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Heavy Day at WAMRAP

7 idiots PAX got sold on the weekly edition of WAMRAP being a good idea to incorporate into their week.


No disclaimer (don’t sue me Alf, remember that was Flipper’s bag), grab a sandbag (4 of Flipper’s cheapo go-ruck bags and 3 of Alf’s DIY bags) and mosey the long way to the parking deck.

The Thang:

With sandbag of choice, run up ramp and flat, 1x squat with the bad, drop the bag and retreat back down the flat for 2 exploding merkins. Continue the rest of the way to the top, increasing rep count by 1 (i.e. 3 squats, 4 exploding merkins, 5 squats, 6 exploding merkins).

Run down the stairs, 10 burpees, run up the strairs and select another bag to get comfortable with. On the way down, continue with theme of Paula Abdul (2 forward, one back), this time exercise are rows with the bag and monkey humpers. Continue count from last number of merkins and add one rep (7 rows, 8 humpers, 9 rows, 10 humpers). All the way to the bottom and that is the full loop. Long, heavy and painful.

Repeat til 6:11 and head back to launch.

I recall the rep count being in the mid to upper 20s at the end. For the record, 15 is about the point where monkey humpers start to hurt. 10 for exploding merkins, 7 for rows given the weight, and squats are never easy with the bags.



Numbers at WAMRAP continue to go up. 2 site FNGs in Astro and his 2.0 Job. Not sure either were super happy with carrying a bag of sand that was half their body weight for 45 minutes and 3 miles but hats off to them for getting ‘er dun. Baptism by fire at WAMRAP.

Flipper let me borrow his sand bags nearly a month ago and I had to part with them today, but not before using them in one more Q (that made it 3x). Those bags are no joke, ranging from 100 – 60 lbs I believe. My car is very excited to not be transporting them anymore. Thanks for sharing the gear Flip and thanks for coming out and pushing through that today. Great to see you becoming a WAMRAP regular in the face of coming off injury.

Alf managed to drop the big bag on his heel today… at least it was sand and not wrought iron, although 80 lbs is 80 lbs. Of course the one time I don’t disclaim. That’s why we can’t have nice things! Way to keep blasting through the deck today. I’m sure that didn’t feel good.

I’m not sure OT even noticed the additional weight he was lugging around because he seemed unphased and smoked it. That’s what happens when you are at WAMRAP on the reg, you get stronger and faster, quicker.

McGee was leading the charge as usual, although the sand bags were catching up to his lower back by the end. Hopefully it feels better today.

Everyone got a little over 2 full laps in and more mileage than expected, especially with the added weight. Definitely a tough and different workout so thanks for pushing through.

Thanks to McGee for the takeout. It was no surprise he was thankful for the ability to exercise our mind, body, and jaws. Yep he said it, although I can’t disagree. It’s about the only way to get through a WAMRAP, rapping alongside a brother sharing in the discomfort.

Carlson Invasion

Impressive number of 17 PAX for 40 degrees and rainy bootcamp.

Disclaimed, stressing that we will not seek shelter nor melt but will seek to find the fine line between discomfort (keep pushing) and pain (stop).


Mosey across Rea and looping into Blakeny shopping center to enjoy the Christmas music already being played at 6:30am. Circle up for IWs x15 IC, LSSs x15 IC, SSH x15 IC, mountain climber x15 IC, alternating shoulder taps x 15IC, diamond merkins x15 IC.

The Thang:

Mosey to the spongy playground. Anytime there is a chance to involve pull-ups, I try to do incorporate them. 10 pull-ups Bear crawl up path 10 box jumps on the wall Repeat 3x through Slow roll gladly led a lengthy plankorama set to continue the upper body burn

Head out of the playground area to the parking lot. 7 street lamps for some ‘webbicides’ – think suicides with an ascending count of reps of called exercise: Exercise was burp ‘n merk, one merkin (Begin a traditional burpee with a single push up at the bottom, then complete. Drop back down for a second burpee with two push ups, then complete), do ascending count of burpees at each light

Mosey back through parking lot stopping near the back towards Blakeney heath Rd for triple nickel on a slight incline: 5 jump squats at the ‘top’ 5 hand release merkins at the bottom 5x through

Continue mosey north on Blakeney Heath Rd turning right on Knightsdale and into neighborhood. Each house we pass on the right with Christmas light on, do 5 monkey humpers. Left on Mitchell Glen, left on Scottish Kilt Dr. More plankorama waiting for the six.

