A Soaking Wet Leap Frog Game

A Soaking Wet Leap Frog Game

18 Pax came out in nasty conditions to get one final end of year calorie burn in. I had offered the night before to potentially keep us dry if it rained. Unfortunately for the pax, when I arrived it was barely a mist which gave me all I needed to do the full workout. Of course less than 5 minutes in, the sky’s opened up and continued with mixes of drizzle to light rain the rest of the workout.

I had hinted on GroupMe that if the rain held off, I wanted to get in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. Basically its moving fast with periods of rest in between. When I’m on the treadmill at the gym I typical incorporate some or all of HIIT into my treadmill workouts with some variation of 45 to 60 sec sprint (7.5 to 8 mph) and 15 to 20 sec off (jump on rails to rest). I was hoping to incorporate a similar workout in but with the added benefit of body weight exercises.

Several pax were there early. Thanks to Foundation for the Chiseled sand bag donation. Ignition came strolling through the parking lot at 6:25. Was this going to be a convergence that I wasn’t aware of? No, they were just dropping off Dead Weight Wood (THIS IS A JOKE. MAKING SURE SOME OF YOU REALIZE THIS IS A JOKE SINCE RECENTLY FEELINGS (NOT DEADWOOD’s) WERE HURT – PANSIES).

Posse gave an impassioned speech about safety that was so moving, he couldn’t continue on with the workout. In all seriousness, it was a good message to have at least one cell phone with us at all times, Q’s to give a proper disclaimer, Q’s to notify pax ahead of workout of potential hazards they might face and how to minimize risks (for example: we are crossing the road, please keep an eye out for cars and make sure head lamps are turned on).

Posse was 4 minutes into what appeared to be a 10 minute speech and my clock said 6:30. I was getting worried and anxious. I think Posse saw the strife on my face and decided to cut it short. Foundation returned from his car with a phone strapped on. Disclaimer given. Quick mention of HIIT and how all mosey’s need to be at a faster pace (3/4 speed and minimum). And away we go.


Run around the parking lot to the middle school. Circle up and partner up. Picking late arriving pax up along the way.

25 SSH’s – Picked up an additional 2 pax here.

25 civilian count merkins.

Warm up over, lets do some work. Mosey to road that connects middle and high schools (right in front of middle school.


Leap Frog? No real name for what we did today, but leap frog sounds as good as any. Partner one lunge walks. Partner 2 runs to first light then starts lunge walking. Once partner 2 reaches light, partner 1 stops lunge walking and sprints past his partner to the second light where he then starts lunge walking again. Repeat until all pax were at the end of the road (approximately 12 lights). This was successful in getting the heart rate up.

Toe taps while waiting on the 6. 10 count by zin who decided it would be cute of him to count down as fast as he could. I imagine the 6 had words for him, but ok…lets go.

Mosey down the hill towards the parking lot near the football stadium. Meet at center light pole.

Deconstructed Burpees Starfish? Square? Degeneration X? Some kind of shape. Start with 1 burpee at the center pole. Run to one corner for 25 squats. Run back to pole for 2 burpees. Run to another corner for 25 Merkins. Run back to pole for 3 burpees. Run to 3rd corner for 25 in and outs (some had trouble with this and since Q didn’t explain, potential Q fail here, though Foundation bailed me out saying I gave proper explanation). Run back to center pole for 4 burpees then 4th corner for 25 bobby hurley’s. Finish up with 5 burpees at the center pole. Not going to lie….that one wore me out. Asked for another 10 count. But better speed. Mosey to the bottom of….are we calling it Money Ball hill? Really???

Run to top of hill for 50 merkins at top and 50 carolina dry docks at the bottom. Split the reps up how ever you want as long as you get 50 total in 3 rounds. (I did 20, 15, 15). Some (Deadwood), found that it was better to do all 50 at once and just run the rest of the time. Honestly hadn’t planned on that kind of push so I did the only thing I knew to do when he asked what he should do….keep running and keep doing exercises until the 6 is in….that’s what you get for over achieving.

