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Hydra #dryuary-end Campus Tour

12 Pax heeded the siren call of broken pavement and sub-freezing temperatures and embarked upon an epic journey of self-improvement this fine morning. A legally accurate disclaimer was given – you can sue whoever you want, you just won’t win. Neither F3, nor the elementary school, City of Charlotte, County of Mecklenburg, nor YHC is responsible for this foolishness. I am a trained professional, but not at this. Not even close….. Off we go.

Warmup half-lap.


  • SSH x 20
  • LSS x 20
  • HR Merkins x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • IW x 11

Between Two Trees (as opposed to Between Two Ferns)

Partner up. Partner 1 does 20x incline merkins, 20x dips, and plank til partner returns.
Partner 2 runs to other set of benches and does 10x bench jumps
3 rounds. 

Saunter to wall. Wall sit for instructions.  

Quadruple Cuatro (?) from basketball court. 

Do Four 4×4’s (From the Exicon:

Start with arms raised in a standing position, burpee into plank followed by four Merkins followed by four mountain climbers with each leg. “One” is completed when returning to the standing position with arms raised. Wash, rinse, repeat. Recommended to do OYO while waiting for the 6 or waiting for a partner during a group exercise.)

Run to pullup bars and do 4 Pullups.
4 Rounds

Grand Finale:
Pair up.

Partner 1 does 10x jump squats and then 10x lunge walk while partner 2 bearcrawls. Partner 1 sprints to catch Partner 2 once called exercises are complete. Then Partner 2 does 10x jump squats and 10x lunger walks.  Repeat until end of parking lot and back.

Partner 1 sprints to end of parking lot and back while Partner 2 does LBCs. Flapjack.

Partner 1 sprints to end of parking lot and back while Partner 2 does Flutter. Flapjack.




Total distance covered: 2.19 miles.

Dressed in all black this morning in the hopes that I could lose the Pax following me, but no luck. Their eyesight was too good.

Launch-time temperature was 57 degrees (in my garage). 28 degrees by the weather app on my phone. “Feels Like” temperature was around 2.

Around rep #16 of the LSS during warmups someone(s) (near the Gummy-Puddin Pop quadrant) tossed a small pebble in my general direction – intended as a distraction or perhaps they thought I got stuck in a loop. I salute the attempt to break my concentration, but, undeterred, we completed the full 20.

The “4×4” is the second exercise listed alphabetically in the Exicon. Somehow Gummy knew this. Likely from his prior, in-depth research for new workout moves. #lazyman’sresearch #cobains

Clover + Bearcrawl = wheelhouse. Luckily I was paired with him. Looked like a baby rhesus monkey scrambling after a grape that had fallen off a vendor’s cart. Impressive. Also owns highest heart rate record (HHRR) for Hydra, Base Camp and Anvil.

Bugeater has one of the best cadences in all of F3 Nation. Fortunately, he had a chance to exercise that muscle, calling Mary while we gathered the six after Between Two Trees. Smooth, even tones, but definitely doesn’t sound anything like numbers. Comforting, yet encouraging at the same time.

Sprockets sporting the Runstopper signature tights.

One-Eye and Queen quiet, efficient killers as usual. Also saw Lewinsky up front a few times.

Haven’t seen La-Z-Boy out to Hydra much. Good to have you, brother. Come to find out that La-Z-Boy was fresh off his VQ yesterday at Dromedary. Honored to have him out for the quick turnaround.

Mr. Magoo has quickly become a regular across a few different AOs in Area 51 since BOG brought him out to Base Camp a couple weeks ago. Pleased to have him at Hydra.  

We were unable to avoid the amazingly overly-sensitive HVAC/generator/underground nuclear testing facility alarm (the purpose of which remains unclear). A brave CMS technician was on the scene. Again, unclear whether it was in response to the HVAC alarm.

P.s. – Happy #Dryuary 31st to those participating!


Joe Davis Run – March 9 – Sign up. – There is even an option to sleep in for the cause. #noexcuses

F3 Boone – F3 Boone is in the process of launching. Official Launch date is March 23, but we are holding pre-launch workouts every Saturday morning at 6am before then. Details here: and Twitter at @F3Boone.

This is absolutely Deadwood writing this….

Hey guys, it’s me….DW! As you all can assume already, I started planning this workout years ago. With such an awful site like old #87, nearly any PAX member can have success here…..

