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Skip Day at Anvil. Skipping the 1st F is bad, skipping the 2nd F is worse.

A few years ago, I suggested to my oldest brother that he start doing something physically active to take care of himself.  I said, “You could just skip rope to start.”  He replied, “Skip rope?  I need to start by skipping dinner.”  For those of us older pax, we recognize you can’t outwork a bad diet; but a bad diet and fartsacking is a deadly combination.

Since Centurion apparently has the only shovel flag in central/western Area 51 (perhaps all of Area 51, but I never go east of Providence Road) – we launched without Old Glory fluttering in the humpday gloom.  We launched late. #cobains  YHC lost his Garmin weeks ago.  Will be replacing it before my next Q.  Though no need for a Garmin, neither the expense nor the functionality as I never tracked my distance anyway. #makebootcampsgreatagain

Incidentally, neither site Q (Lorax & Brushback) had a watch either.  Had to call them out…again..after calling them out on the Twitterverse earlier.  Mermaid to the rescue. He told YHC we launched late and told us when we were finished.  Incidentally, he would have made the same announcements even if I had a watch on.  Another announcement: Brushback is co-site Q of Anvil.  That was an announcement to me….probably yesterday’s news tomorrow for most of you.


On to The Thang with the Moleskinny interspersed:

COP with Squats (Low – assumed and slow – better for you…I think), IW’s, H-R Merkins (as if you should do them any other way #makeformgreatagain), Flutters, something else maybe?

Shout out to Prohibition for a few things: his flatulence was IC during the IW’s which was helpful since only Snowflake was actually counting IC.  Much obliged.  Also, for those of you not in the liquor business nor a constitutional scholar – Prohibition announced during some rock work that today marks the 85th anniversary of the death of prohibition.  True story.  December 5, 1933.  Incidentally, in between trying to force everyone on the wagon (1919) and then allowing all to legally jump off if they so choose (1933) — our great nation actually let women start voting (1920).  That one only took us 132 years.

Enough of the history lessons.

After COP – we ran to the hot box for called exercises on the picnic tables while one pax would jump rope (100 reps).  Rope skipper = our timer.  All the pax took a turn at the 100 skips.  While I didn’t watch too carefully, judging from the time and assuming integrity in the count – Hammer & Scabby won awards during their elementary school  “Jump Rope for Heart” fundraiser.  Nice work.  And Scabby was late, not that anyone assumed he was on time.

Speaking of late – Scratch and Leprechaun were late as well.  This is why YHC refused the clown car invitation last night.  No hard feelings fellas.  Hammer refuses the neighborhood clown car because he doesn’t like us, and neither does his truck.  That’s why he parks it at least 50 feet from any other vehicle or person.

We then moved on to the kitty litter and swings for some more exercises timed by the designated skipper.  Got many compliments on the physical integrity of my rope.  Should I be concerned that Puddin’ complimented it more than once?

Hopper is a steady, almost-worthy-of-respect pax.  The “behoodied” one gets it done…but the hoodie may be steadier than you my friend.

Ickey was there, and I’m not 100% sure, but I think I heard him mumbling about a retirement MMA fight or somesuch between Urban Meyer and Nick Saban when Saban retires….assuming he does so before he dies.

After the kitty litter, we moved on to the rock work.  Snuka, who still out-runs 90% of the pax who are 50% of his age, shamed YHC into grabbing a larger lifting rock.  Thank you very little.

We then ran over to the gym building for some People’s Chair and some incline and decline Mary.

Then over to a parking lot where we did some merkins and dry dock work with some side plank and sprints mixed in to the recipe.

Finished with some Mary, timed again by a jump-roper.

This is when the funniest comment of the morning took place.  As the last rope skipper of the day, Utah exclaimed, “If I’d have known I’d be doing so much rope-jumping, I would have worn my sports bra!” #moobs #fia

That was fun fellas.  Thanks for putting up with YHC and another unorthodox Q that took us less than 1.3 miles (as per Hopper, I think?).  You’re welcome.


On a more serious note…..I typically end this way…not that anyone reads this far down as I always write far too much:

Reach out to your fellow pax who you haven’t seen/heard from in a while.  We have pax going through vicious storms in their lives, such as Huggie Bear (brain tumor – Dec. 11 surgery), Hannibal’s M (cancer surgery yesterday on the heels of his father’s death a couple weeks ago), Cooter (also having cancer surgery on Dec. 11).  And these are pax that have not fallen away from this fellowship.  Please reach out.  If someone pops into your mind, I daresay it may be the prompting of Holy Spirit (I know that’s weird for some of you) to reach out to that person.  What are you afraid of?  Life, friendship/fellowship can get messy, but that’s why we need each other.