Asked pax to recover at the bottom of the hill. We arrived just in time to see Ignition approaching from the south. I suggested our next exercise was to grab arms and run full speed at them red rover style. None of the other pax were up for it. So instead we went for another round of leap frog, except this time with squats instead of lunges. The lack of solid markers (trees vs light poles) made for difficult start and stopping points, but the pax settled in and got it done.

Back at the main road that connects the middle and high school we leap froged again. This time with the exercise being inch worms. I asked running pax to call out their partners name when the reached the light so inch worm pax could keep their head down and focus on grinding out some reps. Abs were pretty sore by the end. Looked up to find about half the group marrying. I didn’t want ab work for mary today (in case you couldn’t tell) as it would get the heart rate lower than I wanted it to. I yelled a couple times for the pax to circle back for the 6. Either they didn’t hear me, or decided to Q jack me. Oh well….heart rates too low, lets go running up the road towards the entrance of the middle school to get the blood pumping again. Half way up the hill that was much longer than I thought, I audibles and asked for another 10 count. Zinfandel just happened to be the closest and wouldn’t you know it….that son of a gun did a speed count even faster than his first one. At this point I had to hold off the clydesdales from coming after him with a pillow case full of batteries. I leaned on Dana for a better ten count in which he just kept repeating TEYUN, TEYUN, ten times. It was better than Zin’s counting so I guess I can’t complain.

Called for an all you got jail break back to the bottom of the hill. We did 50 tee clamps while we caught our breath. Around 35 my shoulders were burning and based on the mumble chatter, I wasn’t the only one hurting. Watch check: 4 minutes left. Run the parking lot loop with half speed for half of it and full speed for the other half. Turned the corner only to see Rudy speeding past me. Love the push lately. Not sure if its a mindset change, just better shape, or extra propellant from his famous merlot and taco truck date nights (his poor wife).

2 minutes left. Asked pax to do ab work while I grabbed my phone. Rain on the car door made inputting the code into the touch screen keypad a little trickier so by the time I got back to the circle the pax were finishing abs and Ignition was huffing and puffing in. 6:15 – Time.


Thanks to those that attended Flash today. Working out in the rain sucks (hey, at least it wasn’t bitterly cold!). The rain held off just long enough to where I could blame that were were too far out and too wet to turn back for cover…but who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have let halfback have that on me that they worked out in the rain and we didn’t….we were doing this HIIT workout outside even if it was raining sideways.

I had 2.96 miles and 717 calories. One of the high burn 45 minute workouts I’ve done I’m sure the guys up front pushed over the 3 mile mark.

Welcome to our new FNG KaBoom. I didn’t catch all the details, but from what I remember he works with explosives in the army. He is Rockwells nephew. Rockwell was given the chance to name him and wisely said that he didn’t wan to piss anyone off that works with bombs. Good call Rockwell. Had a few other names come up but we settled on KaBoom. Welcome and good push today.

Hollywood brought out his duck taped 50 lb sand back. Said it was wrapped in 4 rolls of duck tape and could handle a slam. Yikes, it was heavy. Perhaps a Chiseled gear addition in the future. I will put Banjo in charge of the duck tape.

Deadwood, Banjo, and KaBoom led the charge today. Great work out of them. Rockwell was up front a lot today as well.

The 6 stayed close. Great push from my Clydesdale brethren today. A lot of running (probably more than you were expecting out of me), but yall hung tough.

Too many pax to call everyone out, but good to see Reaper out again. Honey Comb becoming a regular (bout time to Q). Akbar working hard. Zin and Dana still out in front of me. Love seeing the father son duo out in Rubbermaid and Tupperware (grow a pair and ask her out).

I’m not sure how the Flash/Ignition back blast works, so I just included Ignition in here. Halfback led ignition with Hollywood, Goodfella, and Stub Hub in tow. They ran a lot, got wet, and arrived to COT in time. The end.


Watchtower is holiday hours tomorrow. 6:30 Brooklyn pizza with Chick-Fil-A Coffeteria afterwards (Thank god its not Dunkin).

Big convergence also happening at Freedom Park. I don’t know the details but I’m sure one of the OG’s on GroupMe can hook you up with details.

Reminder from Goodfella about Posse’s message this morning. Safety is on all of us.

Rock Hill CPR postponed.

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