The Old Man ’18/The New Baby ’19

The Old Man ’18/The New Baby ’19

10 PAX were not bored this morning as they welcomed in the 2019 year and shook off the old habits and the eating of the holiday season.  Nor did they miss the “board” of exercises, which shows up occasionally when YHC Qs.  As we rounded the corner to where the board of pain usually reigns, there was an exhale of glee from most when we only did 20 LBCs and continued our mosey on down to Davey Park.

Tha thang…     

Divide into groups of two. Partner one stayed at the first light post on the .3 mile road and completed three called exercises as partner two ran to the end and back.  If partner two completed all three exercises, he advanced to the next light pole and partner one would meet him there to pick up the exercises.  Partner two would then run to the end and back.

Three exercises:

10 x burpees

10 x squats

10 x merkins

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to rock pile. Partner one curls lifting rock while partner two runs to play ground and does 10 pull ups.  Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to launch for some Mary.

Mole, mole…

Floor Slapper showed up three minutes early. Mic drop! I have heard of turning over a new leaf, but that is almost impossible in this case. You go Floor Slapper! Dollywood was smoking today. Not sure if he bugged out early due to overexertion or to go be super daddy to his little one.  Jet Fuel could not stop talking about Ala – freakin – bama (no bitterness here :)).  Fireman Ed is headed to the big game and is a Clemson fan.  Who knew a northern Jett’s fan could be a Clemson fan?  I guess you have to have some yin for the yang.  It was good to meet a fellow volunteer in Smash. Great guy – of course!  Geraldo was lamenting about having to go back to work today after having such a great holiday season.  Header was flying and talking the whole time.  How does he do that and breathe?  Shmedium was rock solid as was Stone Cold who went to see his gators beat up on Michigan!  Great weather this morning and a strong showing from the PAX.  It is going to be a fantastic year!

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