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18 men and one Shovel Flag posted for the Centurion.  Temps were a balmy 32 degrees and no wind.  A great morning before the massive onslaught of snow, ice, sleet, hail, lighting, fury, meteors, and general mayhem hits this weekend.  Hopefully you loaded up on bread and milk on the way home.  Some early chatter about temps and appropriate glove wear.  Mermaid has 6 sets of gloves.  The man’s hands stay clean, warm, and soft to the touch no matter what the conditions are outside.  Personally I go with lightweight gloves below 50, heavy weight mechanics gloves below 35ish.  Maybe some glove liners in the 20’s and full on ski gloves below 15.

Rapper’s Delight, with the metabolism of a 21 year old, kept it simple with just a light weight t-shirt and fingerless weight lifting gloves this morning.  At the opposite end of the spectrum you had Chelms who had a sheet, blanket, comforter, footy pajamas, and possibly also an electric blanket.  That’s what I am assuming, because he didn’t post.

5:29, light disclaimer, pretty much only veterans left this time of year.  5:30 mosey.

Run the ramps to the top of the deck for COP in Cadence.

  • SSH x 20 (The infectious skipping of the SSH continues to grow but I will not be deterred.  I’ll assume these same men are also installing hand rails in the bathtub at their house, just to be safe.)
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Low Slow Squats x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Plank for instructions

The Thang:

Choose a partner.  Size does not matter.  Speed does not matter.  Integrity matters!

Mosey to small lot behind stadium.

Round 1:

P1 – Max WWII Sit-ups while P2 Runs

P2 – Runs around stadium

Confirm your rep count with partner.


Round 2:

Repeat Round 1, but the race is on.  If runner returns before the other partner equals or beats his sit-ups then sitter-upper must complete 10 burpees.  If Sitter-Upper meets or equals his previous count then runner does 10 burpees.  Winning partner planks and watches the burpees with victorious glee.

Round 3:

Like Round 1, but with max merkins.  WARNING:  Don’t assume the rules are the same and sandbag your merkin effort!

Round 4:

(After a brief polling to gauge merkin effort, the target was set at 110 merkins.)

P1 – Must hit 110 total merkins between his first round and second efforts, prior to P2 returning from run.  Failure to complete 110 Merkins in time = 10 Burpees.   If completed P2 (runner) does 10 burpees.


Winning partner planks and watches the burpees with victorious glee.

Now if you sandbagged the first round of Merkins the second round got that much harder.  Integrity!


Plank up, instructions were to find another partner between here and the time we mosey to the parking deck.

Starting in center of lower level, both partners complete 10 Hand Release Burpees, run opposite directions and up stairs, meet in the middle-ish part of the top level for 10 Hand Slap Merkins.

Goal was 3 rounds.  Didn’t make the final stair climb due to time, but did get in the 3rd round of Hand Release Burpees which there was much excitement about.  Hand Release Burpees = Integrity

Mosey back to launch, with and extra climb of the stairs for good measure.



I stole and slightly modified the Sit-Up races from Tolkien last week.  A little friendly competition, even if it’s you vs. you maintains Integrity.  Sometimes it’s easier to just mail it in, but you aren’t accelerating.

Strong work out there by all today.  Guys run a lot faster out there when they know there is a burpee penalty on the line.  Lorax was smoking it.  Clearly not wanting to do Burpees.  Mermaid knocked out 90 Merkins in round 1 and then wished his partner Checkpoint good luck, as he only had to complete 20 more to be victorious.  Speaking of Checkpoint, he just got home from ~3 months in Annapolis (Fun Fact:  I proposed to my wife there.) watching Maverick play football.  Still a beast.  Also good to see Flutie back from up north.  This was basically summer temps for him.

The plus side of F3 Expansion to support more men is that I now have a few AO’s very close to my house.  The downside is that I haven’t spent as much time with my west side brothers as I should.  Will fix that for 2019.  Thanks to Margo and Mermaid for the invite and hospitality.  I look forward to my next opportunity.  It sounded like there was some disappointed PAX when I didn’t show up with plates or sandbags.