I had a goal of avoiding any and all Mary since my abs are already looking spectacular. My wife calls my stomach the most impressive thing on my entire body. I’m not sure what that means because it small and has zero definition. I hope she lets me in on the joke soon.

Anyways, I ended up running the PAX until they couldn’t breath any longer. While I have a wienke wrist thingy now I’ve actually just slipped in a mirror. Now when I’m out so far ahead of everyone I can sneak a look at myself and think “who’s that good looking guy in there?” Makes me giggle every time….

Time for the show. DiCCS reviewed.


Around a 3/4 mile mosey to the track at the school – circle up on ball court for Warmup:

  • 30 SSH
  • 15 Crab Cakes
  • 5 Reg Merkins
  • 5 Wide Merkins
  • 5 Wider Merkins
  • 5 Diamond Merkins
  • 6” Plank
  • Single leg toe Plank – Hold 10 seconds
  • Flip Flop

Mosey to Bad Idea 7×7 – Subtract 1 each round

  • Bottom – 7 Speed Skater (Each Leg)
  • Top – 7 Merkins

Mosey to BBall Court – Side to Side 7’s – 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, etc with Merkins at both sides

Mosey to Dreamchasers – Burpee Every 5th Light pole

Run the Block – Audible Halfway down and back

  • 5 Jump Squats
  • 1 burpee

Timing running low, Mosey to Keith Jong Hill with 2 Splinter Masters at stop sign


Once I nearly lapped everyone I was forced to Mary by myself. Al Gore was my go to or when annoyed by loud breathing I would call an audible to show those that aren’t as fit at me, Deadwood, some mercy. As I said before it’s absolutely me still writing this.

A few nightlights was Rudy locating us in the gloom a few minutes after the start and joining us at our first warmup, well done bro!

At one point I asked Chainsaw if he wanted 10 count and he blurted out, “NO! I will still out run you Philip!” Classic father-son moment.

Gerber brought an FNG but didn’t circle back for his nephew much. FNGs counts were off a bit forcing him to be an overachiever but he hung strong. It’s just about time we get the Gerber Q….

Speaking of Qs, Airdrop continues to push hard and we need more stories from this guy. Constantly at the front and if I’m being honest me, Deadwood, the site Qs for the Floater put on a clinic on closing those ready for their VQ. Incredible stuff MB and Zin. See you in March Airdrop for your cherry pop!

Thanks to all 10 PAX that joined this morning! Welcome Depends, our FNG and temporary Briarcrestonite. Fresh college graduate turned sales rep for nursing homes, hence the nickname. Hope he joins again!

Thanks to MB for taking us out.


Dasher on Q tonight!

Deflated on Q tomorrow!

Popeye on Q Saturday!

Something else happening I’m sure I’m missing….

The LSD of Kettlebells

YHC has been running a little bit lately; well, a lot actually, by my standards. So, when the substi-Q call came, the question was “how can we use bells to mimic a steady-ish heart rate, similar to a long run, instead of the HIIT style that bells typically bring?” Behold, the answer…

The Thang

All veterans, so minimal disclosure – modify as needed, don’t hurt yourself, you’re your responsibility.

COP – no time for that; we have work to do! The first set of swings will get you into the swing of things just fine.

The Meatgrinder (SM) – choose a lighter bell and perform 100 of each exercise, in order.

  • 100 one-hand swings
  • 100 one-hand presses
  • 100 goblet squats
  • 100 snatches
  • 100 lawnmower rows
  • 100 teabag squats
  • 100 merkins (no bell)
  • 100 cleans
  • 100 swings (pax choice of alternating, one-hand, or two-hand)

Done. Easy. (Not easy? Typing this BB in WordPress’ new template. Argh!)


Announcements (shamelessly copied from Voodoo’s Skunkworks’ BB):

  • Joe Davis Run – March 9th. A race that’s always been well-supported by F3 and FiA. 5k and 1 mile fun run options available. In honor of our brother, Rock Thrill’s brother Joe. Sign up here.
  • Christina Latini Memorial 8k and 2 mile walk – March 30th. In memory of our brother, Olive’s daughter. Sign up here.
  • Get Your Rear In Gear 5k – March 30th. Voodoo is friends with Joe Miller, who has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Feel free to join team Miller Time if you’d like to support. Sign up here.
  • Craft Beer Half Marathon and 5 miler – March 30th. A few pax (Voodoo, Cheese Curd, High Tide) plan to run this race (not win it, just run it). Feel free to sign up if you like running and/or craft beer or just want something to train for during the cold winter months. Sign up here.