I’m thankful for this unique fellowship, men.  I can’t count how many times one of you reaching out to me has been more timely than you can imagine.

Iron does, indeed, sharpen iron. (Proverbs 27:17), but I often go to another Proverb when thinking of this fellowship we call F3.

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

I love you guys.  Yep, I typed it.  And I mean it.  Deal with it.

Not You Father’s Chiseled Workout

Closed my eyes at 9:34 pm and reviewed my checklist: Weinke-check, ride-check, gear-check, flag-check, workout clothes set out-check, scratch my balls for 30 minutes-double check. I then fell into a deep sleep. 1:13 open my eyes as I thought I heard my alarm. False alarm. I fall back to sleep. 2:33 am awake again. This time I start to question myself: Did I have a good plan? Would we have enough gear? Would it be challenging? Wonder what Moneyball is wearing right now? (Awkward) Fall back to sleep. 3:47 wake back up. No turning back now. The Q juice was flowing. I laid in bed like a kid on the night before Christmas until the alarm sounded at 4:25am. I sprang out of bed and was ready for Southern Belle for a 4:40 pickup. We are off!!

16 PAX posted for Chiseled today. A handful came for a prerun, and 1 said, “It looks like you set up for Soccer drills” Oh if they only knew the pain they were about to endure.


The warm up:

Was a mosey to each set of pain stations. 4 corners with 3 pain stations at each one. Disclaimer was stated at the beginning.

The Thang

We broke it into 4 corners. Each corner had 3 pain stations. PAX would hit one pain station and then run to another corner. You could not choose the same one again until all pain stations were hit once.

Corner 1:

Rope-go as long as you can

Pit of Misery-20 dips and 20 step ups

Steps-Good Mornings-20 reps



Corner 2:

2 merkin ladders with a bear crawl after each one

Overhead rock walk-walk with rock overhead down to island and back

Tricep extensions: choice of two different weighted dumbells-20 reps

Corner 3:

Run up Mount Chiseled with weight-10 times

Bent Rows 2 choices of weight-20 reps

Front arm raises light weight-20 reps

Corner 4:

Military Press single dumbbell, two choices of weight-20 reps

Curls two choices of weight-20 reps

Weighted Squats two choices of weights-20 reps



We kept to our roots of using gear at Chiseled. We mixed in more running and added music to the corners. 2.29 miles covers along with some serious reps at pain stations.

Welcome Keith Burnette aka Short Circuit.

Favorite Station-Merkin Ladder with Bear Crawl. Some quotes included-“I hate you” “That sucked” “You brought the pain with that one” “That was terrible” SUCCESS!!! Thanks Southern Belle for that one.

There was not a whole lot of talking today as the PAX pushed really hard but when they mustered enough strength to actually say something, it was usually a complaint. (see quotes above) You know it was a tough workout when you get complaining from Hollywood and Old McDonald.

It truly was a pleasure to lead this group of misfits today. We had ages 16 to 59 represented today which was simply amazing to see. It appeared everyone left sore and sweaty.

Thanks Old McDonald for taking us out.



  •  eFFee’s Black tie affair Friday night-8pm @The Estates at Briarcrest
  • Bible discussion Monday Night-730 @Brooklyn Pizza
  • Collect Hoodies and Jeans and Give to Bottle Cap for Church on the streets
  • Briley (Dancing Bear’s daughter) will be at eFFFe’s at the beginning to collect donations for Shampoo Crew and thank those who have donated. Please consider bringing socks, gloves, hats, scarves etc.

Impact of F3


Disclaimer given and we were off. Mosey out of The Vine parking lot towards Ballantyne Medical Pl. Pull up for some COP: LSS x15 IC, IW x15 IC, 15 xSSH IC, mountain climber x15 IC, Parker Peters x15 IC, merkins x15 IC.

The Thang:

Continue mosey north on Ballantyne Medical Pl turning left on Brixham Hill Ave. stopping in the parking lot across from XPO Logistics. Instructions given to partner up, P1 runs length of parking lot (about 36 spaces) while P2 does 1 burpee per parking spot. Flapjack til all parking spots have been burpee’d. Thought about doing another round back better judgement save a possible mutiny.

