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2019 WUC Challenge Update

So the 2019 challenge has been more challenging then many can imagine, due to YHC having to be at corporate have not had much time to dedicate to tracking, reviewing scale pics (many need some pedicures), and sending out update. But have decided to schedule a “conference call” to get out first round of updates.

Note: Current scoring excludes unofficial weight loss #’s will try to get a good update from all next week to include.

Deadwood / Tupperware12
Rudy / Recalc10
Foundation / Rubbermaid10
Zin / Dancing Bear9
Banjo / Jingles6
Wedding Singer /Knish1

Deadwood /Tupperware – it appears in week 1 they do what they know best and that is Q. Unfortunately points for Qing are capped, so Deadwood will not be able to Q himself to victory here. But he has taught the young jedi how to gain points by Qing at Chiseled last week and have started off with a solid 12 point posting performance. Also – Kudos for bringing along a FNG

Rudy/ Recalc – appears that Recalc is going to lean on the Golden Domer to bring home a victory in this competition. Rudy not only timed up his VQ correctly, he was consistent in posting even if it meant coming in at Jingles time to make Chiseled. Recalc went MIA for a bit during week and was off normal posting schedule but was able to still break out the Karate Kid headband for a 4 pt performance. We will see if Coach Hurley will inspire a better performance in upcoming weeks

Foundation /Rubbermaid – Unfortunately Help Desk was hit with injury bug, but thankfully Rubbermaid has stepped in. Get better soon Help Desk and look to see you back out there soon. YHC has tried to come out gate strong and maybe counteract the late night cookies by attending extra workouts and ensuring a Q mixed in. Excited for opportunity to work with the Lieutenant and finish in the money

Zin having to carry the weight by attending workouts, but Dancing Bear doing best to send others to workouts while catching a few extra Zzzz’s in the morning. Dancing Bear – way to work the loop hole and still collect points from comfort of bedroom.

Banjo / Jingles – have split duties with Banjo attending workouts and Jingles on the mend for few he has resorted to starvation to collecting points. Jingles has unintentionally assisted YHC with losing appetite by sending scale pic with those gnarly talons in focus

Wedding Singer / Knish – started in hole this week and Knish/Commish has been MIA, but we expect to see a resurrection in the coming weeks and rumor has it that Wedding Singer has resorted to only baby formula until competition is over to further slim down.

Overall – good week it appears with many ensuring to attend workouts and push beyond comfort zone. Look forward to seeing results in upcoming weeks.

Hammer Curl Time

Showed up this morning to a balmy 43 degrees feeling slightly overdressed. Heard plenty of comments that I didn’t roll in at my usual 5:29am. I didn’t want to stress Mermaid out too much, I guess. Everyone watched as a mysterious white van parked in the lot, which turned out to be Escargot (who might be an Amazon delivery driver on the side). Gave a quick disclaimer a minute late since apparently my Fitbit time is not official. 14 men headed off.


Headed up to Panera parking lot


LSS x 10

IC MC x 10

IC Plank Jack x 10 IC (heard some grumblings)

Merkins x 10 IC

Freddie Mercury x 10 IC

HTH x 10 IC


At shopping center, do 10 hand-release merkins, head up stairwell #1, lunge walk to UBreakIFix sign, run down to stairwell #2 and around – repeat 5 times

Bicep Burn

Mosey over to rock pile on McMahon Dr. Partner up with lifting rock. One partners down to the circle in the shopping center, other partner does a set of biceps then repeat. First set: curls. Second set: hold halfway. Third set: hammer curls (or from middle point to chest).

Picnic Benches

Mosey over to picnic benches. 10 one leg squats (each leg), 20 dips, 20 incline merkins. Repeat 3 times Finale Run to short ramps on parking deck. Do 5 burpees at each turn. Circle up for some mary (LBCs and flutter). Find wall. Do set of 10 donkey kicks / 10 carolina dry docks / 10 monkey humpers. Wall sit. 15 of each. Head back to launch.


