Beware the kitty litter.

Beware the kitty litter.

Ye Olde Moleskine & The Thang:

14 pax mustered for a cold but, thankfully, dry assault at the 3-headed hound known as Cerberus.

Good group this morning; some old and new faces to YHC. Hadn’t seen Uncle Leo since the Obama administration. Also hadn’t seen Boitano since we didn’t go to high school together.

Anyhoo, after a decent disclaimer that was drowned out by the loquacious Bananas and Bugeater – the pax launched and headed straight to the parking deck. Do we have a name for that, Transporter?

We made our way to the 3rd floor for COP:

H-R Merkin, Low Squat, IW x 20 IC

Slow Flutter x 15 IC

We did something else, but I’ve already forgotten.

Down to the lower level for some 7’s up the ramp – Jump squats & Burpees.

The short-armed Goodfella & Alf were out front along with long-armed Transporter. It is with a bit of dented, yet misplaced, pride, that YHC must report that Goodfella lapped me.

After that pain station, we left the friendly confines of the deck and headed over to the courtyard with the 30 x 15 foot green turf in the middle. Krusty & one other pax were going on about how comfortable it was on their hands, sixes, etc. when Goodfella informed them that every manner of over-pampered pet in south Charlotte relieves themselves on that turf. #kittylitter

We partnered up for 4 runs around one of the retail complexes that comprises the Waverly monstrosity. While P1 ran, P2 did the following, flapjacking each time: Double squat jump-ups (lest anyone waste the benefit of jump-up’s), Little Baby Haze’s (I think that’s what they’re called), CDD’s, Flutter Kicks/Protractor.

Must point out that Taco Stand was running very well on these – my man has made some serious progress in this F3 thing. T-claps, brother. Bugeater also dusted YHC a few times – good work. And Shop Dawg was getting after it, too…YHC was struggling but it’s good to have pax to chase — that’s how you get better.

Enough of that, now back to the parking deck for some extended Mary on the 4th level.

Called a number of things IC including but not limited to: Mahktar N’Djaiye, American Hammer, Knee Up, Flutter, Squat with extended hold. Pretty sure Lazyboy had the best form…. Scratch was sharing his edgy, off-color poetry as usual….he also powerfully took us out in COT. If I can even post at F3 when I have Snowflake’s seasoning, I will consider that a gift from God…because it is. T-claps to our WD for crushing it; and more importantly, for Q’ing Q-source afterward at Panera. 9 pax posted for that.

Thanks to Transporter and other site management for tapping YHC to Q. Solid AO, albeit with a great likelihood of being plunked by a vehicle outside the parking deck. It is a privilege and a joy to Q the pax. And great reminder at the end by Transporter to leave no man behind in a 2nd F and 3rd F sense. Men need to be reminded that the Father of Lies would like for them to struggle, to isolate themselves, and to think that no one cares. All are lies. Speak truth to your brothers.


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Men – the opposite of joy is not sadness, it’s hopelessness. There is Hope.

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BugeaterPosted on1:39 am - Jan 12, 2019

Just a couple fellas reuniting in the cold gloom Hops. But yeah I suppose we could be perceived as babbling, talking freely, and did get a bit garrulous. Great Q Hops, glad to try out this AO and enjoyed the characters that gathered to get their workout on. Great COT and takeout.

BananasPosted on3:06 pm - Jan 12, 2019

Bugeater do you carry a thesaurus around? The use of garrulous is well done. Good seeing all you guys.

BugeaterPosted on1:27 am - Jan 15, 2019

Bananas I would like to pretend my higher education would have afforded me the knowledge of that big word. But in reality I was required to google loquacious to keep up with Hops big brain, and is a word I am sure Hops has heard often through out his lifetime in reference to himself – and which he probably learned at Wake Forest where other smart people go to read and use big words. Just don’t want people mistaking me for smart or anything.

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