7 years of bootcamps, backblasts & brotherhood.

7 years of bootcamps, backblasts & brotherhood.

In a cold, driving rain storm – Margo planted the shovel flag….long may it wave at Centurion.  YHC got out of the car at 5:29:15…and was told the time by Mermaid shortly thereafter.  Unbeknownst to the co-site Q and N’antan emeritus, YHC had secured a new Garmin (via a gift from friends), so no need for the assist…much obliged anyway.

Without even a cursory disclaimer #cobains – the pax ran straight over to Tartarus where we would spend the totality of the beatdown.  This would be a bootcamp in every sense of the word.  Hillary, one of our guests from F3Metro, told me it was 1.2 miles.  Part of the mission accomplished.

We planked up when we got into the warm, dry confines of Tartarus.  YHC then started COP with Dancing Chilcutts IC.  Purple Haze correctly pointed out that was probably the strangest start to a COP in Area51 history.  Another part of the mission accomplished.

Don’t really remember all we did, but YHC planned to call many of my favorite exercises from the past 7 years (12/12/2011 was my FNG post on a Wednesday at Bandit in F3Metro…way back when the only Area 51 workout in existence was the creatively named Saturday workout “Area 51”).

This list included, but is by no means limited to the following:

BsTW, Makthar N’Djaiye, Walther N’Djaiye, Hand-Release Merkin, Hand-Release Burpee, Backwards run, Squat Jump, Cumberland County Viaduct, Freddy Mercury, Flutter, Slow Flutter, One-legged Dolly, Little Baby Crunch, Plankorama of various sorts to include Christian Laettner, Bearcrawl – forward and backward, Lungewalk – forward and back

Saw My Sharona at lunch earlier this week, and he said he should post at Centurion again soon.  Told him I was on Q this week, and he made good on his word and brought a guest – Torpedo.  Thankfully Torpedo was not an FNG.  I asked shortly after we started, so that I made up for the weak disclaimer as well as softened Mermaid’s disapproval.  Welcome back My Sharona.  Come back soon and bring Torpedo again as well as other pax.

Chelms, the intrepid Twitterverse traveler, was there.  He’s been there, meaning Centurion, more than any of you other $#!#$!%!@’s!  Look it up!

Checkpoint posted for the 2nd week in a row at Centurion.  New habit forming?  Not sure Hillary will be back…think I ruined it for him – not nearly enough running.  You do know a bootcamp workout is not 4.5 miles at a dead sprint with a few bad form merkins and burpees interspersed, right?

Brilleaux, everyone’s favorite French Iowan, was there.  No hands-on-hips squats anymore, but did opt for the hands-on-hips lunge walk.  Love it!

Lorax was there, too, and spent most of his time ruminating on past Tarheel basketball teams, NCAA tourney losses, and explained how he is constantly haunted by the ghost of André Miller.

Thunder Road and Scratch & Win were there….Scratch bragging that he got there early – at 5:26…might have to go to the videotape on that one brother.   Love you.  Mean it.  Called both Thunder and Scratch out on the barely discernible squat they were performing.  Scratch adjusted…Thunder did not.  Love it!

Marconi, old man strong and unorthodox, chose to go face-to-face with his closest fellow squatter.  Weird.  Next Q of his — look out for the chest-to-chest partner carries.

Snuka was working so hard (as usual) that he didn’t even notice the 17 leaves on his bald dome.  Probably acquired during the BsTW.  I wiped his crown clean during Nameorama.  You’re welcome.

Clover is the fastest backwards runner I’ve seen in Area51.  He assured us he did not play defensive back at Notre Dame…nor at St. Francis of Whosyourdaddy, nor at Charlotte Catholic.  HIPAA asked about his football past and future.  Perhaps now that you’re getting in shape – you can activate that unused eligibility in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus.  #Rudy #Gipper

Utah, as is his custom, just looked at the Q throughout the downpainment as if he’s an idiot.  He’s right, of course.

In addition to being an idiot, YHC is also an unabashed fan of this thing we call F3.  Are you?  If so, EH someone and invite them to join a fellowship that is changing men’s lives like no other organization I’ve ever been a part of…to include a handful of churches in 4 different states, civic organizations, corporations & small businesses.

Thankful to Margo & Mermaid for the privilege of Q’ing at one of my favorite AO’s.  In my 7 years of F3, I haven’t counted #’s of workouts, AO’s, Q’s, miles, etc. like some of you freaks.  But I do try to take note of your names, your stories, your victories and your struggles.  That’s what brothers do.

So before I start crying on my keyboard and inviting even more ridicule than I’ve already earned – I’ll sign off with this:

  • There is a lie that’s been told to men since the beginning of time.  It goes something like this: “You’re on you own.  No one cares.  No one wants to know you.  No one loves you.”
  • Here is the truth.  It goes exactly like this:  “You are never alone.  You have a loving Father who cares, as well as many brothers.  You are fully known and completely loved.”
  • “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:16-17)

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HopsPosted on4:37 pm - Dec 14, 2018

….turns out 12/14/2011 was the Wednesday of my FNG post at Bandit….exactly 7 years ago to the day.

MermaidPosted on4:38 pm - Dec 14, 2018

7 years-congrats on that milestone. More importantly, thanks for being there for 7 years. Being present and asking questions that matter. Supporting your brothers and helping people get better. All things that matter tremendously.

Had no idea it was your 7 year F3versary. Could have advertised if so. Things got a little sappy when we did the hand-raising thing and Haze started singing Wind Beneath My Wings, which has landed solidly in my head for the day. Thanks Haze. Seriously, though, get out there and EH those around you. Get in touch with guys who have dropped off. They still need this. Thanks again Hops for all you do and have done for your brothers in A51 and beyond.

HIPAAPosted on5:39 pm - Dec 14, 2018

Congratulations on 7 years. Amazing. Firm but fair Q today as usual. Thanks for keeping us dry. Enjoyed the variety.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on6:40 pm - Dec 14, 2018

Congratulations on the 7 years and recruiting Hillary – I was taken aback when I realized it was him (had his CCD hat pulled down over his eyes). Definitely old school – even the guys posting at the Fishing Hole usually run further but our average age was probably over 50.

I can’t prove I have posted at Centurion more than any other PAX but I doubt anyone can disprove it so I’ll keep the virtual belt for now. I plan on posting for 20 more years so anyone wanting the belt better attend weekly.

UtahPosted on6:06 pm - Dec 15, 2018

No, no no that’s just my resting b face.

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