Naked Cold Shivering Moleskinne:

Well, it would have been cold, had we been naked, but properly layered, it wasn’t too bad out there. Polar Vortex? Pfftt…

Funky Cold called it correctly about 15 reps into the first set, “not gonna be much mumble chatter today (with all the counting), as I can’t do two things at once”. Aye, that is the downside to this weinke (or it could be an upside, in some circumstances). Despite the challenge, we persisted and even managed to mumble from time to time.

Fly-by from the 4 Spartan pax (Gypsy, Stone Cold, Orange Whip, and Full House). A brief set for them, with our heavier spare bells, knocking out 10 reps of each exercise down the list, and then off for more glorious running. Thanks for stopping by! (sorry, but we can’t return the courtesy, as that would violate our #0.0 policy)

Now that the die has been cast, we may run this one again from time to time. It felt pretty good for YHC, keeping the HR up at a reasonable level, without the usual spikes. Might try a 1/2 bell size heavier next time, or might not. (May also offer light, heavy, and moderate options next time, to allow pax to work on what best fits their needs: endurance/cardio, strength, or combination.)

Thanks for the fellowship this morning. Voodoo, rest up.


Luke Kuechly

In honor of Super Bowl week, YHC thought we’d get creative with the hills of Raintree. At 5:28, there were 7 vehicles in the parking lot with no man standing outside. Everyone was trying to experience that last little blast of heat from the car’s heater. At 5:29:30, the PAX emerged into a circle and then we launched at exactly 5:30. A very brief disclaimer was given as YHC was not expecting to see any FNGs at 23 degrees.

We circled in the parking lot for COP before venturing over to Rising Meadows Ln. YHC then gave the instructions that we’d be doing Merkins at the top of the hill and WWII sit-ups at the bottom. But how many of each would be determined by each man individually being challenged with football jersey number trivia. Guess the player’s jersey number correctly and the PAX would cut that number in half. Guess the player’s jersey number wrong and the PAX would do that same number of reps.

Stone Cold started us off strong but correctly answering Tom Brady (12) which resulted in 6 merkins at the top and 6 sit-ups at the bottom. The PAX would bounce between correct and incorrect answers for the next 5 rounds. And then we got to the finale — Luke Kuechly! An incorrect answer would be very costly to the group so the pressure was on. And the answer we received– 89!! That’s right, 89. As in Steve Smith. Oh brother did the PAX chime in disdain!

After finishing on a sour note there, the PAX headed back over to Strawberry Lane for some partner merkins before heading back to launch.


I may now get Smokey a Luke Kuechly jersey for the big 5-0 birthday. Or wait until 59?? Today was a fun way to not think about how cold it was. Guys really seemed to embrace the jersey number challenge and they did far better on football numbers than baseball (back in the Fall). Puddin Pop is incredible with jersey numbers. You want that guy on your team for sports trivia!

Thanks to Smokey and Dollywood for the opportunity to lead. It gave me the opportunity to make sure that my feet stayed dry!

The Mail Delivered

posted on behalf of Mailman

QIC: Mailman

Pax: ThunderRoad, Lazy Boy, Cottonmouth, Clover, Smash, Bugeater, Jello, Boss Hog, Damn Gina, Mr. Magoo, Swift, Tagalong, Scratch and Win, Hannibal, FNG Rosco

Extra Credit: YHC and Jello for 1.84 miles at a nice 9.23 pace

In some comfortable 40 degree weather 16 men started the week off right.

Quick disclaimer that YHC was not a professional and it was only the second time Qing which some misunderstood as second time posting…

Off we went for a quick lap around the track and a little warm-up: Side Straddle Hops, Windmill, Merkins, Plank Jack and Peter Parkers.

The Thang: No Mercy Mile: Start at the middle of the track jog to turn 1, bear crawl to turn 2, jog to midpoint and 20 squats, jog to turn 3, lunge walk and jog to mid point 20 merkins and repeat. I was reminded that this was a moderate work-out by Scratch and Win and was convinced to do count the warm-up lap as lap 1.

Did some plank and other Mary while waited for the 6 to come in and then a 10 count by Jello.

Mosey up to the rock pile and grab a rock that you will be lifting and carrying. Partner-up and line-up in the parking lot. Partner 1 run to second hoop while partner 2 completes called exercises – Overhead Press, Tri Curls, Rows, Curls, LBC Return Rock and Grab some wall. 30 count Airpress.