Mosey on path at the back of Scottish Kilt cul-de-sac to one of the most expansive rock piles in South CLT. Pick a lifting rock for:

Jack Webb – 1 merkin on the rock, 4 OH presses… 2×8, 3×12, 4×16, 5×20, 4×16, 3×12, 2×8, 1×4.

10 curls, take rock and head to the dock for 10 lunges each leg 3x through

10 rockies – burpee on the rock with an OH press instead of a jump at the end Head back out of the neighborhood again with monkey humpers at each light display on the right, ascending in increments of 5

Mosey to corner of Blakeney Heath and Ardry Kell for another round of plankorama courtesy of Slow roll. Partner up for wheelbarrow as far as you can go and swap.

Back to launch with 20 seconds to kill – AKA 10 burpees to do.



Never quite sure about the attendance on Saturday, especially when the weather is cold and rainy. These men came to play today and YHC didn’t hear one word about being wet, cold, or the burpees at the end. Guys were sweaty, wet, muddy, and beat down but still smiling (probably had to do with the thoughts of imminent Chic Fil-A). Nearly 1/5 of the PAX were Carlsons today thanks to Mermaid bringing the whole fam out. His better looking identical twin brother Slow roll has been making the journey to south Charlotte AOs on Saturday as of recent looking for a nice ass kicking alongside family and his brothers from another mother. He has really started to get involved in F3 and has been bitten with the bug. The progress he has made in a short time has been incredible, as he is consistently at the head of the pack and leading brutal plankoramas. Keep it up man, and it’s been a pleasure to hang with you at coffeeteria afterwards. I caught up with Fiji for a few mins post workout and he just started F3 the week prior and this was his 4th workout… great to see he is also drinking the kool-aid. See you again soon! Props to all the men that made it out today and crushed the workout when staying in bed seemed like such a better option. I know I speak for us all when 7:30 rolled around and we couldn’t have been happier with the decision to post.

Thanks to War Eagle for the takeout.

Thanks to Bucky, Fredo, and Mighty Mite for the opportunity to lead.

Announcements: Keep Cooter and Huggie Bear in your prayers, recovering from recent surgery.

Hateful Eight, Silent Night Edition

11 men showed up on time, many under-dressed, and a 12th came a little bit late (but barely) to a poorly Christmas themed, and music-free Anvil edition of the Hateful Eight.


  • Mosey around the lots towards the playground for COP (all IC)
    • Seal Jackx x15, IW x15, Moroccan Nightclub x15, Low Slow Merkin x15, Alternating Shoulder Tap x15
  • Mosey to rock pile, grab a lifting rock, circle up at the lot nearby for the Hateful Eight
  • Hateful Eight – Eight exercise, variations of 8 reps each. Go through all exercises and reps then run a lap of the lot down to the bottom of Northface, up the big hill, and back to your rocks. Mary and wait for the six, then the next round. Each round you drop off an exercise from the end of the list
    • Hand Release Burpees x8
    • Elf on the Shelf w/ Rock x8 (each side)
    • Merkin x8 left hand on rock, x8 right hand on rock
    • Tree Toppers (Curl & Press) w/ Rock x8
    • Tricep Extension x8
    • 10-count American Hammer x8 (so really 80 Am Hammers)
    • Rock Thrusters x8
    • Triple Merkin Burpees x8
  • 0612 Return rocks to pile
  • One last lap through lot and up Northface, meet at launch
  • COT & Cookies


Going to start on a somewhat serious note. Most of us have heard about the recent tragic loss of Digits (Dianne Wells) in FiA Lexington who was hit by a car during a workout on Tuesday morning. Aside from prayers for her family and thoughts of how we can better keep each other safe, I’ve been stuck thinking about how the worst really can happen at any time. We all know this, but most of the time we don’t really believe it. Even when we’ve been surrounded lately by brothers and sisters who are gone too soon, have lost loved ones unexpectedly, or have had brushes with diseases or conditions or incidents where the worst could have happened. When I stop and really, really think about being gone tomorrow it’s overwhelming as the list of things undone in my life is quite long — as I’m sure it is for all of us. As we go into the holidays (and hopefully some free time away from the daily grind/distractions), my ask of you, and of myself, is to pick just one thing off that list and get it done. Maybe it’s an unresolved conflict with your wife. Perhaps a long overdue phone call to a family member or a friend. It could be a board game you have been promising your daughter you would play with her “later.” Or that life insurance you have been meaning to research. I don’t care what it is, big or small, pick one and get it done. Then, maybe pick another. Ok, serious note complete.

