Lifting Cold Rocks

Lifting Cold Rocks

(War Eagle posting on behalf of Teddy)

10 men braved the cold weather and worked on their winter physique.

The Thang

Mosey around the movie theater lot to warm up the legs. Circle up for, 15 SSH, 16 IW, 15 Mrkn, 15 WM

Mosey to the speed bumps behind the Stonecrest Shopping Center for suicides. 10 merkins at starting line followed by 10 full sit ups at each speed bump. Repeat X6

Mosey to the St. Matthews parking lot and grab a lifting rock for 3 sets of 11’s. • 10 shoulder press with rock/1 burpee, 9 shoulder press with rock/2 burpee, etc… • 10 curls with rock/1 LBC, etc. • 10 triceps extension/1 squat with rock, etc.

Mosey to fountain in Stonecrest and partner up. Partner 1 – 10 merkin, 10 derkin, and 10 incline merkin – partner 2 runs around building – Switch and repeat X3 Mosey back to launch.


Thanks to the PAX for letting me lead this AM. Was a little sore and tired from the Thin Mint beat down the morning prior, so wanted to keep the mileage manageable and work on the ole physique. Plus, I always like to throw Paper Jam for a loop as he asserts that, “I’m a runner and we must be running”. Happy Meal and Yogi were killing it out of the gate and helped set the pace for the rest of us – Nice work guys! I found out quickly that the first set of 11’s with the rock, shoulder press and burpee, was a horrible idea. Q had to ask for a 10 count at the midway point as I was already gassed and did attempt to put the blame on Paper Jam. You can imagine what happened from there and I can always count on Mary Kay for letting me know it was a horrible idea – so the banter kicked off…So much so that I was having challenges maintaining the proper count. Lucky for me, War Eagle was close by keeping me in check with the count or maybe more accurately, adding his contribution to the banter. It was back to the cold weather but it didn’t seem to bother the PAX. Nice job all around!


Joe Davis Run March 9th – sign up –

DaVinci Anniversary on Saturday – Mic Check to take the Q – Happy Meal the Q at Stonehenge

MT’s 5 year anniversary Q at The Brave tomorrow

Prayer Requests Alabama Football

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