Lastly, with less than 3 weeks until Christmas, spend a little time today thinking about how you can fill the wish list of a child or family who is less fortunate than you.  If you need help in identifying a family reach out to some guys.  I can help as well as our 3rd F Q, Snowflake and 3rd F Emeritus, Hops.  Certainly others out there as well!


Announcements – Dec 21 Centurion will either be a run or a Quality Control Check on Margo’s Christmas lights.   Follow slack and look at the calendars for adjustments.

Prayers:  Huggie Bear and Cooter both having significant surgery next week.  Also prayers continued healing for Hannibal’s M who just had surgery on Tuesday.



Chase the Paper

So I sent a simple pre-tweet with a little kid chasing some toilet paper down a hill so he could achieve his ultimate goal….  Will come back to that


Proper Disclaimer given and off down hill Stop at the street 5 burpees, stop at the road,  10 Burpees

WU:  20SSH, 15 CC and something else can’t remember

The Thang:  5 Stations with Running half the lot as timer

Station 1- Worm Burners and Burpees

Station 2- Standing Reach with bar

Station 3  Smash balls

Station 4 KB Swing

Station 5 come back with the timer

Run back hit with a few more burpees and some Mary to finish on time


Moleskin: Chasing the paper, gear work is really up to you and you alone,  you really can just “get by” if you want to and honestly I have had times I have struggled with that myself. Its why I strive to find someone that will challenge me and push me, and why I set mental goals for myself while I work out. So, as I have done these in the past, the first round you should really push your self hard and hit a number.  Grab the biggest KB and see what you can do in the minute or so you have,  20,21 swings…. Great but next time set time around set a goal and beat that number, then the 3rd time even higher, chase that paper and set it so that your working your ass off. If your not gassed at the end of a gear work out, its your fault.  The motivation has to come from you…  And since your up at 5AM anyways  you mite as well make it worth your time.

Notable mentions- REcalculating and Frack are real men- I am not I admit it- both wearing t shirts and frack didn’t even have gloves

Frack decided that doing summer saults over the plate was more effective then pushing it

All put in a solid effort and I am looking forward to seeing more plate working in a couple weeks at Chiseled

Moneyball is relentless with Back blasts!

It was fun to q today! Thanks for the invite MB



Bible study Sunday mornings- DM Bottlecap for Details

Effe’s? party Tomorrow night for WUC

Bring Hoodies and pants to Bottlecap for Church on the street

If You Can Hear My Voice….

It was another Tuesday in paradise, and 16 PAX decided to partake in the beat down that is Skunkworks:



To the rock and back

20 X SSH

5 Burpees

20 KB Swings

15 Imperial Walkers

20 Good Mornings

Partner up for Catch me if you can (Church Loop)- 10 Jump Squats

Meet at the front doors

Ring around the church- except OPPOSITE our normal direction

Round 1: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Overhead Press
• Round 2: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 High Rows
• Round 3: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Goblin Squats
• Round 4: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 KB Merkins
• Round 5: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Partners Choice

Mosey to the square

Called Exercises, then run up and down steps

Round 1: 20 One Arm swings 10 each arm

Round 2 (Alternate staircase): 20 Cleans  10 each arm

20 snatch, 10 each arm

20 Lawnmowers 20 each arm

Mosey on back to the school for Mary

10 Burpees




Paintball with your 2.0 down at Palmetto Springs over Christmas Break. See Bulldog if interested- 2.0 has to be able to take a paintball AND LIKE IT.

Prayers for Huggy Bear- Having surgery on 12/11 for tumor.


This was a hardened, veteran group of PAX who came out to Skunk. The Mumble chatter was so loud, I we actually had issues getting started at 5:30, it didn’t seem that anyone was really interested in listening to anything  I had to say (or  just another Tuesday- it’s ok, I only cry on the inside).

Luckily- I know just the trick for a group with the combined maturity level this one has- the good ole grade school “If you can hear my voice- clap once.” And it actually worked- two different times during the workout!*

One thing that sets this AO apart from others is the combination of weight and movement, hence ring around the church and climb the stairs. Strava says we got in 2.2, and #Stravadontlie

T-Claps to the pre runners- I don’t know who all of you were, but someone does. Good job- doing a 5k before this workout is no joke.

