Fusion Creates a Burn

Fusion Creates a Burn

Thirteen men came to hear Mermaid and Margo sing while also getting in a good workout. While they were disappointed that the show was postponed (or maybe not), they did get an elevated heart rate as we fused the Centurion Mile with a modified version of the Brintonion Mile (Dr B creation) . Here’s what went down:

Quick start to get the wet portion of the workout out of the way – Centurion mile (run up to Carmel, right to 51, right on 51 to CCHS drive-way, down drive to parking deck and up the short ramps to level 4 for 1 mile run.

Down the stairs for the Brintonion mile portion of the workout. Start on level 1 with 20 merkins, 20 sit-ups, 20 jump squats and burpee ladder starting with 1. Then run up short ramps to level 4 and back down the stairs to start. Complete as many laps as you can until Q calls an end to this madness. Your benevolent Q did give PAX option to run up the stairs or the ramps – your welcome.

Mosey up long ramp to level 3. Pulsating squats (see definition below) until Q yells go and then backward run half way down the flat deck and sprint the other half. Complete two more rounds of pulsating squats and run down the flat deck before finishing with a few minutes of planks.

Mosey down the deck and long ramp back to level 1 to finish with a few minutes of mary.


Strong group out this soggy am as usual and this one hurt. Mixing the Centurion and Brintonian mile looked good on paper but not so good in practice. However, Brintonian mile includes 20 KB curls, 20 KB lateral extensions, and 20 KB squats so we did modify to make it less painful – your welcome. The rabbits got in 6 rounds while most of the rest got in 5.

Lorax and Brillo out front but old man (not sure he is really that old) Snooka right behind them. Cadillac pushed hard after a “hard” holiday break but he’s on a mission to lose weight so glad he posted. Everyone else gets an A for effort on this one.

pul·sate/ˈpəlˌsāt/verbgerund or present participle: pulsating

  1. expand and contract with strong regular movements.”blood vessels throb and pulsate”
    • produce a regular throbbing sensation or sound.”a pulsating headache”synonyms:palpitate, pulse, throb, pump, undulate, surge, heave, rise and fall; More
    • be very exciting.”victory in a pulsating semifinal”

Lot of chatter when I called for the pulsating squats. Depending on your condition, your view might be that it meant pain or that it was exciting. Generally, the young guys were experiencing “victory in a pulsating semifinal” while the older PAX experienced more of the throb of blood vessels that created pain. Luckily, no one tried to apply the “surge, heave, rise and fall” part of the definition – saved that part for the weekend I take it.

Mermaid noted its time to sign up for the Joe Davis Run to be held in March this year (since last year was sub-15 degree weather). Extra burpees each week at Centurion for PAX that have not signed up. https://racesonline.com/events/joe-davis-run

Please consider finding a third F activity and get involved. Snowflake is our region’s 3rd F Q or you can contact me if interested in getting involved in middle school mentoring.


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MermaidPosted on7:17 pm - Jan 4, 2019

That one spoke for itself today. I’d say that made it easy on the Q, but Chelms had to do the workout with the rest of us. That was a tough one. Enjoyed it

LoraxPosted on7:59 pm - Jan 4, 2019

Let me know if you need help next time deciding whether or not to postpone the Centurion Mile because it is raining, because it was.

Also, the definition of pulsating only made things worse. But the G rated Brintonion portion of the workout hurt, will feel those abs tomorrow.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on7:59 pm - Jan 4, 2019

I did the workout but didn’t make 6 trips like some of the PAX, including my elder Snooka. However, I will keep chasing him (and the rest of the rabbits)

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