Mosey across Brixham Hill to the pond (maybe this is called the Lochness?) where instructions for a deconstructed Murph workout were given:

10 hand slap merkins with your partner

P1 runs clockwise, P2 counterclockwise (Wild Turkey and Shrinkwrap are still arguing about the right direction) til you meet for 10 more HS merkins

Continue down the fitness trail to the pull-up bars for 10 pull ups and 3 squats

Run back around the pond in the direction you were going and do it all over again from the top

5x through for 100 HS merkins, 50 pulls ups, 150 squats

Time remaining was less than YHC had planned so did the Beast (6 reps at 6 stations for 6 rounds) at the 6 lights on the east side of the pond. Pain stations were:

1 CDDs

2 Lunges

3 Diamond merkins

4 Jump squats

5 Knee Ups

6 Burpees

Mosey back to launch with a couple minutes to spare so we all did Tag-along’s 6 burpees at the end of his Beast round and plankorama.


YHC had been on the Stonehenge calendar back in late October but blew out my ankle 2 days before. Cheese curd stepped up and grabbed my Q which allowed me to get another date. On Wednesday, Wild Turkey messaged me asking if I was good to go but warned that the SOB holiday party was the night before and the weather might be dicey so attendance could be low. YHC had only posted at the AO once before so was relatively unfamiliar with the territory and wanted to get a pre-run in at 5:30 to scout. Wild Turkey always seems to be down for the pre-run, but I had an emergency bathroom stop as I was leaving my house this AM cost me enough time to just miss running with him. So we each pre-ran solo, although YHC finished with less than 30 seconds til the start leaving the PAX thinking they were Q-less. The pure joy disappointment on their face as I came slogging up the hill was real, but they all eagerly went out and got after it. Great work men, it was an honor to lead.

Thanks to Cooter for the takeout.

Thanks to Wild Turkey and Nard Dog allowing me to lead.

Impact of F3

F3 has made such a positive impact on my life in so many ways but it’s always amazing to hear about the impact it has on others. After coffeeteria I got to talk to Cooter for a bit about his journey. He started getting into F3 last spring and had his VQ in May with a rowdy Rock Zero crowd of 25+ PAX. Shortly after, he discovered a lump on his knee and got it checked out. Two doctor visits later and they told him not to worry about it but just keep an eye out. He got it looked at again and the 3rd doctor disagreed and wanted to take action. Now 6 months later and he has undergone surgery and radiation to treat what was discovered as cancerous all the while losing 15 pounds from working out in the gloom. He hasn’t stopped posting and has what is hopefully one final surgery next week to remove the remainder, and could only be sidelined as little as 6-8 weeks. Had he never posted at F3 he said he would not have noticed the lump. Had he not further developed the ability to push himself through discomfort at a hard workout or the resiliency it takes to get up before 99% of the world to go work out in inclement conditions, the doctor said the process and pain would have been much worse. The doctor encouraged him to keep pushing himself at these workouts and Cooter credits F3 with helping him immensely in this battle. We all do F3 for different reasons, and those reasons may even ebb and flow, but one thing is for sure… we all do F3 for the impact it makes on our life which in turn creates an impact on someone else’s life. I challenge all the F3 PAX to keep aiming to make an impact, big or small, it will pay dividends. Hats off to Cooter for continuing to push through in difficult times and leverage all 3 F’s to make a discernable impact on he and his family’s life. Thoughts and prayers for you next week.


Keep Huggie Bear in your prayers, he is having surgery next week to remove a brain tumor believed to be benign.

Speed for Need is getting ready for 2019 season, get in touch with Gypsy to get involved.





The Exicon

17 Pax joined me for a pretty good beatdown. Usually when I Q we run a lot but today I wanted to change it up. We only hit 1.8 miles, a new low for me.  I went to the Exicon and pulled out a few new items that I knew would be challenging to myself and the other Pax.  Would be cool if each Q would introduce one new exercise during the workout, I plan to each time I Q.

I arrived around 5:05 to scope out the distances of various parking lots and the Target lot from the front towards Pet Smart was just right.

Dana was already at the AO when I arrived but I wasn’t sure if he was catching up on GroupMe or just excited about the bear crawls, burpees and merkins to come. Pretty sure it was GM.

All the pax rolled in at 5:25 like they were qualifying for NASCAR, I almost thought they boycotted my Q – they probably wished they did! One Star and his clown car posse rolled in as we were making our first mosey. I knew things were going to get hard so I didn’t make them catch us, we turned and ran to them… you’re welcome. Let’s do this!


