But, as those of you who know me best, I’m the last to use vulgar references such as loosing one’s “V” card, the “popping” of prunus avium and other cheep, dirty and cliche references to an intimate act.  Such references are best left for cheesy frat movies and the dialogue of Michael J. Scott.  I on the other hand will take the high road.  I will only say this:  I lasted a full 60 minutes and never had to say I’m sorry.

The Thang:

Usual disclaimer given however YHC provided some further clarification “I’m from Jersey and if you sue me, I know a few guys, it wouldn’t be in your best interests”.  

Warm Up:

  • Mosey to Nesbit Circle.
  •   25 SSH IC,
  • 15 potato pickers IC,
  • 15 IW, 25 SSH IC. 
  • Bear crawl the circle. 

 What the.., did he just call a bear crawl less than 3 minutes in?  Yes he (YHC) did.

  • Mosey to the side of the school parking lot with the  basketball court. 
  • 10 Merkins, run to the end of parking lot,
  • 10 Bobby Hurleys, rinse and repeat 10X.
  • Mosey to Nesbit Drive. 
  • My version of Aiken Legs. 
  • 20 squats, 20 high knee jumps
  • 20 mountain climbers,
  • 20 lunges
  •  mosey to every 4th tree.  Repeat 5X.
  • Partner Up, similar speed, split group in half. 
  •  Group 1:  100 yd sprint race with partner. 
  • Group 2:  25 SSH IC.  Flap Jack, Rinse and Repeat 2X.  
  • Partner Up. P1, runs from circle to parking lot.
  •   P2 does dips.  Rinse and Repeat until each PAX completes 100 dips.
  • 25 Carolina Dry Docks, run from circle to parking lot.  25 LBC’s.  Rinse and Repeat 4X’s.  Finished with less than 30 seconds left.

Moleskin:  According to Rubbermaid’s wizardly, voodoo injected rectangular cube, we covered 3 miles.  We also did 1,000 reps:  100 SSH’s, 100 Merkins, 100 Bobby Hurleys, 100 squats, 100 high knee jumps, 100 mountain climbers, 100 lunges, 100 dips, 100 dry docks and 100 LBC’s. 

Rubbermaid, Tupperware, Jingles and Centerfold lead the pack.  During the first 100 yd sprint, YHC proved that even donkeys can leave others in the dust.  On the second 100 yd dash, Centerfold left YHC in the dust and being the gentleman that he is, said it was due to running ‘downhill’.  Of course it was, it had nothing to do with YHC’s lack of stamina.

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