Great group of men out today. Always motivating when 55+ year-olds are leading the pack like Checkpoint and Snuka do. Mermaid brought his “A” game for sure, which I think is related some anger he was releasing based on a couple of stories I overheard he share about getting hit by a car and also breaking his cell phone. Random coincidence on the UBreakItIFix set. I did some scouting to find that milestone marker and apparently Mermaid was there yesterday getting his phone fixed. Accountants were well represented, which leaves no excuses for the rest of you slackers considering the time of year. Haze also made the claim that he’s at Centurion “pretty much every week”, which I challenged and will start to monitor more closely.

That bicep set was killer, which I stole from Snowflake. There was some mumble chatter as to whether my “hammer curl” call was legit since we only had one rock, but I think everyone got the point. Tried to avoid triceps since they were toast after Wednesday’s Anvil workout (thanks to Udder). Wanted to do one more rep of that last set but ran out of time. Next time.

Always an honor.


Clothes collection for F3 Chimbote Mission Trip. Next week is last chance to bring your clothes, shoes, luggage, etc.

Praise that Cooter’s knee infection lead to an additional surgery that helped remove some lingering cancel cells. Continue to pray for his full recovery.

Joe Davis Run for Recovery 03/09/2019. All money to benefit Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, SC. The race is in Fort Mill, SC and has historically had very strong F3/FIA support. Please consider supporting. Run, Sleep in for the Cause, Sponsor. Check it out HERE

Miles & more…

As warned via tweet, I went into today focused on running after missing my run/workout yesterday, 13 Kevlar PAX were the beneficiaries of my guilt. So after a quick disclaimer and explanation of the workout, off we went. All stations flagged with two orange cones… the first at the top of long driveway was the LBC station (option to other ab work OYO) x50. Continue 1/3 mile down into parking lot was station two, curls with cinder blocks x20….then around the church near the lacrosse field was the last station for Merkins (again widearm, diamond variations welcome) x20. Then back around and keep going for 40+ minutes.

Worked out well with all classy veterans present, no one got lost or confused…just kept it going. Rhapsody led the group followed by Cage, Squid, Poptart and YHC. The large group was everyone else, must have been some quality banter since they stayed together. Horsehead kept them honest I’m sure. Slight mutiny at the end, half went back to launch, other half one more station to use all the time. Mileage ranged between 3.5 and 4.25…(4-5+ laps).

Announcements: Donations of shoes and warm weather clothes welcome for the F3 group gong to Peru…bring clothes to workouts for Witch Doctor or Tolkien (Fast Twitch / Hawks Nest) or DM Witch Doctor. Joe Davis run March 9th, signup now!

Thank you Squid for the takeout prayer.

Since the form isn’t working, PAX Included: Squid, Poptart, Rhapsody, Homer, Tackling Dummy, Puddin Pop, Spackler, Cage, Horsehead, Witch Doctor, Bananas, Fault Line (sorry I’m missing one, memo didn’t save).

It’s all about the abs.

For my first Impromptu Q and the Gremlin (still time to sign up) tomorrow preparing the winke was a challenge with staying away from the buses, do we run under 1 mile or over 3. Arriving into the parking lot Chicken Little was starting a pre-run/dance combo that would make any wedding proud. Then a text from an FNG came through saying “I’m on the way”. 

21 Pax were about to enjoy the 3 minutes of preplanning I had completed.  DCCS given with a couple of minutes to spare and Deadwood grabbed the vest and phone, while others confirmed they were CPR certified.

It’s now 5:30 and we mosey to the front of the middle school. The disclaimer was given with an emphasis on not running in front of a bus.

Warm Up:

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 10 Imperial Walkers (audible due to lack of air)

The Thang: – always pick up the 6

Mosey to the road in front of schools alternating lights

5 Merkins

5 Squats

Mosey to middle lot 8 islands alternating

10 LBC

10 Dry docks

Mosey to circle near football field, partner up while one partner runs around the island and back  

150 Supines

200 LBC

Benches behind Middle school new partners partner runs to end of school past classrooms does a burpee and back

100 Derkins

150 Dips

Moleskin :

We ended with just over 3.3 miles. If you did not notice this was the first Q were I called for burpees. The last exercise will need to be saved for next time due to the time where more burpees and merkins were going to be handed out.