Circle up for some Mary with a little help from PAX and continued reminders that this is a moderate workout…Flutter, Protractor, SnowAngel, Dolly and Rosalita

Moleskin: Had a few more show up with the moderate weather Monday morning. Great to see Boss Hog recent FNG bring out another FNG Rosco, welcome! All in all about 1.5 miles which YHC calls a moderate workout despite all the protests.

Grateful for all the help and support for YHCs second Q. Sign up for the Joe Davis Run and YHC took us out.

Feels Like The First Time

I feel honored that 12 Pax braved the low 20 degree temperatures at Dromedary (MRHS) this morning to help celebrate my “Virgin Q.” There was a lot of heavy breathing (mostly myself) and only one slight mishap (sorry Fiji… remember, you can’t sue me, F3 or the school district). Thanks to Krusty Asscrack and One Star for the “Virgin Q” T-shirt and toasty warm Dumbledore bath robe activewear (long story).

DiCCS – 2 cell phones, one CPR certified pax, warned of possible black ice (Fiji obviously wasn’t listening… I kid). Full disclaimer.

Warm Up:

Mosey to the outer edge of large parking lot for a quick 3/4 lap warm-up ending in the lower lot, circle around and begin.

15 Side Shuttle Hops in cadence (didn’t realize how hard it is to breathe and speak in cadence… experience several “voice cracks” and received some ribbing from the crowd). 15 Imperial Walkers in cadence, 15 Merkins on my down, 15 Mountain Climbers in cadence then stay in plank for leg over calf stretches.

The Thang:

William Wallace 

Mosey to center of large parking lot and pair up with an opposite skill level partner. Even number of teams in each corner of parking lot. Pax in corner does Bobby Hurley’s while other partner runs to center of lot and does 1st exercise then runs back to corner and switches partner who then runs to center of lot and does 1st exercise Do each successive exercise the same way. 

  1. 10 Burpees – each partner 
  2. 10 Dry Docks – each partner
  3. 10 Plank Jacks – each partner
  4. 10 LBC’s – each partner

Merkin Shredder

Mosey to raised parking lot area. Two lines of Pax in plank side by side two rotations of hand slap merkins first rotation with right hand and next rotation with left (this sounds dirty).

Burpee Kicks 1-2-3

Mosey to covered area near track. Partner 1 does 5 Burpees on the concrete area and 20 donkey kicks on trash wall while partner 2 starts the 1-2-3 exercises. Rotate upon finishing each Burpee Kick combo. 

  1. 100 Derkins as a team
  2. 100 Step Ups as a team
  3. 100 Dips as a team

Burpee Indian Run

Short mosey to track area. Two burpee Indian run laps around track followed by a Goodfella 10-count (thank goodness he obliged).

Bear Crawl Snake

Short mosey back to main parking lot. Two lines of Pax line up head to toe in plank position with room between. Pax in back weaves through Pax until he reaches the front of line.  “Caboose Pax” follows suit and so on.

Circle Of Mary (also known as the “Goodfella Bailout”)

Goodfella takes the reigns for a whooped La-Z-Boy and returns the Pax to COT. Pax circles up and each calls out a core exercise.  Time called. Goodfella took us out.


To tell the truth my main goal this morning was to simply get through leading the workout without making a total fool of myself (many hours of sleep were lost fretting). The “real life” training I received from Posse and Moneyball at last Saturdays Q School was invaluable (I swear I was on time for Q school, I simply used the wrong entrance). In addition, Goodfella, One Star and Deadwood (we ran more than a mile… yay me!) were more than gracious providing me with unlimited pre-Q private message advice at all hours of the day and night leading up to my big event… thanks guys! Thanks to the other Pax as well for showing up, working hard and offering words of encouragement… much appreciated!

It was absolutely freezing out and I realize for the experienced guys it was probably excruciating having to meander through the workout with me stammering/huffing and puffing but I’m truly grateful that nobody really complained. Thanks again for the opportunity to lead. Until next time!


Posse reminded the Pax to sign up for the Joe Davis run in March with prices going up at the end of this month.

Where are Uwharrie Going?

From the cinemas, we ran to the Harris Teeter parking lot for all the jacks:

Side-Straddle hops
Seal jacks
Smurf jacks
Plank jacks

The Thang
We jogged across Rea Rd to the Uwharrie Bank baby deck.
Lower deck near enterance – 10 Carolina dry docks
Lower deck near steps – 10 ‘Merican pushups
Upper deck far wall – 10 donkey kicks
Upper deck near ramp – 10 jump squats
Repeat with one less repetition until 1 of each exercise.
Mary for the six – flutter, LBC and LB-twist

Wall Work
People chair with air press, overhead extension and bent over row

Bear crawl across the deck to the wall for 5 derkins
Repeat until with one less repetition until 1 derkin

Exit the deck, calf raises at the light

Two runs up the big hill with 5 burpees at the bottom. Then in the cinema lot complete alternating sky humpers and curb dips until time.