Site Q extraordinaire Lorax tweeted the night before that YHC would be bringing Christmas cookies for all who attended my Q at Anvil. While this may have been a false campaign promise pulled out of thin air at the time, YHC did indeed Bring the Cookies. Lorax, unfortunately, was not there to partake but Big League Chew ate extra portions on his behalf. The (delicious) spritz cookies also sent Mermaid on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to Grandma’s house. Quite a pleasant way to end a quite unpleasant morning.

The Christmas cookie tweet can also be blamed for the poor attempt at Christmas theming the Hateful Eight. Did a search in the F3 exicon for Christmas and found the Elf on the Shelf — perfect fit for rocks. Came up with terrible name for the Curl & Press. Creativity and ingenuity ended there. This is why you never want me naming an FNG. Nonetheless, the Hateful Eight was as fun as the name implies. This is a favorite workout of the General_ himself (perhaps invented by him?), but he does it tabata style with music and such. See the above and know that my lack of skill applies to playlists as well so I decided to add an 8x rep theme in lieu of ciabatta.

Utah showed up in shorts and a t-shirt — misread the temp reading of 34 as a 43 — and definitely had the shivers before we got moving. BLC was also in a t-shirt and complained about how hot he was. He is also the only one of us who managed to break his rock in half. #respect. Speaking of #respect, Snuka never fails to impress. Pretty sure that guy is getting younger even as he gets older.

Hops was spotted doing almost SSHs and actually participated in the Seal Jacks. He was quick to name them the 2nd most useless exercise in F3 until we did the Moroccan Nightclub. Purple Haze kindly remembered that Anvil was where F3 had all begun for me. He should know because he was next to me most of the workout telling me to ignore that McGee guy who was trying to drop me. #someThingsNeverChange

Hammer, Sledge and Cocoa all showed up without gloves. I didn’t think to recommend them ahead of time because, well, 34 degrees. Forgot it was Anvil. The fact that 7 of the 12 of us were weak enough to wear coverings on our arms and hands probably broke some kind of unwritten rule. Still, those cold rocks certainly didn’t do bare hands any favors. Sledge ran fast enough (whooping us all every time) to keep the mitts warm. Hammer, on the other hand, just took Sledge and left early when his fingers started turning black.

Appreciate my fellow Free Rangers Frasier and Fletch making their way over. Fletch, as a Site FNG (I think), was particularly impressed with the lip at the top of Northface. On a side note, I have Qed at Anvil many times and this was the first time in almost 3 years that it didn’t rain on or around my Q and we could actually run up Northface. Good times.

Merry Christmas, brothers.

High Beams and High Fives

Commentary and Ghostwriting by Moneyball with Weinke details courtesy of QIC, Bottlecap.

13 men donned headlamps in the newest safety initiative at the 87th best AO in WUC, the Floater. Jokes were plentiful in trying to decide who would be the “Perma 6” and have to wear their light backwards. There are early candidates (YHC for one at the present), but we’ll let good ol’ #87 sort that all out for us! Off we went.


Brisk mosey to women’s club

SSH, Imperial Squawkers, Merkins

The Thang:

Jog to school with 10 Knee Ups at each pole. Upon arrival at school, partner up

Run opposite directions on track and meet up to do 10 “High Five Merkin” (think handslap only with hands higher and with headlamp beams right in your eyeballs). Do this 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2

Up to basketball court in teams of 3.

P1- Bunny Hop down and back on court. Per Recalc: “Like getting hit in the face with a salmon” P2- Supines P3- Box Jump/Step Overs. This x 4

Jog back towards #KJH. At light poles, 5 more Knee Slappers.

