Thirteenth Day After Christmas

Thirteenth Day After Christmas

Pre-Run: Thankful that HIPAA joined me for an easy 1.8 mile pre-run. Right on Woodfox, Right on Rounding Run, Left on Raintree, left on 51, Left on Strawberry Lane, and back to start. He shared that he went to High School with Drano at Charlotte Catholic and played baseball.

5:30 am rolled around and attendance looked good. I was told to get going; I think my new fancy watch is 2 minutes slow. #usererror. After a disclaimer, off we go. Do a lap in the parking lot, then a lap where we started with high knees and transitioned into butt kickers. Circle up for the…

Warm up:


13-IC Imperial Walkers

13-IC Windmill

13-IC Mountain Climbers – Slow

And we mosey down to the benches by the baseball fields for the…

Main Thang: This was stealing the 12 days of Christmas workout, but making it 13 days and count down. I wanted to use what we had in the AO, hence by the benches and rails.

13th Day-SSH

12th Day- Carolina Dry Docks

11th Day- Supine Pull-ups

10th Day- Flutter Kicks

9th Day- Dolly

8th Day- Heels to Heaven

7th Day-LBCs

6th Day- Dips

5th Day- Merkins

4th Day- Step Ups (each leg)

3rd Day- Jump Squats – a little noise from Goonie around here saying how I was a Runner (working on it) and why aren’t we running? Good question that was about to be answered.

2nd Day – 2 laps up the steps down the side and back. Most thought this was going to be burpees. Nope, finally some running. Somewhere on the 1st lap, I think we finally hit 1 mile.

1st Day-Burpee

On the way out, I had hoped to do an Indian Run up to 13, but it just didn’t work out. Okay, so we can still line up like we are in pre-school.


Joe Davis Run on March 9th.

Basecamp is looking for Qs. See Thunder Road for sign-ups.

After two and a half years, Goonie is stepping down as co-site Q and I’m stepping up. More on that below.

I didn’t get the name of who did the takeout, but it was appreciated.


I believe that one year ago, I also had BaseCamp Q. We did some other variation of the 13 days after Christmas. I remember it being super cold and Adobe, Costanza, and a few others posting.

This year, I tried to keep things straight forward and put together a nice circuit. I can say that we enjoyed Benny’s 12 Days of Christmas at Peak 51 in December, so that was my inspiration. That said, last night I had the idea of visiting 13 sites and doing reps at each site, but I stuck with my original plan. Maybe, next year!

It was nice to see a good turn out today. I would love to say that it was to attend my Q, but the reality is that the weather was in the mid-40s in January. Further, the rest of the week is looking cold. Bundle up!

Everyone pushed hard and no real stragglers. I saw Damn Gina at Mountain Goat a few times last year and good to see him back. Adobe kicked off the year right by showing up. Drano (a former site Q), was back after a year away from BaseCamp. I reminded him that his M didn’t want to be married to someone out-of-shape. I ran with Beefeater last week at Donut Run and he was there. Good to meet some folks in person instead of just Slack/Twitter like Hopper, Leprechaun, etc. And always good to see some of the Peak 51 regulars like Smash and Mall Cop out there.

As far as the Co-Site Q change… In mid-November, I started to think about some of my goals for 2019:

• Take about 3 minutes off my 10k time for the Joe Davis run in March.

• Run BRR and hit my estimated time. I’m okay, with being 3 minutes slow on a leg as long as I make it up on another leg.

• Run a Half Marathon – either Rocktober Fest in October or Charlotte Half in November

• Run 750 miles on the year.

• Be disciplined in my training, but flexible enough not to get hurt.

• Help Others

The last one was important to me, but I didn’t exactly know what to do. About a week after that, I got a direct message from Goonie that after two and a half years he was looking to step down and that I might be a good fit. The wheels started spinning. Sure, I knew I had some upcoming Physical Therapy for some Hip Pain that I’ve experience and a nagging Hamstring. Thankfully, Goonie recommended someone and I went in. Turns out it is nothing serious, just some rehab is needed.

I saw Goonie at a donut run in December and he asked again. I was really thinking about it at this point, but did want to make sure that I could hit McHorsey some in the Summer Months. Thunder Road was good with this.

The final approval was the M. She did have initial questions about why I would do it considering that lately I’ve been hitting Blakeovery, so I tried to explain that I wanted to be there to help out the six. The other big puzzle piece was that there were Co-Site Qs. Hence, we can still go on vacation!

Approval Granted! So I said yes! And we decided that the transition would happen at my Q in January.

In August 2016, Mermaid had recommending starting at Basecamp; not Centurian around the corner. Goonie was the one to greet me at Basecamp. We had previously known each other from playing basketball at the Y and me hacking him as he threw up 3 point shots. I also want to give a big shout-out to Booyah who was co-site Q at the time. I can’t thank him enough for the number of times he hung back with me.

BaseCamp was where I started F3. I’m truly honored to be a co-site Q with Thunder Road. While I don’t know all the ways that I can help. I know that I want to help. You may not know the answer, but I hope that you ask the question.

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HIPAAPosted on3:37 pm - Jan 8, 2019

Nice work out there yesterday. Enjoyed the run and was good to hear a bit more about you. You will do great as Site Q!

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