The 41% Rule

The 41% Rule

Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat me a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat a lot of peaches

Presidents of the United States of America

8 rugged men and one 2.0, full of curiosity and wonder, posted at the Valley of the Sun while one brightly clad fortune teller circled them like a buzzard for 10 miles. Many were tested to their limits, but all survived.


  • Suicides in the Elementary School lot – exercises at the trees, 3 sets
  • One guy runs, one guy does stuff – back bus lot, 3 sets
  • Little Baby Track with exercises at the benches, 3 sets
  • 7s on the big hill, HR merkins and jump squats
  • Step ups, Derkins, Supines with a hot lap, 3 sets right to the bell


  • I am not feeling the flow of the recent BB posting upgrade. Lots of little boxes popping up on the screen. I must be getting old. My Compuserve connection is pretty slow these days also, thinking of going to 28.8 baud and ditching the 14.4 but who has that kind of $$ laying around?
  • Been listening to podcasts about leadership, toughness, general man stuff and came across the David Coggins book touting the Navy Seal 40% rule. The principle is that when a man believes that he is completely out of gas, he is only typically 40% at his capacity to endure. We took a scoop of that ice cream today with the final two sets, normally reserved for Mary and other more stationary activities. I think I only had 39% left though. At the very end, my eyes went Jack Elam and I started staring at Christmas, who took over for some Mary for the last 60 seconds. So, perhaps I should start following the 41% rule? This still needs work.
  • I am saving up to hire Peter Cullen to follow us around and give pep talks during the workout for a couple weeks in his Optimus Prime voice. Currently, I only have enough for Liam Neeson and his Aslan voice but I’m not sure that’s gonna cut it. I had $5 saved, but Christmas took it for his breakfast money muttering something about Apple Pay not working.
  • Smokey works out in giant ski gloves, no matter the temperature, and looks like the Hamburger Helper. Those things smell awful. I always ask him to take us out in prayer at the end so I can try to steal them and burn them when his eyes are closed but after he read that Richard Pratt book about Praying with your Eyes Open he’s always watching and I need a different strategy.
  • EE #babysacked again, something about being up to 4:30 or getting at 4:30. Pretty soon it’ll be 4:20 and we’ll have a whole different set of problems, man. He’ll be crushing entire bags of Cool Ranch Doritos and fumbling for the Visine. I think somebody else needs to get involved with this and get him to bring little #Mulan out in one of those #babywrap things that they fill up with puke and diaper blowouts while strapped to your body or something. In fact, somebody should really do something about everything in my opinion.
  • Speaking of Smokey, and smoking . . . I sure am smoked. 3.6 miles of non-stop after taking a leisurely December crushed me today. Hope you guys got your moneys worth.

Remember, Rythym is a Dancer,


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