Gather mid-mountain on #KeithJongHill for an homage to #87

8 Bombjacks at mid-mountain/7 burpees at laundromat/8 Bombjacks at mid-mountain/6 burpees at laundromat/Follow this progression

Mosey back to COT as rain began to fall.


Somber PSA- We laughed a bit about the headlamps this morning, but the reason behind us “enforcing” the policy at Floater #87 is the furthest thing from a laughing matter. Please keep the family of FiA member “Digits” in your prayers this Christmas season. One can’t and doesn’t even want to imagine what that husband and kids are going through. Check Comz page on Slack to get information on how to best serve the family. Somber PSA over.

Floater #87 welcomed FNG Cat Nip to the ranks. The Nip attempted to nickname himself the “Tiger”. Didn’t work out as planned. Glad to have you with us.

This Friday at Cabelas Syphillis Celery Celebrex Cerberus it sounds as if the Briars and Crests have taken the Providence Downs Clown Car Challenge as an afront to their level of Clowning. Clothing for the Shampoo Crew is on the line. Not sure the actual nature of the challenge as we now know both Briars and Crests (with Deadwood) AND the Providence Downers like to play dress up. Regardless, we can’t wait to see those photos!

F3 “Come To The Table” is today at Charlotte Country Club. Ping Zin or Bottlecap for more details as a couple slots have opened up over the past couple days. Be on the look out for CenterFold (FNG from Dromedary). Goodfella put his contact info out yesterday evening.

Thank you, Bottlecap, for taking us out

Annual Tradition of Holiday Lights

Large group of merry men were all circled up looking ready to go. Some knew of the general plan, others waited in great anticipation. No FNG’s, just one site FNG, but literally he is a Pro, so a brief (poor) description of the plan and off we went.

The Thang

Another Q, another Scout Run. This time with a jingle ball- 8lb medicine ball to be carried by the Scout. The purpose of the scout was to sprint forward, find a house with holiday decorations, lights or inflatables and then sprint back to the pax and report what they found

Holiday Decorations: Monkey Humpers x10

Lights: Scout names the Merkin (Diamond, wide arm, normal…even CCD called) x 10

Inflatables: Burpees x5 max 10

When we finally got to a home fully decorated by the holiday spirit, we discovered that Santa must have come. He left a full tabata workout with gear.

Each station had 2 exercises per round. The idea was to do a round then move left. We struggled for a few rounds but got the hang of it.

25 sec on / 8 sec rest – Yes, aggressive. But, I wanted to make sure everyone got a turn on the gear

  1. Battle Rope / LBC
  2. Goblet Squats / Criss-cross or scissor abs
  3. Ladder push up cross over / WWII sit ups
  4. Curls w/ slosh tube / American hammer
  5. Plank (each partner for full 2 rounds)
  6. Jump Rope (each partner for full 2 rounds)
  7. Tricep extension #35lb KB / Right leg over left knee abs
  8. One arm Row #40lb KB / Left leg over right knee abs
  9. Squat Press weighted Tub #45lb / Heels to heaven
  10. Right hand high / Left Hand high

20 total exercises / 18 pax perfect!

At 0600 time for the tabat to end, gather up items and head to the garage to get a 10lb present (block weights, dumbells, KB). Everyone gets a present and we run back to AO. Few stops along the way to wait on the pax, probably 45 total of some kind of marry

Once back at the AO, Monkey humpers x 10 / Merkins x10.

Lastly, Deck the Hall flutters to Debby Ryan’s version. Protractor 45 degrees then when she sings Fa,la,la,la,la,la,la- Flutters. In the musical interlude a little boat/ canoe, then resume flutters



  1. Centurion update **meeting at Margo’s clubhouse** Cameron Wood 0530 start. Can you say #RIPOFF workout 🙂
  2. Keep F3- Huggy Bear & Cooter in prayers as they heal. Also, Fia Digits Family, who experienced an unthinkable loss during a running workout this week.