Everyone got a good workout in; the gazelles circled back and supported/motivated the 6 to continue. Breadbowl never stops amazing me, how can this 11 year old come out here day in and day out and continue to give it. Dasher made the Quellin participation 100% greatly passing 2 other hoods participation percentages, but we do not want to rub it in.  To all the Pax I am proud of you.

Welcome FNG Kevin Bo-Berry.

Special thanks to Rudy for taking us out today, 2 Qs and prayer this week you are killing it.


Gremlin tomorrow UNCC still time to sign up

Deadwood is looking for Pax for the Spartan in Asheville

Lou is hosting Open Door every Sunday 7am @ Five Stones Church  

Droppin’ BOMBS

TLDR: #dontcarewonNATTY

Full Blast: YHC and the WSP Clown Car joined a solid 16 Pax for a soggy field workout morning. Upon emerging from the truck, one Pax noticed YHC’s Clemson shirt and asked “Oh, Clemson… didn’t they just do something important?” which I replied in my best Kevin Hart accent: “You gon learn today!”

Quick disclaimer and let’s roll. Mosey around front of OP to warm up in the bus loop with:

  • 11x Imperial Walkers
  • 11x Low Slow Squats
  • 11x Side Straddle Hops
  • 11x Merkins

You might ask, “why 11?” But I need you to focus on the bigger picture here. 11 reps 4 times is the same number of points Clemson scored against Alabama in the recent National Championship beat down.

From here, we mosey’d down the dirt road to the back football field. Multiple comments about ‘wet holes’ were mentioned while focusing on foot placement dodging potholes.

Pax circled up on the field and poured out a measly 16 burpees to represent the few points Alabama was able to obtain against the stout Clemson D two Monday’s ago.

The real beat down was about to begin. Pax partnered up to model the B.O.M.B.S that Sir Trevor Lawrence was dropping to Clemson wideouts.

Partner 1 did exercise while Partner 2 ran endzone to endzone. Swapped out and continued until each of the of reps were completed:

  • Burpees – 50
  • Overhead Press – 100
  • Merkins – 150
  • Big Boy Situps – 200
  • Squats – 250

No call out’s, but there was a drastic difference in some of the counting across the teams getting through their 750 total reps.

After about 30 mins of B.O.M.B.S, we moved on to a little Braveheart action. Split into 4 groups of 4 and took positions at each corner of the field for an exercise called William Wallace.

  • One Pax from each team sprinted to a chair that was positioned in the center of the field where they did 1 burpee before returning
  • Remaining Pax were alternating Plank and Six Inches while waiting on the runners to return
  • Cycled through ever runner twice.

We finished up as a Pax in the center of the field for a little mosey back to the landing zone for a little Mary

  • 20x America Hammers
  • 20x Dollys
  • 20x LBCs

COT, Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama and the Ball Of Man for a take out from YHC

Only one Announcement shared by Scratch and Win where he notified the Pax that YHC will migrate from HATE HATE to only HATE age on the 28th of this month. Thanks Scratch!


I didn’t have enough fingers to count the number of complaints paid to the soggy and cold field conditions, but IMO they don’t put championship rings on smooth clean hands…

When I overheard Marge and Gummy stargazing and pointing out neighboring planets while running I was concerned the beatdown wasn’t up to snuff.

Shortly after, that concern was alleviated with several compliments paid during the endzone to endzone routes. The greatest of which was from Bugeater: “You know it’s working when it gets quiet…”

Thank you Marge and Queen for the opportunity to Q Hydra.

“Every man dies, not every man really lives”

All those in favor of renaming The Floater to Brokeback Mountain say…..

Ayyyyyyyyy!! Not really. For my 8th Q, I postponed it one weekdue to a never ending J. Timberlake 48 hour “emotional” headlock. Thanks to DW for covering my shift last week and thank you to Moneyball for letting this slide. I brought even more shame to the worst location in all the land, for that you are most welcome.

