2019 SOB/WUC Leadership Updates

  • When:01/10/2019
  • QIC: Thin Mint

2019 SOB/WUC Leadership Updates

With the coming of a new year, we have a number leadership changes/updates in SOB Land and Western Union County.

First, I would like to announce the formation of the WUC Transition Committee. After speaking with a number of people both in WUC as well as in SOB, we have identified 4 individuals (Posse, Goodfella, Bottlecap and Mad Dog) to form this committee. Their mission is to take the next step in the formation of WUC as an independent region. Over the next few months, they will be attending SOB Board Meetings as well as working behind the scenes to identify and form the inaugural WUC leadership structure and get a handle on the logistics of forming and running a region. It won’t be an easy job and I hope you join me in saying thank you to them for stepping up. Both they, and I, will be communicating more information as we make progress.

Additionally, I would like to welcome the incoming 2019 SOB Board consisting of Mighty Mite, War Eagle, Transporter, Toolbag, Frasier, Cheddar and Mario. Also, we have a new F3 Dads Q (Gumbo), a new 2F Q (Mighty Mite) and an additional 1F Q (One Niner). All of these guys have lots of great ideas and will be bringing their time and energy to help SOB improve and grow. Talk to these guys (or me) if you have ideas, concerns, etc about our region. We want, and need, to hear from you.

Finally, I would like to thank the outgoing 2018 SOB Board (Doc McStuffins, Fire Hazard, One Niner, Private Benjamin, Nard Dog and Market Timer) as well as all of you in the region for your past and future efforts whether it be Qing, Site Qing, EHing, or simply showing up and making an effort to help the man next to you leave a little better than he came.

Looking forward to a great 2019.

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AlfPosted on9:54 pm - Jan 10, 2019

That’s a lot of HIM’s in this post, looks like SOB and WUC are in good hands.

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