Ye Old Moleskin:

  1. Thank you to Margo and Queen for giving me the opportunity to keep this dumb seasonal workout going each year. I believe this is the 3rd
  2. Thanks for the patience today, we had a ton to get done, we had big numbers. I needed to slow down to explain, but you boys caught on
  3. THANK you ALL for being diligent when crossing the street.
  4. Sorry for anyone in the 6 today. Again, had to keep moving, so sorry if you just caught up and we took off again
  5. Welcome Prohibition for being the site FNG
  6. Gummy tried to talk junk up front…ain’t got time for that
  7. Running with weight sucks, use that however you want. The weight you lost, the sins you carry or just 10lbs of suck.
  8. Thanks for the push of all the men in F3. Personally, I completed 4 relay races, 1st Goruck light, run over 700 miles, lost 10lbs and created great friendships. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy new year. See you in 2019.

Low Miles + Pain Stations = Soreness

12 guys showed up to Chiseled this morning to see what I had in store for them.  Predictably two left early.

I arrived (or arroved if you graduated from Carolina) early to the site to get the gear set up.  It was a sleepless night mostly because of work, which gave me plenty of time to plan today’s pain stations.  Because I’m constantly criticized for my music (though in all fairness I believe everyone is), I decided to add some Christmas Music to the playlist with the likes of Darlene Love and Bruce Springsteen.  After rolling a 200 pound tire about 200 yards (though it was mostly downhill) I get to the where I want to set it only to find Damascus parked there.  I attempt to kindly ask him to move, but quickly have second thoughts (“Was I a dick to ask him to move?  I could have worked around his truck.   Maybe I need to be nicer.  Ok…I’m going to apologize”).  Shortly after the apology, Damascus did what any good friend would do….he gave me a hard time for apologizing for something so stupid.  Thanks for the reality check.

Dough boy walks up with about 8 minutes until start and asks me the last question I thought a pax would ask me…but especially Dough Boy.  “Wanna pre run?”  The easy answer was no, but I had no excuses.  Gear was set up, music was playing, no one standing around to joke with.  You got me Dough Boy, lets go.  A quick parking lot mosey and return to a few pax gathered near the shovel flag.

Close to start time.  Pax slowly settling in, I decided I would give disclaimer early.  Made sure to reiterate the modify portion and how only you know what your body is telling you so don’t strain yourself.  Ok, enough Mr. Sensitive….lets go.


Quick mosey to the end of the parking lot.  I see Shake N Bake finishing out his pre run.  He runs by us, doesn’t acknowledge us, almost like he has horse blinders and ear buds in.  I say “Shake, this way”.  No response.  I let out a loud “SHAKE!”.  Still no response.  Oh well….quick U turn back towards the church office where I have gear located.  I was pleased to see Shake caught up with us once we reached the gear.  I asked Pax to partner up and we had just enough for 6 stations (which caused me to eliminate one station on each round I had planned).


Round 1: Arms and Chest

21’s (Except they were 40’s)  10 full curls, 10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, and 10 full curls again with a 27 lb bar.

Tricep kickback with 12 lb dumbbells.

Hammer curl with a 25 lb dumbbell

Tricep extension with either a 30 lb dumbbell

Chest Press with either  40 or 35 lb dumbbells

Timer: Chariot Run (or Santa pull).  Partner 1 runs with heavy rope around him while partner two gets down in squat position and provides resistance.  To me, this was much harder than a partner push.  There was more resistance, but the rope around the waist allowed arm movement so you could replicate more of a sprint movement vs holding a partners shoulders in a partner push.

Round 2: Legs

Goblet squat with 40 lb dumbell

Foot release squat

1 legged lunge (though some claimed it was more of a squat than a lunge).  Do both lets alternating when the timer alternates

1 legged step up.  Doing both legs alternating when the timer alternates.

Tire Flip

Timer: Reverse Chariot Run.  Partner one puts rope around back of waist and faces partner 2.  Partner 2 back in a squat position providing resistance.  Again, this one was surprisingly hard.  Lots of comments about quads burning.

Round 3

Sun rise with 12 lb dumbell.  (I’ve also seen this referred to as a overhead windmill).  With palms facing out, touch dumbells together below your waist and then fully extend to the side until they touch again over your head.

Military Press with 30 or 35 lb dumbbells.

Front Raise with 22 lb bar

Military Press with one 40 lb dumbbell

Upright row with 25 lb keddle bell or two 15 lb keddle bells.

