SPARTA-n Sprint(s)

SPARTA-n Sprint(s)

1 8 men were freaking cold… so we ran really hard and fast to stay warm. It worked, and no snuggling was needed (Gypsy and Madison were close).


  1. 12/20 Thursday at Charlotte Country Club is the F3 Nation “Come To The Table” Luncheon.  It’s free, and not just a Metro thing.  You can hear several inspiring speakers and learn about service opportunities. 2.0 friendly.  Watch the video to get you off the fence >>> Preblast and sign-up link >>>>
  2. SPEED FOR NEED … can you commit to participating or serving in 1 event in 2019? It’s easy… and you don’t need to be a fast runner to be a part of it.  It requires just two things: (1) a willingness to put yourself 2nd someone else in the community (2) and the ability to get to the event on time. Talk to the regional SFN Q, Gypsy for more details… he’s got it all and will plug you in.


  • 0515… no new FNG, disclaimer given, Go-time! Quick warmup of SSH, I/W, and MC’s.
  • AYG run from John Street Corner to Crestdale Middle bus lot entrance… .85 miles. This is now known as the Strava Segment “Sparta-n Sprint (to Crestdale)”
  • Mosey to the track for partner “races”. 1 AYG lap around the track (go in app directions), then perform a exercise at starting point. 4 laps, 4 exercises… 10 WW2 handslap situps, 10 Hand-release handslap merkins, 15 CDD’s, 1min of WW2 Situps + 25 6in LBCs
  • Head over to field, more partner work. Partner wheelbarrow, 5 burpees, backwards run back to start… next round. Rounds: 2 rounds wheelbarrows, and 2 rounds partner resistance pushes. Finish with 1min WW2 sit-ups + 25 6-inch LBC’s
  • AYG back to the corner of John Street Downtown Matthews from the Cresdale bus lot entrance. This reverse route is now known as the Strava Segment “Sparta-n Sprint (to Crestdale)”.
  • 3 rounds of hip-slappers on the corner. Head back to AO, 1min WW2 situps + 25 6-in LBC, run to stop sign to get the full 4.5 miles in. FINITO!!!


YHC puked phlegm 15 steps before reaching John Street tryin to chase down Turkey Leg and Funky Cold, who were running hard all morning (especially on the 400m track sprints).  Look for one of them to be the segment king on that route. Gypsy kept on trying to get Christmas to catch me on the AYG to Crestdale, which means he was wasting energy blabbering instead of running faster… smh. YHC wasn’t aware 10 counts mean site-Q’s do merkins, and there were a handful of 10 counts called. Trust me, YHC didn’t know about that rule.  Good to see Horsee McHorse Runner Tweetsie out there pushing hard, and still smiling the whole time. Arena is a strong dude, and was bulldozing YHC on the partner pushes. Did Madison finally actually wear shorts over his tights today? YHC refused to check, but maybe his partner in wheelbarrows can verify <bad visual>.

Have a great day fellas. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. 

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