After Christmas Christmas Special

After Christmas Christmas Special

Posted on behalf of Christmas:
6 men posted on a weirdly warm 35 degree day for a vague 4 – 6 planned miles of fun with pain stations.


  1. SPEED FOR NEED … can you commit to participating or serving in 1 event in 2019? It’s easy… and you don’t need to be a fast runner to be a part of it.  It requires just two things: (1) a willingness to put yourself 2nd someone else in the community (2) and the ability to get to the event on time. Talk to the regional SFN Q, Gypsy for more details… he’s got it all and will plug you in.
  2. If you’re going to the Gremlin on 1/19 (which everyone should do). Sign up here so we can get a head count for food and planning:


  • 0515… 1 FNG, disclaimer given, Mosey began.  YHC got some new running shoes for Christmas so I came out of the gate like a cheetah.
  • Mosey down Trade to Matthews United Methodist for a warm up.  SSH X 15, Merking X 15. 
  • First Pain Station of the day.  5 Burpees, 10 Squats, 15 Merkins, 20 6 inch LBC’s (stole these from Tolkien)
  • Continue down trade for another mile or so and turn around at the bridge that’s been under repair for years.  Pain Station #3.
  • Run back down Trade towards the AO to connect with the Greenway right before Matthews Elementary.  Pain Station #4.
  • Ran the entirety of the greenway (+/- 3 miles) all the way to John St.  Pain Station #5.
  • Ran down John St. to the corner of Trade near downtown Matthews. 25 Merkins OYO on the way.
  • People’s Chair (50 hand raises), 30 seconds of Balls to the Wall.  
  • Jailbreak back to the AO
  • Stretching for 2 minutes followed by COT with Peak 51
  • YHC finished up at 5.5 miles exactly.  Great work today guys.


During mumble chatter I learned about a new movie in theaters called Free Solo. The movie is about a pretty normal guy that scales a 3,000 foot vertical rock with no ropes or equipment.  Apparently his amygdala, the part of the brain that reacts to fear, is dormant.  So he lives life with with “no fear”.  Just like what Gypsy has tattooed on his lower back.  Pretty awesome story and makes me think of Johnny 5 ( FNG)  who decided for his first post why not attend and hour long running workout.
Great work Johnny 5 and welcome!

Also Fletch and Orange Whip are sort of fast.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and the fellowship this morning boys.

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