Timer: Run to end of parking lot and back. 

It was during this round that we lost two pax which caused us to speed through this round faster than expected.  I had 7 minutes to kill…..Oh, I have just the thing to do that with.

AC/DC Thunderstruck.  Mountain climbers until you hear thunder, then do a merkin on thunder.  Somewhere in the middle during the instrumental we did air presses.  If you haven’t experienced this yet, its a tough one.  Somewhere around 33 merkins, a lot of mountain climbers, and enough air presses to feel a burn.

Watch check – 3 minutes.  I started the pax out with 25 heels to heaven.  Gave up to control to recalculating who called out catalina wine mixer.  Two issues – 1) I asked for an ab excercise and he gave me a tricept excercise.  2) Recalc developed this exercise but apparently forgot how to do it.  Catalina Wine Mixer is combination of Mahtar Djai and Merkins….yet all Recalc did was Mahtar Djai.   Ok, time to take back control, finish out with 15 (maybe 13? I couldn’t hear the pax count) LBC’s.  Time.


Thanks to all those that joined today and those that have joined and Q’ed Chiseled in the past.  Its been amazing to see this site location grow from an idea to a steadily attended workout.  I had hoped for a change of pace location that reduced running and focused on more lifting (preferably with heavier gear).  I think I accomplished that today with 1.2 miles and lots of pain stations.  We (Banjo and I) are continuously on the lookout for gear and hope to upgrade the site in 2019 to allow for more gear stored on site to assist Q’s with set up.  

Chainsaw made it out again today to my Q which marks the second time he has attended my Q without his son-in-law.  I normally have something witty snarky to say….but honestly its been a long day year and I’m spent.  It was good seeing the old man kill it out there today.

Thanks to those that helped stay after to get the gear put up.  Shout out to Damascus who rolled the tire 200 yards UP hill.  Great one-on-one conversation with Damascus after everyone left.  Good dude…even if he parks his truck in the way of the workout.

Some new Q’s coming to Chiseled in 2019.  Looking forward to what Rudy, Tupperware, Posse, Knish, and Foundation have in store for us in January.  But first, you must endure one last Zinfandel Chiseled workout.  He has promised gear (real gear, not the 5 pound bricks).

Still getting use to the new backblast format.  Hate that there is no bullet option (there probably is but I havn’t figured out where it is yet).


Keep Digits (FIA from Lexington, SC) and her family/friends in your prayers.  She was tragically killed during a workout earlier this week.  She had a head lamp and runners vest on and was crossing in the cross walk.  Hopefully a wake up call to our group to always stay vigilant with both you and your brothers safety.

Prayers for the young girl Damascus mentioned who was hurt in an accident and attends Arborbrook Academy.  

Dough Boy offered an open invite to visit his house Christmas Eve if you have no where to go.  He claimed unlimited egg nog and bourbon.  I imagine a few pax may challenge him on that unlimited part.  But a good reminder that this time of year can be hard on some.  Thanks to Dough Boy for opening his home up to pax in need that evening for some fellowship.

Ciabatta be KIDDING Me: Holiday Jukebox Edition 4.0

12 men got blasted in the face with Christmas music while doing a tabata workout at #F3Stonehenge.


Ciabatta refers to Tabata, a form of high-intensity interval training developed a Mongolian scientist.  Each exercise is performed for 8 cycles of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; 4 minutes total for each set.  Doing eight different sets this way is a full F3 Ciabatta Cycle.  Add some Christmas music blasted through a guitar amp-sized blue-tooth speaker and you have the 4th annual Holiday Jukebox Edition.

