An Actual Winter Gear Workout

An Actual Winter Gear Workout

10 admirable PAX showed up at Five Stones with temperatures in the 20s. We all got to work fast feeling warmed up after shedding the cold rocks.

Disclosures given moseying to the rock pile.

Plank stretch w/Peter Parkers

10 PP

15 Merkins

Additional Warmup – Grab a rock

20 Merkins each light to Mt Chiseled – 10 w/rock on one hand then Flap Jack.  X 3

20/15/10 Thrusters one side of Mt. Chiseled and Goblet Squats on the other.

Now everyone is warm and loose.

The Thang

9 stations plus a runner for time

1. Slamball on knees – side/side/middle/up/down

2. Plank Rows with bricks

3. Kettlebell figure 8 and around the waist

4. Straight arm LBCs with large brick

5. Sumo pull with bucket

6. Woman Makers with bricks

7. One arm plank battle rope

8. Squat press with bricks

9. One arm deadlift

10. 50 yard run burpee at end then back

We made it to 2 rounds quickly.  Gave PAX the option to hit Mt. Chiseled again. They unanimously selected another round of gear.  With the shorter run, the gear workout went by fast with everyone hitting it hard and moving very quickly.


You would think a gear themed AO established by the upper class well to do Briars and Crest would have legitimate gear. Not the case. After digging through all the weird PVC pipes and miniature women’s jazzercise weights, bricks would have to do. Definitely not revisiting partner pole pulls or even attempting to explain. Special thanks to Bottlecap to providing actual gear including dumbbells, kettlebells and slamballs.

Every PAX worked hard and pressed on through the brisk cold error. Once the cold rocks were put down and the Mt. Chiseled portion was completed, there was absolutely no Mumblechatter. And actually, the comical comments began to flow heavily. It was fun working out with a great group of guys even though two of them were wearing these large hideous blue ribbons on the middle of their chests. But those two still killed the workout.

And again, Chainsaw was the man. Way to tear it up young man. (Tupperware is 27% his age)

Gatorcub took us out.

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