What more curse words can be said about this site that the dirtiest mouth in all the land hasn’t already said? I’m not sure exactly but it was the least honorable location to Q….

15 PAXs in total this morning. Appreciate every single last one of them. Thanks for the support.

DCCS given to about 93.333% of the guys before start. Coca-Cola flavored lip balm caught the tail end but caught the gist. Let’s rock


Mosey to the dark, Workout at each light, alternate exercise:

  • 10 x Merkins
  • 5 x Bobby Hurley’s

Cross Street Together (several PAXs forgot the part of DCCS where I asked everyone to cross together, we would try better next time), Same Idea at all lights

  • 3 x Burpees
  • 5 x Jump Squats

Line Up Across the front of Dreamchasers, instead of a circle…safety first!

  • 25 x SSH
  • 25 x Imperial Walkers
  • 25 x Mtn Climbers
  • 20 x Moroccan Night Club

All of the lights, up 2 and back 1 at each light:

  • 10 x Speed Skaters (each leg)
  • 15 x Monkey Humpers

Cone Exercises at BB&T Lot, break into 5 groups

  1. Carolina Dry Docks CC
  2. 6” Plank Jacks
  3. Squats
  4. SSH
  5. Bear Crawl entry hill, this group is the timers

Mosey to Keith Jong Hill, 6 master splinters for a minute, 10 x lunges (per leg) up hill then jail break to stop sign. Mosey down. Repeat but upped the MS to 8. Mosey back to the start.

That’s a wrap at 15 seconds passed 45. Whoops.

Thanks to One Star for taking us out!


The path I created worked out well for the most part. The speedskater row was much longer than expected but we gotta get those buts right. An M, not mine, told me my ass fell off with working out and I want her to have something to galk at this summer.

BB&T parking lot 4 corners worked out for the most part. It was larger than I remembered (that’s what she said) but a little name calling got everyone moving between stations.

Always a pleasure to lead and love to see the different PAX pushing themselves to new levels. Rudy was right in the mix with my all morning and he won a new award, Brightest Headlamp of the AM! He’s giving DW a run for his money here.

Great to see Trojan posting so consistently lately, keep pushing yourself man. Great work!

Welcome back Gerber! Great to have our one Gazelle of Briarcrest back and keeping us somewhat respectable as far as athletic abilities are concerned. Maybe one day he will carpool with us or he will just continue to be embarrassed about where he lives just like Hollywood. Stay tuned…

One area of concern as of late is the high level of stress that seems to be coursing through Recalculating veins. I’m hoping it’s based completely on the fact he’s participating in Dry January and will pass in 14 days! Because if not so help me I’m going to be thrown out of the game due to a hard technical foul if he critiques my Bobby Hurley form again.

The rest of you are awesome. Thanks as always.


  • Dana on Q at Impromptu tomorrow
  • Lou is hosting Open Door every Sunday, 7am @ 5 Stones Church
  • Qschool January 26th, see Posse or Moneyball for more info!

Limited Visibility

It was dark and gloomy this morning.  I could only see about 100 feet in front of me on the drive in.   The SCMS track is always darker and gloomier than the rest of Area 51, so 15 men posted at Death Valley to hit the darkest, gloomiest workout of the week.

Disclaimer given and as well as notice that we would not be leaving campus.  Not the best idea to hit the mean streets of Rain Tree when cars can’t see the end of their hood, much less a runner.

COP:  Mosey around top lot to pick up Puddin Pop then down to the track.  Circle up for SSH, Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps, elbow planks.  Head down to the middle of the track by the bleachers and partner up.

The Thing:

P1 runs to that end of straight away, P2 runs to the other end. Do called exercise. Run back to middle and meet for called exercise.

Set 1 – Flutters at ends x25. Merkins in the middle – 20 per team. 3 Rounds total.