Due to the rain we moseyed to the basement of the Ballantyne Village parking deck.  We warmed up a little by running up the stairs to the top of the deck and then back down.  When I say “we” I mean everyone but me.  I stayed behind to set up Wingman’s speaker.  How convenient.  When everyone returned we got right down to business.  Here are the 8 sets of tabata that we performed:

  1. Wall-o-rama: crab walls, donkey kicks, balls 2 the wall, wall sits, repeato
  2. Plank-o-rama: regular plank, right arm out, right arm out & left leg out, left arm out, left arm arm out and right leg out, elbow plank, left side elbow plank, right side elbow plank
  3. Merk-o-rama: merkins, diamond merkins, wide-armed merkins, stagger left merkins, stagger right merkins, hand release merkins, tempo merkins, merkins
  4. Lunge-o-rama: front lunge, back lunge, skater lunge, jumping lunges, repeato
  5. Mary-o-rama: 8 different mary exercises Q’d by the PAX
  6. Animal walk-o-rama: bear crawl, crab walk, frog leap aka broad jump, duck walk, repeato
  7. Jack-o-rama aka The Great Jack-off: SSH, seal jacks, smurf jacks, plank jacks, elbow plank jacks, 6-inch plank jacks, side plank jack left, side plank jack right
  8. Burpee-rama: 8 rounds of various kinds of burpees, Q’d by the PAX (worked around a couple refuseniks)


Thank you Wingman for the use of your sweet blue-tooth speaker (and convenient carrying case)!

Thanks to the PAX for putting up with this nonsense for the fourth consecutive year.  I appreciate the attendance despite the rain.  Merry Christmas.

Bushwood wrapped up; Benny bounces back

On Monday (12/17), I get a DM from Benny asking if I was doing the Donut Run on Wednesday. He was hoping for someone to help him pace around 9:30 / Mile. My initial workout plan for the week had been to do a LSD on Sunday (thanks Fleetwood and Paper Jam), Swift on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, Peak 51 on Thursday, and hit Centurian on Friday. After some thought, looking at the weather forecast (rain on Friday), and Vodoo deciding that I was headcount, I was in for Donuts!

I got there early around 5:05 and waited in my car. Benny pulled in, followed by Goonie. It was good to see him, thought he might be running with us. Around 5:10, got out of my warm car and said hello to the guys and we saw Turkey Leg. High Tide approached and was waiting for Vodoo. But, no Bushwood….

I saw Bushwood the morning before at his virgin Swift post. He was with the fast guys and I think they wrapped him up and put a bow on him. He must have ripped the wrapping off, when I saw him later on Tuesday night at Ballet pickup for the 2.0s. I remember questioning if Laetner was a real person; indeed, he is not the ghost of Christmas past, but someone from Metro and a friend from Church. All good.

Anyways, time to run. I started fast (around 9 min/ mile pace) and was ahead of Goonie and Benny. So they scolded me and I dialed it down. Along the way, Goonie and I had a not so top secret meeting (probably more to come on that). Benny commented about how I’ve gotten faster. More like, I was so slow that there wasn’t a lower speed!

We continue running, stopping at 51 to cross the road. Usually, about here is when everyone catches me. But, where were they???? Finally, around Raintree, someone passed (Swiper) and then Turkey Leg. When crossing 51 at Rea, we see Vodoo and High Tide on their way.

I commented about how we had a mile and a quarter left. And that’s when Benny Bounced! Yeah, he was complaining earlier (like a good Millennial), but, at the end he took the lead and finished strong! Another great donut run.

Glad to be back and glad I could help Benny out.


This was the first donut run that I didn’t plant water beforehand. It was something that I wanted to try and worked out fine.

Talked with Turkey Leg after. He ran the 6.3 and said it took a while for his legs to warm-up. Checking Strava it was still his crazy fast pace.

When the 3 of us were running, we passed a woman running alone in the other direction. Sure, there are all times when we go out for a quick jog by ourselves. But, on this day, I was really thankful that I get to run with you guys! Merry Christmas!


Benny on Q at Peak 51 on Thursday.

Meathead (Kettle bells) is also happening on Thursday morning.

Joe Davis Run is in MARCH this year on the 9th – sign-ups open at

Craft Beer half Marathon/5 miler –Voodoo is doing this and pointing out that it is halfway point to BRR.

What No Clown Car?

17 (1 FNG) Men showed up for YHC first Q at Dromedary on this nice brisk morning. They plan was developed last night and the Winke finalized, will the Pax get through it all,will there be enough on the agenda? All these things were rolling through my head as the Pax started to roll in.


Disclaimer given, and a warm up Mosey to the front of the parking lot as Posse imitated Jingles on the arrival. The Q juice was flowing for the warm up run then the hyperventilating commenced.   

