Welcome to January

Welcome to January

Editor’s Note: Lois posting on behalf of Sensei.

YHC, much like everyone else has been spoiled by the past couple of weeks with reasonable temps in the early mornings. That ended today as January reminded us that it is in fact, January. The plan today was quite simple, keep moving.

We had 6 PAX at 0530, so I gave them the option of staying on campus or taking a mosey up the greenway. the unanimous vote was to mosey, so we did.

We made it to the greenway and Slim Fast noticed that Hard Hat was not wearing any gloves. Being the caring guy that he is, Slim who apparently has spare gloves in his car ran back and brought a pair for Hard Hat. I did not ask if the spare gloves were the giant orange Mt. Everest gloves or not.

We took the greenway up to Squirrel Lake Park with stops along the way for some SSH, IW, LSS, LBCs, Flutters, Dollys, CDD, Peter Parkers and Parker Peters. Lumberjack asked if we would do the breast stroke in the Squirrel Lake Park pond but he had no takers. We then reversed course with stops for Dips and made it back to launch point at 0615 on the nose.


  • Excellent work today by everyone. I had a plan for some AO running, but enjoyed the change of pace this workout brought. Same mileage with different scenery.
  • Keely was coming back from an 8 week layoff, but you could hardly tell. Nice job sir.
  • Not sure if Hard Hat has posted at Peak before. Come back anytime.
  • Swiss Miss, Lumberjack and Slim Fast were strong as usual.
  • Slim Fast with the takeout.

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