Parking Deck Day!

Parking Deck Day!

12 Brave souls came out for a rainy Brave day.  It was promised we would hit it hard from the jump so a few (Thin Mint, One Niner, Fire Hazard) did a pre run to kick it off.  

I quick disclaimer and referral if you want to fight the disclaimer was given to Paper Jam.  

I had to deviate from the original plan which will be done at a later date due to the weather.  Wasn’t really up for running around in the rain for sixty minutes when it is cold.  The crew here today are all veterans of at least one or two years so I knew they would appreciate the audible.  

I decided to go to the furthest parking deck away since we have worn out our welcome at every Ballantyne Corporate deck.  That’s okay because a lot of miles were promised.  We stopped at the corner of N. Community House and Ballantyne Commons.  Instructions were given to stop at every stop light between were we stood and Johnston Rd running down Ballantyne Commons.  Three total.  Do twenty merkins and collect the six.  

We moseyed over to the deck from intersection and ran to the bottom.  It was a ramp suicide.  Start at the bottom with feet on the wall and do five merkins.  Run the first straight away and do at least five jump squats and more than that if you are speedy until the six gets in.  Run back to the starting point and do five feet on the wall merkins.  We ran each straight away working our way to the top always waiting on the six before we returned down.  

Once at the top of the parking deck we did ten jump up/get ups on top of the white parking columns.  Mosey down the stairs to the bottom to collect those of us that discarded our gear.  Time to mosey back to the intersection of Johnston Rd and Ballantyne Commons.  Once across the street the instructions were stop at every fifth street light and do five merkins.  Run all the way to N. Community House doing five merkins at every fifth light along the way.  Collect the six.  

We had about nine minutes to spare so partner up and get in as many LBCs as possible while your partner runs around the parking circle.  Most groups got close to 500.  A 1000 was ambitious.  Done!

Observations: A little bit of belly aching from the boot camp faithful.  Something about having to do too many merkins on the way home.  

Piggy backing on Paper Jams great back blast from yesterday Purell and Thin Mint both commented on how much faster Paper Jam has gotten.  Truth

Five of the twelve were Free Rangers, with Fletch making his first ever post at The Brave.  

Thin Mint has gained his speed back as evidence of running hard with Purell.  

I think we got lucky with rain in someways because it appeared to start raining a lot harder after the workout.  

Thanks for everyone coming out.  I know it is hard for me to get psyched about working out in cold rain so I appreciate everyone showing up.

Also, if I screwed anything up blame it on the new Word Press.  I could not find the box for the site.  Sorry Wingman.  

Announcements: Pray for Huggie Bear and Cooter with their recovery.

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Thin MintPosted on6:16 pm - Dec 14, 2018

Nice Q, Frasier. Looking forward to seeing the original plan someday but that was a smoker anyway. 12 was a strong turnout at The Brave for a rainy day and you did not disappoint. Added “SOB” and “The Brave” up top there for you — for future reference they are on the right under “Categories.”

Awesome seeing Fletch make his first post at The Brave and hope he ventures our way more often on Fridays. Bunker better be careful with all these Brave posts or he might develop a bicep or two which is going to really mess with his aerodynamics.

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