Laps Around the Track

Laps Around the Track

10 PAX showed up on yet another rainy morning to run laps around, not on, the track. 5 stayed after for SCLT’s first edition of QSource.


  • Head East on Bevington into Piper Glen and up to the dead end
  • Right on Coburn to start Lap 1
    • Straight on Coburn to dead-end
    • Left on Brownes Pond to dead-end
    • Right on Rosecliff to dead-end
    • Left on Strawberry Lane
    • Run past SCLT Middle and the track
    • Left on 51
    • Left on Cary Ridge
    • Left on Coburn
  • Repeat the above for Lap 2 by the track
  • PAX choice when you get back to Cary Ridge
    • Option A: head back to Coburn and down the way we came to the start (6.5 miles)
    • Option B: head to Rea and left to the start (~7 miles)
    • Option C: something else, just get back to launch on time


Seeing as I’m not even sure that Devil’s Turn BBs want to become a thing, and that it’s 2 days later, this will be short and sweet. The rain was quite annoying, mostly because it was day 12 or so in a row of it. But, strong group of 10 PAX cranked out both hilly laps and no one got lost. Better yet, every PAX had either a headlight, a blinkie, or something reflective on (or some combination of multiple). Happy Turkey Leg was able to find us after a slightly late start and appreciate Gumbo and Enron giving me the chance to lead DT and both showing up to run with us as well.

Pretty sure none of us was running fast enough to make Rosie even sweat, but we tried (where’s Purell when you need him). He’s off to App State in a few days and will be missed in the gloom.

Solid start to QSource (and solid breakfast) over at Eggs Up Grill after DT. Hope the numbers will grow over the next few weeks as the content and discussion will just get better and better.


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