Additional T-Claps to Geraldo- didn’t have his KB on hand, so Rucked the whole thing. Didn’t even seen to phase him.

A solid amount of mumble chatter going on- some highlights that I heard involved Header celebrating Christmas with 16 Christmas Trees in his house, Smokey is preaching the Sunday before Christmas, and I think Geraldo and others were checking out my burpee form and muttering about my youth?? Not sure on that one…..

Great to see Fletch out at Skunk- and when I mean see, I mean watch as he zooms by me running around the church. He’s back and as bad (in a good way) as ever.

Sound off if I missed anything-thanks to Tulip and Funky Cold for the opportunity to lead!







*Everyone seemed to get what to do when I stated “If you hear my voice clap ____”, with the exception of Fireman Ed and Lois. They wouldn’t stop clapping- something may be off y’all. 


Rebel Yell Polar Plunge

16 PAX for a frigid RY Bootcamp.  Will someone please donate a sweatshirt, hat and some gloves to Chunder.


Wear gloves.. we will be on the frozen pavement quite a bit.  Chunder ignores.


We start 30 seconds early to keep warm and run circles around the car waiting for Mr. Reliable aka The Toy Collector aka Escobar…. and he’s a no show so we Mosey on.   Circling up and standing in place didnt seem like a great way to stay warm, so we aimlessly ran around and performed called out exercises…..

  1. forward & backward arm circles
  2. high knees
  3. butt kicks
  4. shuffle right and then left

Then we circled up for some quick SSH, Carolina DD, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and last, more Mt. Climbers


Station #1:  Movie Theater Parking Lot (Grab a Partner)

  • Round 1:
    • P1:  Run to the end of parking lanes
    • P2: Perform 2 Burpees at each parking stall until P1 returns
  • Round 2:
    • P1:  Run to the end of parking lanes
    • P2: Perform 3 Jump Squats at each parking stall until P1 returns

Various plank positions in between each round – no rest

I was thankful that Doc was quick to mention this was a baby version of what Mary Kay did last week…. and then continued to complain about how this was sooo much easier than last week!

Station #2: The Fountain

Grab a different Partner, but only for purposes of splitting the group in half

  • Exercise 1: Dips x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 2: Derkins x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 3: Box Jumps x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 4: Low Squats x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 5:  Get with your partner and complete Exercises 1-4 with no laps

Station #3: 1-Minute Max Reps

  • Merkins: P1 counts, P2 max merkin reps in 60 seconds
    • Flapjack
  • Sit-ups: P1 counts, P2 max full sit up reps in 60 seconds
    • Flapjack

It was determined that everyone cheated in some capacity so no winner was declared. Everyone does 5 Burpees on their own.

Station #4:  Balls to the Wall, Bear Crawl up grassy Hill, Crawl-Bear down, Back into Balls to the Wall

This was one of those ideas that sounded good while I sat on the couch and thought about what to do at the end of a workout.   Bucky gave the group a fair warning that the grass would be flooded.  Only 50% of the group listened and I was not one of them.    I proceeded to step in ankle deep slushy water, then bear crawl up a frozen wet hill, and ultimately slid back down.   Awful idea and a terrible way to end.   Bad move all around.

Overall, we logged 2.25 miles and stayed fairly warm for 43 minutes of the workout.

#CountORama / #NameORama 

16 PAX & zero FNG


  1. Cooter (leg tumor) and Huggy Bear (brain tumor) both have their surgeries on Tuesday 12/11 – please reach out to them to let them know you’re thinking about those guys next week.
  2. Rebel Yell is looking for Q’s.  Reach out to Mary Kay and War Eagle.  They take $15 via Paypal. For charity of course

– Tagalong 

Kegs & Legs

20 PAX for this week’s much anticipated (self provided feedback) episode of Bagpipe aka The Oatmeal Slayer…


We will be running with empty beer kegs. Be careful.


Count off in 4’s and remember your number.   Only 2/3 of the Pax remembered their number, obviously.   Your number now assigns you to a team and each team has a keg that will stay with them for the remainder of the workout.   Circle up in the COT parking lot, as running with steel drums before performing at least one set of SSH would not be advisable.

