The results are in…

The results are in…

…and I know what im doing now!!

We had a diverse (Respects, injured, sick, slow, medium, fast) crowd of 12 devoted and hard-working soldiers that joined me for a wet and rainy post.

It turned out to be a decent morning, the rain was super light and the pax pushed harder than I expected considering the weinke that I had prepared.

I think a few pax thought I was bluffing when I said we would be in the rain for we all parked and met at the front of the school under the covered area. 5:29 – Disclaimer given. 5:29.50″ a car comes creeping in slowly and we all kow its not Jingles. 5:30 the car is still deciding on a parking spot, we mosey.

First audible of the day called as I forgot my gloves and circled back. This gave the two tardy pax a chance to catch up.

The Thang:

Slow Mosey to stadium  – A few pax were trailing pretty far and BC circled back for them, thanks BC.

Circle up:


15 Merkin – (Eye Contact) – Used an idea from another Pax (rymes with bunny crawl) thinking this would get the pax to push themselves on the merkins and get them to use good form. No police present today so this was the next best thing without verbally calling them out. No one likes to be called out publicly especially if the caller has bad form.

The EC Merkins started out ok but two merkins in a lot of heads dropped. After seeing my shirtless selfie I think the pax felt awkward staring down their opposing neighbor. Maybe next time guys.

15 IW IC

15 Planks Jack IC

20 shoulder taps OYO

Traffic circle – 7’s

1merkin – 6 Master Splinter 2-5, ect

The Master Splinter (compliments of MB) was a hit but I forgot to add the hand release in my demo, next time we will channel our ZIN and complete them as the creator intended.

Shout out to all on this exercise, it was not easy and running back up the incline was no fun. Bottle Cap led the charge, nice work.

5 Burpees OYO Once the 7’s were completed

Indian Run to top at Cuthberbon Rd – 2 lines

Lets face it, no one likes an IR.

Triple Nickel (5x’s) – (This was my least favorite of the day)

10 Jump Squats at Top

10 Merkins at bottom

Indian Run back to AO – Burpee @ Back

What worse than an IR? An IR with a burpee!! (got this from Foundation)

This would be the second audible of the day. 2 minutes prior I told MB we were heading back towards the stadium to the start. He took off ahead or us. BC made a great observation when he mentioned the distance (I forgot we parked at the covered area and not the regular spot) and time… Audible!!

We ran around the front of the school and MB was own his own, sorry MB. I knew you wouldn’t complain and could handle yourself at the scary Middle School in the rain! We all arrived at the same time, worked out great! Thanks BC, good call.


Shout out to all the Repects that posted today (5 men), the injured Moneyball and the sick Zin. For the rest of you no posters….I have nothing.

Today’s push by the respects, led by Recalc was incredible! MB, with his hurt leg, managed to be in the top three all morning. The TN slowed him a bit, but showing up hurt, in the rain and still competing is huge!

Zin and Dana took it to a new level today. First, let me say Zin posted in the rain halfway sick and they both crushed the TN. Realizing they both stopped before completing the last leg of the nickel, Dana said, “DW do we have time for one more?” Fly little bird, and they were off. Zin wasnt pleased…HAHA

Banjo welcome back! I guess the journey from the Briars and Crest has been more than you can manage lately. Either way, he was all over me on the TN, nice work man!

To the rest of the unnamed Pax, way to kill it, really, thank you for not complaining when I took you in the rain or when we ran our asses off. Glad to call you my friends and brothers. Until next time… DW out!


Lou had great things to say about the group and is very appreciative. Thank’s Lou, we appreciate you as well.

3rd F opportunity at Five Stones Sunday mornings @ 7:00 AM

Share all F3 social media when possible. Our goal is to continue to grow the group and change lives.

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