A fellow Pax decided he wanted to relive his college days and pull an all-nighter to see his man crush JT in concert. Zinfandel He sent me a text wondering if I would switch Q’s with him, I had the following week, of course, I will! With my new and improved weinke armband I started prepping. The entire goal of the co-op switch was to keep it under wraps from certain Briars and Crest Biglots residents who do not seem to show with yours truly is on Q, first surprise. I’m not sure if the cat got out of the bag or the entire neighborhood except Chicken Little (who killed it today) fartsacked do to the the beat down from young Tupperware the day before, the jury is still out. Let’s go!

The Thang:

14 Pax joined me for what be the launch of a few new exercises as well as some eye opening safety issues.

Disclaimer – Longer and more details than normal, this site is a bit dangerous. I mentioned sticking together crossing the street, paying special attention to cars, and always assume they are not going to stop, they fly! Needless to say the worst of the cars seemed to be on Bad Idea. Frankly after this morning, this site deemed more dangerous than Watchtower.

Lets Mosey:

We had two Fng’s (Trojan and Show Girl) and the traffic seemed to be at an all-time high so I took the mosey a little slower so we could stick together. We ran by Dream Chaser’s across the bridge to wait for six. We crossed the road and headed towards the basketball court, Recalculating’s eye would have lite up. I took a quick glance at Bad Idea on the way, I will see you in a few… Little did I know we would be dodging cars the entire time!



10 Crab Cakes IC- Get into the crab walk position and kick right leg out/up and left arm up at the same time, flap jack. Rubbermaid may have taken a spill on this one, the guy has no balance.

Merkins IC – 5 regular, 5 wide, 5 wider, 5 close, 6″ HOLD IT.

The fire hydrant – This burned bad. In a tabletop position, extend one leg straight back, raise the opposing knee about 3-4″ so that all the pressure is on the toes. Hold it. Flapjack

Failure to Launch- Hold Algore until I say jump, then right back into Algore. Rinse and repeat until jumping is impossible. BURN!!

BBall Court Suicide – 4x’s

Duck walk to half court, run back. Run to the other end and do two Merkin Wipes. A regular Merkin but while you’re down move your head and touch your nose to each hand.


1 Smurf Jack run to other side of court – 10 Alternating merkins (regular or wide or close) then 2/9, 3/8 etc

Bad Idea

Start at the intersection at the bottom, two Mexican jumping Bean at the top. These turned into jump squats.

One burpee at the bottom and increase by one burpee each time down.

Dana held strong with me, BC and Easy Button 2x’s up and down Bad Idea. Then he noticed a few lagging behind. He did a great job picking them up. We all arrived back at the AO at 5:16.26, not too bad.

Run hill 3x’s

Grab some wall for the six – This was my least favorite part of the morning.

Bottecap brushed off his exercise manual and pulled one out I haven’t done before. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes! Hated it, it burned…but it was great! Nice BC, we need more variation!

Six is in, time to head back, we had about 8-9 mins and were about 1/2 mile out. Will we make it back on time? On the run back, on my down do a burpee. We did about 4-5 of those and I checked the time…3.5 mins and we were still pretty far out. Straight mosey back.

I hear Doughboy on my heels (nice push), “Ummm Deadwood, we have like 2 mins.” Yes, I know sir. Run faster. Easy Button and myself arrived back near the bridge. The six was a good ways back, looked like a train coming!

We all crossed the street together and hustled across the next street… This is when the sandbaggers came out!! The main one I believe, was the only representative from B and C.

To all the sandbaggers that posted today and the ones that fartsacked, why not work harder during the entire workout? Going through the motions or modifying at will and then blowing everyone out in a sprint?? Getting up at 4:30 – 4;45 each morning should make you want to kill yourself when you post (not literally). #donewithsoapbox

We all arrived back at the AO at 5:16.26, not too bad. We hit just over 3 miles.


The Moleskine:

Welcome Trojan and Show Girl, we are glad to have you. From what I saw you both pushed hard today and never stopped, you may have been faster then some of our pax that post regularly.

I would go through and call you all out by name but no need, you all crushed it today. Zero complaints, not much chatter that I heard and everyone gave it 110% which is very refreshing to see.

After my last Q my goal was to introduce different exercises. I skimmed through all 27 pages of the Exicon and pulled a few pretty good ones. And as I type this, I am feeling the soreness set in!

With new exercises and crazy names comes a lot of demo’s. I felt like I had to “sale” each move to the pax. I chose exercises that were pretty easy to demo and explain.

We were completely safe from cars all morning then my weinke called for Bad Idea, for the new guys, Bad Idea is that long big A@# hill we ran up and down. We headed to the hill with about 20 mins to go. As usual, the pax were scattered along the route like ants and the cars just kept coming. Not too safe. In the future, it would be best to hit it first to minmize the risk of an accident.

The floater should require 100% usage of safety vests, lights are good but vest are much more effectrive. Today a few had them on and I could see them better than any of the guys coming at me with headlamps. Look for the Site Q’s to send out more info regarding this.

Announcements: Clyent Dinner @ 5:30 today – Cuthbertson Middle – Hollywood on Q.

The Gremlin race will be January 26th at UNCC. See slack or contact me.

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