Short slow mosey to target parking lot.  I wanted to conserve energy for I knew what was coming.  Zin would be proud, I actually planned my Weinke today!!

  • 50 SSH IC – Doughboy came out of the gate doing two SSH to my one… I warned him to pace himself.
  • Runners lunge – Flapjack

The Thang:

  • 10 Bodybuilders OYO – Look it up in the Exicon
  • Run 1,2,3 – Originally Bear 1,2,3 – 100 Merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Squats
    • P1 runs across the lot to the front of Target and Back
    • P2 does exercise. Plank when done.

Jingles, Posse and Knish showed some speed today as they raced me a few times, nice work!

  • ATM’S – This is a good time to look at the Exicon
    • 50
    • 20
    • 10
  • Bear Crawl Snake – Ill give you this one.

Split into two groups. Planked up head to toe in a straight line with about a 4′ gap between each Pax.

Similar to an Indian Run, the last Pax did a weaving bear crawl in and out of the Pax to the front of the line. Continue until last Pax completes.  Rinse/Repeat in the other direction. We used about 1/3 of the parking lot, enough to get a good burn.

  • Black Jack – I called an audible on this, it burned a lot of time.
    • 1 merkin – Run across the lot, 20 LBC run back.  2 Merkins then 19 LBC keep increasing Merkin and decreasing LBC.  When I called recover I was at 10 LBC.  Shout out to Bottle Cap, he killed this exercise, nice work.
  • Circle Burp –
    • All Pax circled up – BIG Circle –
    • Pax chopped feet/ran in place.  One by one each Pax would say “Down” and all would do a burpee.  All the way around the circle…

Thanks, Doughboy for double Down!  I didn’t need that extra burpee.

  • Circle of Pain – I made that up
    • Each Pax called out an exercise and ran around the circle.  The Pax did the exercise until the runner was back.  All the way around.

This is a great exercise with a large group. With 18 Pax it took us 15 mins to complete the Circle Burp and the Circle of Pain…Not bad!

40 secs to go, AYG back to COT!  We didn’t really have much left in the tank but Dana decided he would turn it up so we were in almost a dead sprint back.  Nice work Dana, time for you to Q again.


The Moleskine:

Planning this workout last night I knew it would be tough.  Thanks a ton for the hard work today and zero complaints. I did get reprimanded by Cylent Dinners Don for high jacking the Circle Burp… I was beaten and the Bobby Hurly lover decided to pause on the Down and make us run in place, in my mind too long!!! I think the burpees were making him a bit foggy.  Nice work Recalculating!

Side Note:  We need to make a name tag for Krusty, he never remembers his name.


Clyent Dinner – Waxhaw Food Lion parking lot Thursday night 6:30-7:15 followed by Happy Hour. BC will be Qing in 2 weeks – Bring a headlamp

Prayers for Hooch and his family as his son undergoes surgury today.

EFFEES (Spell check that) Friday night Briarcrest Club House 8:00.






A dozen men and a homophobe

13 pax congregated at the largest, most expansive, and most luxurious AO in all of Area 51. That’s right, Calvary Church. Hoover was fresh off of a 4 mile ruck. Flipper and McGee pulled in on two wheels. It was all very dramatic. The clock struck 7 and a brief, yet thorough, disclaimer was given and we were off. Run all the way across the street/driveway to another massive parking lot.

Circle up for COP:

  • SSH x 41 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Low, slow merkins (down and hold for a 5-count, then up) – go around the circle with the pax counting – counting paces varied considerably
  • Low, slow squats (down and hold for a 5-count, then up) – repeat with pax counting [Note: the Q was a glutton for punishment]

The Thang:

Line up along the first parking line and bear crawl 10 spaces, then perform 10 CDDs. Lunge walk 10 spaces, then do 10 jump squats. Repeat each once before arriving at the median.

10 count for the Q to catch his breath, then mosey out to 51 and down to McAlpine Elementary. #DayZero

Partner up at the playground in back. Partner 1 performs 5 pull-ups and partner 2 runs suicides on the basketball court. Flapjack and repeato for 3 rounds.