Set 2 – Dolly at ends x25 (upgraded to 50 per Spackler who likes to work the stomach) and 20 jump squats per team in the middle. 3 Rounds

Set 3 – Heels to Heaven x 25 at ends and 20 team burpees in the middle. 3 rounds.

Off the track and to the bleachers by baseball fields.

P1 run to Semi-Gloss Out house and back. P2 does Little Haze R, Little Haze L, Dips, and Supine pull-ups. Flap jack and repeat until the team completes a combined 100 reps of each exercise.

A few minutes left to hit some rock work on the way to the cars. Curls, Tricep press, over head press, tea bag squat and good mornings.

45 seconds left: Pax choice of 10 burpees or 20 Sit ups.


Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout.

Things happened, many things. But it was dark and it should remain in the dark. Plus this is getting late in the day and time for me to go chill out.



Coupons +AMRAP = suck

5 men discovered how heavy 26 lbs can get in 45 mins.


Grab a paver out of Gypsy’s truck and a quick disclaimer for site FNG Saigon Sam as we moseyed to the parking deck. 20 SSH IC until we see OT making his way to join us sans paver. Couldn’t have that so Gypsy went to retrieve him one while the rest of us did some Mary.

The Thang:

26lb concrete block was the coupon (c)

carry (c) over head up 4 flights of stairs to top of parking deck

30 American hammer with(c)

20 Push ups

10 lunges each leg with (c)

Carry (c) over head back down the stairs

30 mountain climbers

20 Bobby Hurley with (c)

10 pull ups run loop around the deck

5 burpees

Rinse and repeat as much as possible til 6:13 and mosey back to launch.


Moleskin: Gypsy messaged me the day before about who was on Q and threw out that he has 13 lb and 26 lb pavers if we wanted them. I said I would provide the beatdown and smartly went with the heavier option and would regret that about 10 minutes in. Not a single complaint was uttered and the guys got after it, even though I did catch them trying to not go up all the stairs on one round. Brains were lacking oxygen at that point so not sure everyone was cognizant of it. Saigon Sam was staying at the on-site hotel, in for work from Jacksonville, and saw the workout posted on the website. Showed up not knowing what to expect and liked it so much I’m pretty sure signed up to Q next time he is in town. He is still relatively new to F3 but that sure didn’t show. Great to have you brother – maybe see you at Cerberus on Friday, it’s always a good one. Christmas has a bigger vertical with a paver than I do period. Gypsy is getting fast, especially coming off of a major surgery a few months back. OT was early (1 min late) and shrugged off the workout like it was nothing. Pretty amazing how fast you can work up a sweat in 26 degrees, but WAMRAP always delivers ass kicking. If you haven’t tried it, come on out. You will hate it during but be glad you did at 6:15.

Thanks to OT for the takeout.

Announcements: If you want to take an 8 hour road trip to post at an AO, contact Gypsy. He is doing just that to go post somewhere new. Crazy HIM.

Advanced moves

[YHC note: Damn Gina knocked it out of the park, but due to technical issues, can’t post his Backblast. YHC is acting as publisher until we get DG his own login.]

It was a great morning in Matthews as 7 pax got together for a great stretch. Here is what we did:
● Trapezius stretch while standing in mountain pose
● Bend down into a forward fold.
● Kick out into a plank
● Walk it into a down dog
● Slide through a plank into cobra
● Push back up to down dog
● Roll up slowly to mountain
● Warrior I – left side
● Warrior II – left side
● Warrior I – left side
● Warrior I – right side
● Warrior II – right side
● Warrior I – right side
● Sit down
● Easy twist – left
● Easy twist – right
● Corpse pose
● Right knee to chest (Pavanamuktasana)
● Knee down twist pose – left (Jathara Parivrtanasana)
● Corpse pose
● Left knee to chest (Pavanamuktasana)
● Knee down twist pose – right (Jathara Parivrtanasana)
● Corpse pose
● Sit up
We went through that whole circuit twice.

This morning was my VQ and I appreciated and greatly enjoyed the opportunity. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music playing during our workout. Today we were listening to Dusk to Dawn by Emancipator. We all also learned of the existence of freezing fog, so I want to thank everyone for coming out in such crazy weather.

