Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Five men met in the 530 gloom on Christmas Eve for a little cheer! All were disclaimed and we took a mosey around the parking lot.

COP – IW, SSH, LSS x 15

Wheel of Merkin on the raised sidewalk x10 in each of the 4 directions.

Mosey to the track for some 4 corners work. Lap 1 was 10 merkins at each corner. Lap 2 was drydocks x 10. Lap 3 was LSS x 10 and Lap 4 was lunge x 10 each leg.

Next stop was top of the hill and we all acquired a lifting rock for curls, triceps and overhead press x 10 each. Next we ran to the bottom of the hill for dips and pull ups x 10 each. This circuit was repeated x 4.

We grabbed some wall and did air presses.

We proceeded to the parking lot and lined up. The first man called a core exercise and ran to the far light pole while the other men performed the exercise. I believe we did LBCs, Flutter, Rosalita, Freddy Mercury, American Hammer.

We finished up with suicide sprints to each of the 4 baseketball goals.

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