Half Pipe 7’s

Half Pipe 7’s

Saw several “maybes” posted on Twitter last night, weather permitting. Shocked to follow Gloss into the parking lot as rain fell briskly onto the pavement. He quickly let us know that it was in fact not raining at his house when he was leaving, too late to turn around I guess. Alas, I let the PAX know that the trusty Accuweather app told me that rain would only last for 7 minutes. Boy is that thing accurate or what? Quick disclaimer once all 11 of us were assembled and we were off.

Ran down Rea, left on Windyrush and halt at Knightswood Drive for COP.




Instructions given to the faster PAX that we would be running down Knightswood until reaching the other side of Foxworth. Gummy asked how far that might be, I’m thinking a solid .4 there. Once all were assembled, we lunge walked about 30 yards to a mailbox, then ran to the bottom of the pipe. About face.

7’s on hill we just ran down, HR Merkins at top, jump squats at bottom.

Did some LBCs after first round.

Turn the other way on Foxworth, back up the other half of the pipe for 7’s; Wide arm merkins at top, Sister mary katherine’s at bottom.

Assemble at the top, lunge walk or walk (Gummy) to stop sign. Say hello to the 11 deer assembled in the front yard, ask them to join, and mosey to bottom of Foxworth back at Windyrush Rd for a little Mary (sans deer).



Freddy Murchisons

Mosey back up Windyrush towards Rea, stopping at each street light on the right, drop and do 10 military merkins.

Run back to school, stopping at first wall for some air presses.

Mosey back around school, view new playground equipment being put in and head to launch.


Double merkin Burpee x 1 (you’re welcome)



Had some doubts about the weather, but it really was pretty nice out. Was glad to have 10 other guys sharing in the fun this morning. Some guys are as scared of rain as a long tailed cat is in a room full of rocking chairs, I guess.

Sprockets is like the Energizer bunny; he even did an extra round to end the 7’s with the six. Got shamed for it though, I definitely heard a couple “nobody likes a show off, Sprockets”. Well I do, I appreciate the effort, and would have been there with you if I could have. eh hem.

Seemed to me that most of the PAX out there this morning were Larry Birds. Runstopper did not have on tights, Gummy was talkative, Gloss modified, Curd did every rep and tried to run extra to the stop sign, Lep and Lew took the clown car together and pretty much stayed tied at the hip during runs, our site Qs Queen and Marge were steady as rocks, and Bugeater ran into and out of the site…strong.

Great group as usual at Hydra. Definitely needed to keep it on the pavement this morning. Had to audible off of other things planned like Tunnel o’ Love…kidding.

Many thanks to Runstopper for his prayer this morning. Always remember to reach out to PAX you haven’t seen in awhile. It could be what is needed to get them back in the gloom.


Sprockets let us know that he has his first full Q at Hydra next week. Show up so he can show you up.

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