Mosey over to the soccer field for deconstructed burpees. Partner 1 runs to the second trash can and back while partner 2 performs called exercise. Flapjack and repeato until the required number of reps has been attained:

  • Merkins x 94
  • Jump squats x 94
  • LBCs x 94

Mosey back to Calvary and circle up for some plank work, then mosey to the hot box and grab some wall for peoples’ chair. Everyone holds the chair and performs air presses until each pax has run to the tree and back. Halfway through, wall pax switch to BTTW. [Note: somewhere in here, Spackler asked YHC for the first time if the weinke was empty. Not really, but not enough time to do any of the additional work I had written up.]

Mosey back to the start for some Mary:

  • LBCs x 20 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x 20 IC
  • Rosalita x 20 IC
  • Boxcutters x 10 IC

Still some time left, so line up on your belly and run out and back sprints x 2, then a single out sprint. Time

COT: thanks to Flipper for the strong take out


  • Joe Davis Run has been moved back to March 2019. Sign up here.
  • RockZero is looking for Qs. Reach out to Flipper, Hoover, or Boerwors if you’d like a spot on the roster


  • A strong, yet somewhat motley crew for RZ this morning. YHC has been bad about getting out on Saturday mornings, so it was good to get the call to Q (thanks, Hoover). It also allowed me to see some pax I don’t see very often, including Marge (Hydra site Q, which conflicts with the best workout in all of F3, Meathead) and Sprockets (named for a bike part, but the SNL reference is definitely better).
  • The title of the backblast comes from a random comment during the Mary or sprints or COT. It’s been a few days so I don’t really remember it, but Spackler was involved, so you know it wasn’t appropriate. #earmuffs
  • Other than Spackler (who was posting for the 3rd straight day and announced pre-workout that he was going to mail it in), the pax were pushing hard out there. We hit about 3.5 miles on the ole GPS, although your results may vary. It felt like a lot for YHC, who has been either doing strength work or running, but not both at the same time.
  • A few of the counts during the workout were in reference to/honor of our 41st President, who had passed away overnight. He was 94 years old. If you have a WSJ subscription, there’s a good editorial by Dan Quayle here and a good article from Gerald Seib here. President Bush (the older) served as a pilot in WWII, as head of the CIA under Ford, as Reagan’s VP, and as our President. After he retired, he continued serving by working in philanthropy, including partnering with Bill Clinton as an example of how service supersedes political differences. Although not everyone will agree with his policies or his decisions, I think we can all respect the sacrifices and contributions he made to our country. There was never any doubt that what he did was done in the best interests of our country. #RIPGHWB
  • Thanks to the three-headed site Q monster for the invitation to Q. I hope to see my brothers in the gloom again soon.

You’re not serious, right?

18 Pax joined me for my first Flash Q and seemed to go pretty well.  Its all fun and games until burpees come out.


Log slow mosey around the front of the school to the parking lot.  Plank for 6. – Circle up


15 MC IC

15 PP IC

Leg stretch, left, right

Runners Lunge, Left, Right


The Thang:


Note: I learned about this terrible idea from a fellow Pax… no name mentioned.  When I told him that it was about to happen he said,” Are you serious?”  – Yep!


10 Minutes of Burpees

  • 10X10 – 10 Burpees a minute for 10 Minutes – Yeah…ZERO mumble chatter

High Knees/Butt Kicks

  • Butt Kicks across the parking lot – Goodfella ” we just did burpees” – No Q jacking!
  • High Knees back parking lot – Plank for 6

Fours Corners x 2 – Running out of time

  • 1st corner 20 squats
  • 2nd 10 merkins
  • 3rd 30 squats
  • 4th 20 merkins – Pick up 6 – Plank until in.

Fast Mosey to Transporter Shed – Plank for 6

Air Punch

Every other light along the concrete trail back to AO – 50 air punches while holding a squat

And Done!


The Moleskine:

All Pax worked super hard today! Big shout out to any who posted and is not a “runner”, our workout was hard and you made it!  Although you only ran 2.5 miles, the 100 burpees made up for it. I mean the Ignition guys only did 105!! Big shout out to Wedding Singer and Posse, they were completely exhausted but managed to hang with the burpees circle.  I think Posse did all 100, nice work.  Welcome Airdrop!  It’s nice to have another (the only other) local boy posting!  Thanks for allowing me to lead!  I will see you all at Watchtower tomorrow… I’m on Q again!


See Ignition BB for announcements.



6 PAX came for a serpentine inspired beat down at Asylum this morning.  YHC has dreamed of a triple serpentine spanning all 3 parking lots in the Asylum AO.  To the dismay and grumbling of the PAX – Dream realized!