SSH X 20

Merkins X 10

Mountain Climbers X 20

Imperial Walkers X 15 (tried for 20 could not talk any longer)

The Thang:

Started with my version of the 4 corners around the outside of the lower lot:

Lap 1

Corner 1 – 20 Merkins

Corner 2 – 20 Merkins, 20 Squats

Corner 3 – 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, 20 Dry Docks

Corner 4 – 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, 20 Dry Docks, 20 Big Boys

Lap 2

Corner 1 – 20 Squats, 20 Dry Docks, 20 Big Boys

Corner 2 – 20 Dry Docks, 20 Big Boys

Corner 3 – 20 Big Boys

Corner 4 – by this time the leaders caught the 6 we passed corner 4 and headed to the next bundle of fun in front of the Middle School

The pack stayed together and partnered up, one partner ran the middle school parking lot loop while the other completed:

-100 Derkins

-150 Step ups

-200 Dips

Once completed we Moseyed to the front of the school at the globe. Due to time constraints the last 2 exercises were removed and we Moseyed back for COT. With 2 minutes to go we completed a little Planking led by Goodfella.


I enjoyed leading these fine Men around Marvin Ridge today, and a special welcome to Centerfold (FNG). I think everyone got a good workout in as all the Pax were pushed. I appreciate all the guys coming out and supporting me in this Q. It was a little chilly but not to chilly for a few fellas to wear shorts. Goodfella will be on Q next Wednesday the 26th starting at 6:30am (holiday time).

One Star took us out in prayer.


  1. Prayers for Digits FIA in Lexington who lost her life while working out, 36yr old mother of 3.
  2. Pax may want to consider a Road ID (or similar) as we leave our personal info in cars.
  3. Please consider reflective clothing, headlamps, flashing lights while posting.
  4. Huggie Bear, is home bit of a recovery, continued prayers and support are welcomed.

Hip Flexor

Dolly tapped me a day or so ago to substi-Q DV this winter’s morn, happy to oblige.  Good to see 11 other guys show up this morning in fairly cool temps the week before Christmas.  Disclaimer given and off we went at 5:31.

Mosey down to track for warm up lap, then circle up at first corner for COP:

IW x 20

LSS x 20

MC x 20

Rosalita x 20

HR Merkins x 20


Get into groups of 3 for Grinders

P1 – doing called exercises at middle part of bleachers on track (R1 – 15 merkins/15 squats; R2 – 15 CDD/15 Dolly)

P2 – doing called exercises 200 meters across the track (R1 – LBC; R2 – Flutter)

P3 – running in between as timer 

Leave the track, head up the path to the rocks on the side of steps, each group of 3 grab a lifting rock.

P1 – Rock work right outside Gloss’ office (R1 – Curl/Overhead/Tricep extension; R2 – Thrusters; R3 – Skull crushers)

P2 – doing called exercise down by the bleachers (R1 – step ups; R2 – supines; R3 – dips)

Mosey to bus lot at the bball goals for gassers to finish up



Kotters to HH as I think he’s been dealing with some sort of an infirmity (knee?); the PAX misses your wit pal (as low key of a dig as you can get).

Also good to see some dudes I haven’t seen at DV much lately in the form of G-man and Lay-Z.  Hopper, Stone Cold, Leo, and Slapper are here more often, and always good to see them.  Header, Chin, and of course your site Q’s Dolly and Smokey are regs.

All mad vets out there this morning and the smack was flying early.  Called Rosalitas during COP, met with immediate disdain with “already doing Mary?” and “ground is cold”.  C’mon boys, don’t neglect those hip flexors.  Dolly and I were joking during grinders that there is potential for the Super Rosalita, which includes inverted partners…yikes.  Had the structure of the workout planned out, however the called exercises were completely off the hip; and trust me, this group does not let that go by quietly. 

G told me as we were gathering for COT that the gassers got us to exactly 2 miles today, which made him give the mantra “Make Bootcamps Great Again”.

Thanks Dolly and Smokey for the opportunity to lead such a stellar group of men this morning.

Thanks also to Stone Cold for providing our prayer this Christmas filled morning. 


Continued prayers needed for Huggy Bear; prognosis positive, but just starting the road to recovery at home.

Continued prayers for Destiny who is in hospice care.