Here’s the obligatory nod to the cold. Yes, it was. That said, we’ve faced more extreme temps and the deck provided shelter and a way to keep the heart pumping. (With all the laps we got more than a mile in the garage. Tagalong and Happy Meal got even more by lapping the group. Great push, you guys!)

We had a pretty quiet group today. Though we did learn Toolbag stole his safety vest from a client.

Check out Speed for Need for both:
Joe Davis Run
Sweet Tooth Run

If you haven’t signed up for the Swole Challenge, check out Slack and/or send a shout to General.

You’re not *in* traffic…


TUNES: Lofi hip hop radio:


DEVO: Mindfulness in Child Pose:


Sun Salutations:

1 together



Shoulder Pigeon (5 breaths per side)

Low Lunge with Bound Arms (8 breaths per side)

Kneeling Eagle Arms (8 breaths per side)

Puppy Pose with Tricep Stretch (8 breaths)

Sphinx (8 breaths)

Dolphin Pose (5 breaths)


Down Dog (5 breaths)

Low Lunge Left to Low Lunge Quad Stretch (8 breaths)

Child Pose (5 breaths)

Low Lunge Right to Low Lunge Quad Stretch (8 breaths)

Child Pose (5 breaths)

Lizard Pose Left (8 breaths) 

Lizard Pose Right (8 breaths)   

Pigeon Pose Left Forward Bend (8 breaths) 

Pigeon Pose Right Forward Bend (8 breaths)     


Down Dog (5 breaths) 

3-Legged Down Dog Left (5 breaths) 

Twisty 3-Legged Down Dog Left (8 breaths)

Down Dog (5 breaths)   

3-Legged Down Dog Right (5 breaths) 

Twisty 3-Legged Down Dog Right (8 breaths)

Mountain to Forward Bend (5 breaths)

Extended Side Angle Left (8 breaths)

Reverse Warrior Left (8 breaths)

Mountain to Forward Bend (5 breaths)

Extended Side Angle Right (8 breaths)

Reverse Warrior Right (8 breaths)


Tabletop (3 breaths)

Cat/Cow (5 times)

Extend Left arm, Right leg from Tabletop (8 breaths)

Tabletop (3 breaths)  

Extend Right arm, Left leg from Tabletop (8 breaths)

Corpse Pose


Thoroughly enjoyed my Broga VQ and am looking forward to more. Thanks to the Broga pax for their patience while I sorted out a couple sketch transitions. Thanks to Swiss Miss for putting me on the Roster and for showing up at Peak 51 last week to let me know I was on deck as he had an ancient email address for me and I would have been AWOL this am. Shout-out to my M who graciously set aside her Netflix Ted Bundy Serial Killer Episode last night, got down on the floor, and whipped out her Pinterest and crafted this broga sequence for us. She also let me use the “nice” mat. Shout out also to Tweetsie for closing BOM with a loopback to the mindfulness topic from the devo. Nice work. Carry mindfulness with you using this little mantra of mine…

“And always remember, you are not *in* traffic…you *are* traffic.”

Dora out.


Joe Davis 5K

He brought us a gift

8 Pax braved the 22 degree temps in the frozen badlands of Five Stones to help celebrate YHC birthday beatdown. Little did we know one pax would bring a gift we would all share.

DiCCS given – 1 cell phone, no CPR certified pax, watch for cars coming in for bible study, disclaimer

Warm Up: Mosey to the far end of the parking lot, circle around and head back towards the shed, everyone grab 2 coupons and head back to launch point.

SSH X 13, Potato Pickers X 10, Merkins X 10, Calf Stretches, Abe Vigoda

The Thang: In honor of YHC 41st Birthday, the workout would consist of an exercise of 41 reps, followed by a mosey down to the far end of the parking lot and back after the completion of each exercise. Mary on 6. Here’s what we did:

21 Man Makers w/ coupons, 41 Squat Curls, 41 2+1 bear crawl/ carolina dry docks, 41 partner sit ups w/ 20lb ball, 41 jack lunges w/ weight overhead, 41 air punches w/ coupons, 41 bench presses, 20 Man Makers w/ coupons.