The warmup:

  • My best Ice9 impression as we ‘mosey’ from Brooklyn to the YMCA (free advertisement)
  • Circle Up / disclaimer delivered
  • 20 reps each of the following
    • SSH (IC)
    • LSS (IC)
    • Merkins (Civilian Count)
    • Potato Pickers (IC)
  • A little calf stretching


The Thang:

  • Serpentine 1 (Harris Teeter Parking Lot)
    • 10 reps each / alternating at each island
    • Squats
    • Merkins
    • 40 Squats (IC) for the 6
    • Mosey to round 2 (Al Gore waiting to cross street)
  • Serpentine 2 (201 Central Parking Lot)
    • 10 reps each / alternating at each island
    • Jump Squats
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Find some dry land / 40 heel touch leg lifts for the 6
  • Serpentine 2b (Anytime Fitness Parking Lot)
    • 20 reps each / alternating at each island
    • Jump Squats
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Find some dry land / 40 heels to heaven leg lifts for the 6
    • Mosey to round 3 (Al Gore waiting to cross street)
  • Serpentine 3 (Target Parking Lot)
    • 10 reps each / alternating at each island
    • Jump lunges
    • Peter Parker (with Merkin)
    • Mosey to start
  • Finish with a 90 seconds of much needed stretching…



  • The PAX were hanging tough until we hit Serpentine #3 – looking at the number for rows we had to serpentine through and the exercises called, some PAX were trying to Jedi mind trick me into calling an Omaha – Not today (these ARE the droids I am looking for…)
  • Serpentine #3 was also where YHC called a different exercise than was in my head, causing me to wonder why everyone was modifying out of the gate – This was quickly rectified with grumblings as well as some well-deserved ribbing
  • Shout out to FuseBox, who despite a nagging back injury from his own Q at Asylum, made it through with some well time jabs at YHC along the way
  • Chastain, despite being listed with a lower case c, continues to push hard and show is speed
  • Akbar is slimming to the point where we may need to call a pizza intervention and give that man some calories – Keep it up
  • Dana is getting stronger each workout and was near the front all day
  • Smokey must be getting good training in his other UC posts, becuz he’s always in front and hard to catch



  • 3rd F – Sanctuary Monday night – 7:30 @ Brooklyn Pizza
  • 2nd F – eFFFe’s this Friday – 8:00 @ Briarcrest clubhouse (pre-game warmup available)


“I told myself this was a bad idea as soon as I woke up.” – Dancing Bear

Title says it all. I’m no sadist, but I do like making my Qs as difficult as is reasonably possible. Ignition has a rule- at least 4 miles. Oh, we got our 4 miles in alright.

Warm up:

.75 mile up school entry drive and back down long path to Transporter’s Office

SSH x 15

Jimmy Dugan, Calf Stretch (I didn’t do this well)

Merkins x 10 – Let’s get it started

The Thang:

Long path is exactly .25 from poles to poles. We did a Burpee Mile

Run up long path (.25 miles) do 12 burpees. Up and back 2x = 1 mile

Found BottleCap’s kryptonite – Diesel exhaust. Plan was to run bus lot hot laps with partners (thanks, Hollywood), but instead moseyed on over to the dual roundabouts

4 Laps at the Roundabouts that were part of the first AMRAP.

Top circle do 10 Dry Docks

Bottom circle do 10 Jump Squats

Mosey to High School parking lot

Burpee Snake (thanks, Thin Mint)

Island to island starting in near corner. 1 burpee at first island, run across for 2, back for 3, etc…until end of lot. Made it up to 10 burpees. Grand total for snake was 55. Upon quick East Tennessee math review, I realized 55 + 48 wasn’t exactly a round number. Quick- 2 more burpees. Shake n Bake seemed wrecked. He headed on home only to have another wreck along the way. Thankfully, it was a minor fender bender and he’s all good. At this point with all the incidents and injuries, he’s probably questioning moving to this side of the UC.

Mosey back towards long path. During this mosey, YHC felt both the calves go…again.

Quick audible to Foundation’s steps for some calf raises

10 straight/10 in/10 out

It was at this point our resident Lumberjack informed us he had a perma-sore at the base of his spine. Obviously our crew couldn’t let this slide. He attributed it to American Hammers and Flutters. Others in the group attributed it to “Axe Play”. Regardless, said Lumberjack took it upon himself to modify the 10s down to 5s for the second flight of steps. Nobody complained.