  1. SSH x 20
  2. Carolina DD x 15
  3. Merks x 15
  4. FWD Baby Arm Circles x ?
  5. BKWD Baby Arm Circles x ?
  6. Low Slow Squats x 15


Station #1: OC Parking Lot (5 man Grinder)

  • Round 1: Carolina DD at one end of the parking lot & Merkins at the other end
    • Keg Runner:  3 burpees at each parking line (9 reps total)
  • Round 2:  Mountain Climbers at near end & FWD Lunges at other end
    • Keg Runner:  3 overhead squats at each parking line (9 reps total)
  • Round 3:  Alternating high arm/leg planks at near end & Lateral elbow plank w/ arm/leg extension at other end
    • Keg Runner:  3 Clean & Jerks (9 reps total)

Various plank positions in between each round – no rest

Station #2: The 4-Corner Fountain

Grab your Kegs and Burpee Indian run (Keg stays at the front of the line) to the fountain area… Kirby provides the following instructions and were off:

  • Corner 1: Keg Curls x 25
    • Run to the building and back for next corner exercises
  • Corner 2: Dips x 25
    • Run to the building and back for next corner exercises
  • Corner 3: Box Jumps x 25
    • Run to the building and back for next corner exercises
  • Corner 4: Derkins x 25
    • Run to the building and back for next corner exercises

Out of Time

Burpee Indian Run back to COT 1 minute late and we are done.


Overall, we logged a few steps over 1.7 miles.

Another Keg workout, and another morning of botched instructions by the Q.   Live and learn, but I believe everyone enjoyed the mix-up of our traditional Tuesday.   My chest and shoulders are super sore as a good sign of muscle confusion.

War Eagle on Q next week!

#CountORama / #NameORama 

20 PAX & zero FNG


  1. Didnt get any as Thin Mint was our recorder
  2. Bagpipe is always looking for Q’s – submit your application to Kirby today!
  3. We will be open on 12/11 (War Eagle) and 12/18 (Bucky) and then closed the remainder of the year until January 8.

– Tagalong 

I know Art. And thanks for noticing.

13 men assembled in an elementary school parking lot at 5:30 this morning. For such a cold morning, the pregame fellowship was impressive. Discussion topics included Hopper’s white tights, Semi’s prerun, my birthday festivities the night before, and Sprockets not riding a bike to the workout.

Sleepy rolled in right at 5:30 and off we went. Mosey to the back field (after another delay to gather Thunder Road), then warmup through varying exercises and methods to traverse the field. I appreciated Semi’s constant edification during the early part of the workout. Down the spooky trail which was quite dark this morning – I may have missed the turn. Then gather at the foot of the hill back there for the Triple Nickel.

Recover with a little Mary, then AYG down the road, bang a left then to that road at the stop sign where we usually do stuff. (Probably 800 yards total). Ugh. Recover again with a little Mary.

Muster at the intersection looking up towards Rea Rd. Modified suicides – up two road humps (10 monkey humpers), back one road hump (10 HR merkins). Continue up to Rea Rd. Recover there with some Mary. Yog over to the newer benches around the tree and partner up. Partner 1 runs around the track. Partner B does the exercise. We just did two rounds with derkins and dips, then finished off the time with a little more Mary, including Prairie Fire Mary which is a winter-only exercise for me because of where sweat would drip from.

Other commentary:
– Hopper stained his white tights with a loud blast during the first suicide. Mercy.
– One Eye and Sprockets were out front all morning, with Marge close behind.
– Every time I post with BOG, I tell people all day that I worked out with an Olympic silver medalist.

Sprockets has first full-length Q next week at Hawks Nest (Hawk’s Nest? Hawks’ Nest?) next week. Does Latin have a good sledding hill if we get 8 inches of snow on Monday?

Good work this morning, boys. I’ve been out sick for over a week; it was good to get back out there with the guys. Thanks for posting in the cold.

