Twelve Strong for the Huggie Bear Challenge!

Twelve Strong for the Huggie Bear Challenge!

Warm Up  with a Mosey to the lower lot and around the Island (waiting for McGee to catch up).  COP SSH5 Burpees, Mosey across field to check wet status–X 4 with called exercise(IW, Merkins, Burpees) then COP for Peter Parker/Parker Peter and a few more burpees.

Mosey to upper lot by the Track for partnership work.  Called Exercise and run laps  150 Merkins, 250 Squats, while being accosted by some helicopter parents setting up for a school event.

Then we moved to the monkey bars for a segment of 10 Pull Ups, Standing Broad jumps, Lunge Walks, 5 burpees and 20 dips X 3.

Finally, 3 minutes of Mary and recover.

Prayers for Huggy Bear and a complete recovery!


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