Mosey towards front of school. Middle School benches.

25  Dips in cadence

Wall sits

1 minute

20 LSS

Did this x2

Mosey back to COT to close it out with our friends from Flash.

4.11 miles, 105 burpees, Axe Play, and a pair Chundered calves for me later, we were done.


Outside the “Axe Play” discussion on the steps, YHC really enjoyed Dancing Bear’s dialogue with Shake n Bake at the half-way point of the Burpee Mile. “I knew I shouldn’t have come out here. I told myself this was a bad idea as soon as I woke up.” You pushed it man. Really good work. Dasher killed it and also saved enough energy to handle form policing duties during the burpee snake. In fairness, my form went to pot around the 7th island. Half Back and BC out front…surprise, surprise. Feels like Easy Button just settles into a groove mid-pack and grinds it out. We tend to run together most Qs. You’re a good pacer- glad to have you. Shake was an Ignition first timer. I hope he won’t attribute the fender bender to me. The sore legs and body, yes.

Thanks to Hollywood and Half Back for letting me lead Ignition this morning. Last time I led, we ran too much. This time, I think we burpeed a bit too much. I’ll get it right next time.

And Thanks to Gatorcub for taking us out.


Effies – This Friday at 8pm at Briarcrest Clubhouse. Be early, BYOB, and BY Sense of Humor

Shampoocrew – See Dancing Bear

Huggy Bear- Keep him in your prayers. Brain surgery 12/11 to remove tumors that triggered seizure over Thanksgiving holiday

Jingle Jangle Beer Exchange – See Zinfandel for more details



Who Pushes Who? – Workout Edition


18 men from SOB (Ballantyne & UnionCo), Area51, and Metro converged upon Cerberus, the hottest free workout south of 485 within 1 mile distance on Fridays.  As Transporter mentioned, this site will take any man from any region,  and actually that’s the point, to bring men of all regions together. They’ll even let anyone Q there (as evidenced by YHC), so you should sign up to do just that… as the Nantan Alf mentioned by his math equation… “18 of you here, multiplied by 5 workouts you post at a week, divided by the the number of 2.0s you have, squared by the number of years your M has actually been happy with you in F3, equals you at least Qing 1 workout a month… do it.”  Anyway… we covered ~3.5 miles at a quicker pace when we were moving, and mixed in some of the Mongol’s favorite exercises.  Another morning of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.


  • 0530 Go Time! Quick mosey to the First Watch surface lot.
  • Part 1
    • SSH, I/W, & 40 up/down cadence Merkin Superset (reg, wide, diamond, R leg high, L leg high)
    • Partner up by speed & strength, and go 2X around half of the parking lot
      • alternating partner wheelbarrow
      • alternating partner carry
    • Partner exercise then RACE!
      • Perform exercise, then race the opposite direction around the lot… to see who gets back to the starting point first.
        • Exercises: 10 Handslap Pushups, 1-min of WW2 situps, another 1-min of WW2 situps
        • Head to parking deck, stopping in front of Whole Foods for some people’s chair while regrouping for the 6.
  • Part 2
    • Partner up, and run in the opposite direction as your partner up the staircases, crossing each other at top, and back down to the base. 5 partner hand-slap low squats.  Repeato to the next descending level (level 4, level 3, level 2).
  • Part 3
    • Head up deck, stopping at the pull-up ledge.  Do called exercise (Rd 1: 10 pullups Rd 2: 10 hanging knee-ups) then run in opposite direction as partner back to the start. Regroup, and do 10 slow dragon flag leg raises (abs) together. 2 rounds of these.
    • Race back to launch, by way of running to the top of deck, and back down stairs.
  • 0630 Finito!


Great work by everyone this morning.  As you heard from COT, YHC had a lot on my mind this morning so leaving off the mumblechatter today.  YHC saw everyone from the top of the pack, to the 6 pushing their limits, and their partners.  YHC always appreciates a solid effort when Qing and tries to reciprocate when not the Q.

There’s something special about partner work, because (in the right setting) it allows you to lean on the strength of another brother.  And regardless of a man’s size, strength, and speed, on good teams you actually cannot tell who is pushing who.  Is it the faster man pushing the slower man to give a little extra effort? Or is it the slower man actually the one pushing the faster man, because he is sacrificing personal accomplishment in his 3rd F, and showing the faster man there is more than a 1st F workout.