[Publisher’s notes: The title for the BB comes from a comment I’m pretty sure I heard Tweetsie mumble as we were trying to perform Jathara Parivrtanasana. Which is about as hard to do as it is to say. Disclosure was given and the devo was a reminder that good leaders surround themselves with good advisers. Oh, and not only did Damn Gina have his Gumby VQ today, it was his first ever F3 Q also. T-claps for that!!]


13 grizzly PAX showed up for a surprise beatdown on one of the smaller of muscle groups. The Tricep. Was this intended? No. But somehow we arrived at the intersection of Diamond Merkin Avenue and Dip Boulevard. Here’s what went down.

YHC came in hot and gave the disclaimer while still tying shoes. #flipperlovesitwhenIdothat PAX properly disclaimed we mosey. After a trip across the parking lots circle up for the ole COP.

COP x 10 IC

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Mtn Climbers
  • Merkin
  • Flutter
  • Hello Dolly
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Double Lunges (lunge fwd and then bwd to the 4 count)

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the HotBox for Thang 1 – 3 rounds of increasing reps 10, 15, 20

  • Diamond Derkins (decline merkins)
  • Dips
  • Diamond Irkins (incline merkins)

Peoples Chair to recover w/50 arm raises (missed 10 burpees OYO – but we made it up)

Move over to soccer field ramp for Thang 2. Suicides. Split into 2 groups. (this was thought out, but then YHC completely forgot what I wanted to do – so we winged it) #qfail

  • Round 1
    • Group 1 stayed up top and did jump squats
    • Group 2 did suicides to each garbage can
    • Flapjack
  • Round 2
    • G1 did lunges
    • G2 did the reverse suicide for each garbage can
    • Flapjack

Some more Peoples Chair w/25 front arm raises and then we did 10 burpees OYO.

Mosey over to baseball field hill for Thang 3. Triple Nickel

  • 5 CDD at top of hill
  • Run down
  • 5 Jump Squats at bottom
  • Run back up
  • Repeato 5 times

Plank to wait on 6 and we may have done 10 more burpees OYO.

Mosey over to main driveway for Shuttle Pyramid. Increasing Hand Release Merkins at each tree. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc to 8. Air Chair then go back down the pyramid. 8, 7, 6, 5, etc to 1. #TBQ Plank.

Mosey to middle of back lot and settle in for some Mary.

6ish Mins of Mary – each PAX picked an exercise IC x 10

  • LBC
  • American Hammer
  • Heels2Heaven
  • Box Cutter
  • Makhtar N’Diayes (tks runstopper)
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Rosalita
  • High Flutter
  • Good Mornings
  • Dolly
  • Burpees
  • (can’t remember 2 others)

AYG to the start. Fin

Office Chair Moleskin: Solid group of PAX in this cold yet surprisingly humid morning. Fog was abundant and YHC tried to keep us in lit locations on the parking lots or away form the traffic altogether. #safetyfirst The usual suspects were out in front, but there were a few nags that busted up front to nip the front runner at the tape. #gettingstronger The triceps became the unfortunate scapegoat of this workout as the merkins were in abundance. YHC had some muscle failure in the hotbox. Those 3 sets were no joke. We had a few Q fails this morning but we took it in stride as this isn’t YHC’s first rodeo and the punishment flows free from this PAX swirling ball of snakes. Good work to Mr Magoo who braved his second workout since Monday Basecamp and learned what a true F3 workout was like. #thereisnomodify Note from the Site Q’s to remember your brothers in the gloom at the closing of this holiday season. Call em, Slack em, Loop em back in. We’re stronger together. Thanks for the opportunity to be sharpened by the iron that this AO forges. Strong takeout by Lorax #HIM


  • Joe Davis 5k/10 sign up – March
  • Donations for Chimbote trip – See Chelms
  • Cooter is home and doing well
  • Reminder to reach out and bring those Kotters back into the fold