Mosey back to shed to drop off coupons. Mosey back to launch, low slow squats until time.

The Moleskin: My goal was to keep the heart rate up given how nippy it was out, hopefully that was met. According to Fusebox’s watch, we covered 2.1 miles plus the 7 exercises of 41 reps. Some of the pax talked about lighting up the fire pit pre workout it was so cold. At the start of the third exercise, Chainsaw thought it a good idea to fire up his own dutch oven and present us with a hot and steamy air biscuit. Little did we know this gift would quickly freeze, drop to the ground like a hockey puck and linger for eternity. Perfect timing too, this was at the outset of partner sit ups. Don’t know the lucky guy who got to partner with Chainsaw, but I’m sure in the back of his mind was the fear of a second batch coming out while being mere inches from the oven door.

Everyone worked hard. Glad to know that when I called a timeout during the 41 2+1 bear crawls/dry docks, I wasn’t the only one who needed it (someone shouted out a loud ‘thank god’, for a moment I thought it was coming from inside the church). Thanks to Banjo and Chicken Little for leading us on the final 20 Man Makers. I was in a haze of sweat and pain and lost count after 8 or 9. Thank you for the opportunity to lead this fine group of men. I’m humbled by the generous spirit that enables each of us to grow and serve one another. COT – Banjo took us out.

If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit

22 degrees and almost that many men (18 in fact) – strong showing for a cold morning. Alas, no one brought donations for Chimbote (follow me on twitter @pchepul for pre-workout tips) so we had to do some burpees (61 if you did all the Q called). YHC brought out a mixed pair of gloves to match the temperature but neither fit (they were warm – which is all that mattered this am). Several yahoos in shorts but I think the disclaimer covers questionable decisions like that as well. That disclaimer, which can seem annoying, was pretty smart idea given some of the characters that post in the gloom and their questionable decisions

The Thang – COP with IW x10, Merkins X15, Mtn Climbers X10, 1 burbee, slow squats X10, and 2 burpees.

Mosey over to rock pile to grab a rock. 11’s in the parking lot with squats at one end and merkins as the other (10-1, 9-2, 8-3 down to 1-10) while lugging your rock the entire time. Was planning on another set of 11’s with the rock on the hill but frost bite concern had me change the plan.

Circuits of curls, push presses, and lateral extensions – 5, 10, 15 and then some mary and 3 burpees to keep the PAX enaged

Drop off the rock and mosey down to the outfield of the baseball field. Another round of 11’s up and down the hill with dolly at the top and burpees at the bottom (pax was realizing donations would have been a good idea at this point). Seems to have been some refusink going on but maybe Mermaid and others just finished the set really fast – will have to look back at the tape.

Mosey up to pavilion for circuit of step ups/jump ups, dips, and decline merkins – 5, 10, 15. Walk around to other side of concession stand for a few minutes of peoples chair.

Back to the parking lot for some cardio –

  1. Backward run down to light pole and mosey back to start
  2. Karoke down to light pole and mosey back
  3. Karoke (other side) down to light pole and mosey back
  4. Bear crawl half way and lunge walk back
  5. Monkey humpers to work the quads

Mosey over to other side of church for Wall-tar jais X10 and flutter X10, Rinse and repeat

Down to parking lot by the cars for sprints down and back with merkins at each end – 5, 10, 15, 20



For a minute I thought I was at a FIA workout with all the complaining about the cold and having to get on the ground. It’s hard – get used to it. A few pax, led by Snowflake I think, apparently didn’t have on enough layers. I did give in to the complaining and didn’t keep the rocks as long as originally planned (getting soft in my old age)

Pro always seems to be complaining about Runstopper tights but he also always seems to be working out right next to RS – weird

Brushback tried to make fun of my directions (which are less than stellar sometimes) but failed miserably by calling out “Do as I say” instead of “Do as I do, not as I say).

Hops with a strong take out.


Joe Davis Run coming up in March. Get signed up and support our brothers who have lost loved ones to addiction.

Paper Jam has the Q Friday at The Brave so one of us needs to post so he doesn’t have to work out by himself

Track down Scratch and Win about a Men’s Retreat coming up in mid March. He was pretty convincing in his proclamation that will be worth the effort (probably a sales guy during the day)

Continuing to take donations for Chimbote trip – PAX can drop off at 3912 Brinton Place (put in the car port) or reach out to me to arrange a meeting.