Old School Gear…or just old a*s gear

For Genesis, we took it back old school. No not Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” However, I did wear a fanny pack and those went out of style in the 80’s so we did go back pretty far for us…well at least for me #notamillennial #overripefruit

Any-who, this is what we did:

  • Short mosey through the walkway to the back part of Banana Republic. We were only window shopping.
  • Quick 20 count of SSH and IW
  • Warm up mosey around building to finish back at the fountain for the main course
  • Main Course: 3 ~ 50 lb. logs for 3 men. Circuit work called.
    • 1st round we’ll do 50 dips then shoulder log and run down around playground, over to the Brixx side and back to start.
    • 2nd round called for 50 decline merkins then a lap with the log
    • 3rd round called for 50 incline merkins then a lap with the log
  • Main Course #2: same 3 round circuit with different exercises
    • 1st round – thrusters with logs then run same path but sans log. We did 50…er 25 this time
    • 2nd round – overhead press x 50 with log then around the path sans log
    • 3rd round – bench press x 50 with log then around same path.
  • Palate cleanser: jog around dormant Bermuda grass area with various movements
    • 1st lap – backwards
    • 2nd lap – Karaoke
    • 3rd lap – karaoke flapjack
    • 4th lap – butt kickers
  • Final Course: return logs to truck and grab 2 brick pavers each. At grassy area directions were given.
    • Bear Crawl with bricks 10 yards out then 10 diamonds merkins with bricks
    • Crab Walk 10 yards back then wide arm merkins (also with bricks)
    • Side walk with bricks 10 yards out then 10 regular merkins (continue with bricks)
    • Side walk flap jack 10 yards back then man-maker merkins (unfortunately still with bricks)
  • Finished 30 seconds early. No complaints heard.


  • Blakovery pax were jealous of our swoleness (yes that’s a word. Per Wiktionary: The state, quality, or condition of being swole)
  • I’m still sore today (Thursday)
  • I missed posting to bootcamps. My back held up; now I just have to quit being lazy.
  • General is a beast. Not sure he broke a sweat.
  • One-Niner wasn’t far behind however. He said at the end of the workout that he broke a sweat. #satisfactionguaranteed


  • COTS is in need of winter clothing. Socks are the most requested item.


Thank you guys for letting me lead you this morning. It was fun and I can only now move my arms without pain. I’ll be there again with you on Monday unless we are in #snowmageddon #needaccountability #heartbreaker?

This Escalator Only Goes Up

‪19 came to Swift this week. Some ran intervals, some tapered for Kiawah, some did a mix, none were fakers‬. Here’s what we did.


We followed the pre-blast almost to a T

0500 – optional warmup
0515 – leave from the Vine, follow warmup route down parking lot, across Btyne Corp Place and around loop to Rushmore and Harney
0525 – dynamic warmup/stretching on Rushmore
0532 – begin intervals (below) on loop pictured below. at end of every work interval recover to the 6, then continue around the loop for recovery and next work interval
0609 – intervals done, return to the Vine using whatever route you like

Intervals (all at t-pace)
6 x 1 min, 1 min recovery (12 minutes)
3 x 2 min, 1 min recovery (9 minutes) – 2 minute recover after the last one
2 x 3 min, 2 min recovery (10 minutes)
1 x 6 min, recover home we are done (6+ minutes) (ouch)



Two groups today. One group pushing through the intervals. The other, smaller group was tapering for Kiawah and ran the loop with us doing various amounts of intervals and/or strides. Made for great encouragement and 2F as we kept the six in tow with our recoveries and all stayed pretty close together. Well, everyone except Mario who was doing his own thing running around in different circles than our big loop (nothing new here).

The intervals ascending in time while staying the same pace proved to be brutal. While you were getting used to pushing for one amount of time, you got to ponder how much the next, longer intervals were going to hurt. The only drawback was that by starting with the shortest interval we all went out faster than t-pace and had to suck it up and try to hang the rest of the morning. Woodson was especially guilty as the leader of the first three 1-minute intervals — his bright orange hat a self-described beacon of hope for us to follow.

Come to Swift. It’s awesome. Fast or slow. Runner or not. We will take you in and make you a better/faster/stronger runner and will not leave you behind.

Good luck to everyone running Kiawah this weekend!!