Thank you men for hearing my testimony this morning, and what’s going on in my life right now.  YHC will leave you all with this… it’s a “TED” Talk that YHC gave a few weeks ago about looking at yourself, and trying to find what you were meant to do… what your personal mission is. And this concept of WHO PUSHES WHO. It’s long, 20minutes, and if you watch it, YHC hopes that you will ask yourself these questions… Who would you push? Who would push you? Who Pushes Who?

(Around the 3:30 mark is where YHC is talking about all you and F3, without citing The Nation specifically.)

“TED” Talk Video Link >>>>>      Tolkien’s “TED” Talk – WHO PUSHES WHO (20min)


  • The 2019 F3 Nation Peru Mission Trip is approaching, and YHC is helping lead week 1 in Jan-Feb 2019.  It was one of the most impactful experiences of my life, and could be for yours too.  Even if not this year, you should consider going.  Watch the below trailer to see what it is all about.
  • W-AMRAP Wednesdays… YHC is going to start going. It’s not a workout just for bat-flippers, it’s for anyone who wants to measure themselves against themselves… not anyone else… and push you out of your comfort zone.  YHC will be starting to post there, and encourage all of you to try it out at least once as well. (McGee has no promotional video link, so this particular announcement will likely not be effective marketing)

Thank you to the site Q’s for giving me the opportunity to lead.  And grateful for you men for your support before, during, and after the workouts.


Stalked By a Curb Cleaner

15 men braved the winter like temps to post at Rebel Yell and get better.  Before we got going it was accurately pointed out that Mic Check looked like a SWAT member with his black weight vest and Happy Meal looked like a robber with his bandana face mask.  I really wish we could have had video of the two of them running put to “Yakety Sax” for a Benny Hill cops and robbers montage.  A proper disclaimer was given and we were off.  We slow moseyed out of the gate as the Briskatica Rafter clown car pulled up as we were launching.  We jogged to the parking lot between HT and Target and got started.  Here is what went down.

The Thing:

Warm up

SSH x 15

4 burpees OYO

IW x 15

4 burpees OYO

Mtn Climbers x 15

Peter Parkers x 15

At this point we began our first game of chicken with a curb cleaner going through the parking lot.  It became obvious that we were in the area he needed to hit and he was not interested in waiting on us.  Since we were warmed up enough YHC decided to blink and let him have his spot.


From here we headed down Rea and hung a left on Ballantyne Commons and into the office complex on the left.  Everyone grab a lifting rock.  Do called exercise, sprint to the boulders for 10 derkins and then bear crawl the parking area with a merkin at every line (10 lines).  Called exercises were first round 20 curls, 2nd round 20 overhead presses and 3rd round 20 tricep lifts.  During the first round a security guard drove near our area…I think that it was Happy Meal’s robber look that raised his suspicion.  Mary Kay graciously volunteered to skip the bear crawl/merkins to move the lifting rocks so that they were not in the road for the security guard.  Thanks for taking one for the team MK.

Next we moseyed over to Uncle Rico Land for some parking deck work.  YHC called 7’s starting with 6 Carolina Dry docks at the bottom, up the stairs, 1 burpee at the top and down the side street.  We finished with 1 CDD at the bottom and 6 burpees at the top.  The first finishers led some Mary waiting for the 6.  We had time for a couple of rounds of Mary and then time to head back to launch.

While heading back to launch YHC overheard Grammatica say that he did Monkey Humpers for the first time at another post.  He said that he really enjoyed them and felt like they were effective at working often overlooked muscles.  Either that or he said they were the dumbest, most awkward looking exercise ever.  Regardless we had 1 minute to kill at launch and filled it with Monkey Humpers in honor of Grammatica.

During Name O Rama and Announcements our curb cleaner friend returned, even though we were at the total opposite end of the shopping center.  Again, he had no intention of waiting for us to finish so my recording of names and announcements is overtaken with machine noises.  Very stalker like tendancies.  Maybe we should have extended an olive branch and invited him to join us for burpees and merkins.


Awseome work by all this morning.  Thanks to the first finishers for leading plank and Mary.  Always a pleasure to get out early in the gloom and lead such a great group.



  • Bring children’s clothes and toys to any AO and the site Q’s will get them to Escobar.  There is also a Go Fund Me page on Slack.  Any help to help defer the postage cost to Escobar is appreciated.
  • Bring men’s clothes for Church on the Street and the site Q’s will get them to Strawberry.