New Dromedary (W)AMRAP to start 2019!

New Dromedary (W)AMRAP to start 2019!

Pax: Abacus (R), Dana, Das Boot, Easy Button, Fiji, Goodfella, Honeycomb, Illiterate (R), Kaboom, LazyBoy, Rockwell, RunFlat, THE Grease Monkey (R)


The Monthly AMRAP at Dromedary has been a success over the past few months of 2018 for the Pax. With 2019 upon us, it was time to change up the exercises/stations, but keep the same route/flow. Here is what each of the (13) Pax in attendance would complete as many times as possible, and the # of total and partial laps (starting at the back of the cafeteria, looping around the track, and back):

Station 1 – (20) Derkins

Station 2 – (20) Donkey Kicks

Station 3 – (20) Jump Squats

Station 4 – (20) Tricep Extensions with Rocks

Station 5 – (20) Bicep Curls with Rocks

Station 6 – (20) Overhead Shoulder Press with Rocks

Station 7 – +(1) Burpee per lap completed


Everyone who posted worked very hard today, and it was great to see RunFlat back out at Dromedary (although he didn’t realize it was AMRAP day!!!). Also great to see Kaboom again after posting on Monday for the first time at Flash. Here is how everyone did:

Abacus (6.4 Laps)

Easy Button (6.1 Laps)

Dana (6.0 Laps)

Rockwell (5.5 Laps)

Fiji (5.5 Laps)

Lazy Boy (5.3 Laps)

Das Boot (5.3 Laps)

Illiterate (5.2 Laps)

Honeycomb (5.2 Laps)

Kaboom (5.0 Laps)

The Grease Monkey (4+ Laps)

RunFlat (4.0 Laps)

Goodfella (*X.X Laps)

Abacus and Easy Button crushed it today, which is no surprise.

Dana quietly rocked 6 laps, with his “baby hams” for calves and his abs!

Rockwell continues to impress with his speed and strength, and will give anyone a run for their money.

Fiji is relatively new to F3 but is showing there is no more fit Dentist in all of WUC!

LazyBoy showed he is more than capable of competing with some of these “young bucks”.

Das Boot shook off the shock of the “Peacock” exercise at Flash on Monday, and crushed the new course.

Illiterate and Honeycomb must have eaten the same breakfast today since they worked hard and were close together the entire time.

Kaboom is perhaps the best name for an FNG in a long time (his 2nd F3 post thanks to his Uncle Rockwell), since he serves our country in the Army out of Ft. Bliss, TX, blows things up for a living (“Kaboom”), and is being promoted to Sergeant very soon. Thank you for your service, brother.

THE Grease Monkey would rather be lifting a car or something, but he works hard during the AMRAP’s and had a very respectable showing.

RunFlat came off the Disabled List with a shoulder issue, and like a true warrior pushed hard and over-achieved.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to lead once again. Dromedary is a great AO and an even better group of guys from the Marvin, Waxhaw, Ballantyne areas. Keep up the strong work, fellas, and for always looking out for one another during workouts and outside of them.


Huggie Bear is making great progress after his Brain Surgery, but please continue to pray for his recovery and for his family. He hopes to be back working out in March or so. Amazing.

2019 Q Schedule will include some of the “Takers” in Q1 of 2019. Guys are ready to step up and out of their comfort zones to lead their peers. Don’t be afraid to Q half or a portion of a workout, if you feel you can’t lead the entire workout (we all know you can!).

(*There may have been another announcement but drawing a blank on it)

Prayer! Finished!

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