Jingle Bell Rock/Gear

Jingle Bell Rock/Gear

12 PAX dressed normal and tried to avoid the rain and the scary clowns of Waverly.

ANNOUNCEMENTS (Stolen from Gypsy – Reorganize to align with priorities)

  • Moneyball and his M officially get their new son, Joseph, today. Let’s lift them up in prayers and deeds to ensure they feel loved and Joseph feels welcome in his new community (STAY AWAY FROM GROUPME JOSEPH!)
  • Church On The Streets (COTS) needs volunteers for first Sunday in January (1/6). Click on this link for more details: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/20F0D4AABA82CA7FE3-2019
  • Convergence on Monday: Flash, Asylum, and Ignition will all meet at Cuthberton Middle School at 6:30am. 1 hour workout. Doughboy on Q
  • F3 Foundation – A few PAX attended this luncheon yesterday. Unbelievable to see a group of men dedicated to being LEADERS in the community. Men of ACTION. Inspiring to see and hear some of the stories about what F3Metro PAX have done in the lives of some of the homeless organizations in the area. CHALLENGE FOR 2019: What can F3 Western Union do to make something OUR OWN next year? Who is willing to step up and lead/help and start putting our “Hands and Feet” to work in our area?


  • Mosey to front of MS
  • Disclaimer disclaimed
  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 15 in various positions
  • LSS x 15
  • CDD x 15


  • 6 Gear stations underneath awning at high school near stairs
  • Partner up with equal prowess
  • 45 seconds of work / 10 seconds to get to next station
  • 1 – Full curls – 35lb dumbbell
  • 2 – Plank rows with 25lb Kettlebell
  • 3 – Kettlebell swing – 35lb Kettlebell
  • 4 – Halfway curls – 45lb dumbbell
  • 5 – Shoulder press – 40lb dumbbell
  • 6 – Plank rope wave – Battle rope
  • 3 rounds of trying to beat your partner
  • In between rounds, run down stairs, 3 burpees, and run back
  • After Round 2, we had a pause for some Christmas music
  • “Jingle Bell Rock” – Hold weight above head for entire song. Each time “Jingle” is sang, do an overhead press
  • After Round 3, we ran behind high school for 6 inch planks with 4 100 yard sprints
  • Bring gear to car
  • Mosey to front of MS
  • 20 Dips
  • 20 Derkins


MOLESKINE: Great work. Not a lot of mumblechatter (probably since I’m usually the one starting it and I was out of breath trying to keep up with Hollywood). Thanks to Hooch for helping me with set-up. Kudos to Bread Bowl who was at the front of the PAX on the runs. Hopefully everybody will be able to shampoo their hair, or at least rub their bald spots since some of those weights were a bit much. And I don’t think “Jingle Bell Rock” will be looked at quite the same way again. Thanks for letting me lead (back to back). Hope you weren’t bored.

COT – Prayers for Moneyball’s new family and for Ackbar this week as he leads his church during Christmas time.

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