Two is Better than One

Two men ran different pre-runs and then met at the lot to wait for One Niner, Fire Hazard, General_, Madame Tussauds, Ringer… no one else to show up.



  • Mosey to the playground for COP – IW x15, LSS x15
  • Move to the pull up bars. Every minute on the minute: 10 jump squats, 5 burpee pull ups x6 minutes
  • Mosey down the hill of death to the practice field and grab yourself a tire
    • Line up facing across field
    • Flip tire once, run to other side, 2 HR Merkins, 2 Jump Squat, run back
    • Flip tire twice, run, 4 of each, run back
    • Tire thrice, 6 of each…
    • Until you get the tire across the field (last round was 9 flips, 18 HR Merkins, 18 jump squat)
  • Lunge walk back across the field
  • Run back to tires and roll them back to where we found them
  • Mosey back to parking lot and grab a KB
    • 10 reps of 3 exercises (choose from curls, swings, cleans, left hand rows, right hand rows, tricepts)
    • Run a lap
    • 10 reps of 3 different exercises
    • Run a lap
    • Continue until 6:13
  • 2 minutes of Mary
  • Lightning fast COT, go get warm



Expected attendance to be light today with many of the SOBs, especially the IL PAX, otherwise engaged traveling, tapering for Kiawah, eating for Kiawah (FH), and so on. Cobbler is a bad ass for not only showing up for a pre-run, but showing up at all with a shoulder that is stamped and ready for rotator cuff surgery. We modified where possible today and looked for exercises that didn’t send the shoulder into too many fits. Too bad Foxhole is dead and Genesis dies on Monday as Cobbler found KBs to be the only thing that didn’t hurt too bad.

F3 works even with just 2 PAX. That workout was decidedly less unpleasant than it would have been alone in the cold darkness. Too bad it wasn’t as warm down South there as I expected it to be. Good times and great conversation this morning in Indian Land. Thanks for the invite to lead. Madame Tussauds on Q next week.

Dromedary Wamrap

A Small, but dedicated, group showed up for the monthly Dromedary Wamrap today.  After much convincing (and some yelling), that there is an alternate rock pile near the track, I was able to get the pax to follow me up to the school to begin our warmup.  Much to everyone’s surprise, we found the covert pile allowing everyone to grab a rock and carry them to either stations 3 or 6.

The Warmup

Mosey from the launch to the school

Pickup a rock along the way and carry it to station 3 or 6

20 side straddle hops

15 imperial walkers

10 low slow quats

10 mountain climbers

10 cotton pickers

The Thang

In our normal monthly tradition, the Wamrap rules were set (without needing the aid of my handy Weinki that was tucked in my pocket for emergencies) and everyone was on there way.  A special thanks goes to Goodfella for providing the outline for the workout.

The stations consisted of

1 – 20 Dips – followed by a bear crawl to the wall

2 – 20 donkey kicks

3 – 20 curls

4 – WWII situps

5 – 20 merkins

6 – 20 overhead press

7 – 1 burpee / lap

One Star led the way, finishing up with 6 full laps and 2 stations of round 7.   All members of the Pax worked hard on a nice chilly morning with everyone finishing at least 4 laps.   Extra credit to The Grease Monkey for carrying his rock around the track each lap and still hitting the 4+ lap mark


One Star – 6.2

Boucher – 6

Boytano – 5.7

Lazy Boy – 5.7

Pocohontas – 5.7

Illiterate (FNG) – 5.6

Johnny Utah – 5.6

Dana – 5.4

Garbage Plate – 5.4

Rockwell – 5.4

The Grease Monkey 4.5 ** (while carrying a rock around the track)


We want to keep Mrs. Johnny Utah in our prayers as she continues to work through various back issues that continue to plague her.  We also want to keep our brother Huggie Bear in our prayers as he goes into surgery next week for recently discovered brain turmors.

We also want to welcome our newest F3 member, Illiterate.  If he got nothing else out of the workout this morning, he’ll certainly think twice before answering the question “what type of books do you like to read”.  If ever asked that question again, I suspect he won’t answer it with “I don’t read”.  Welcome Illiterate!!